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Just a quick note to say hi! I would like to tell you that I have lost 20kg for one year:) 95kg 2008/75kg 2009 today!!!:) I'm very happy about that, drinking 2 glasses of warm watter every morning after I wake up and also stopped eating after 8 p.m. My metabolism is working good now, I had problems with "constipation" sorry my language for years but today I'm all right with it. Maybe I had some stresses also but I think that worm morning water & quiting eating after 8 has helped me achieve my current weight. I'm also not candies fun or sparkling juices (coke, sprite, Schweppes ...) only mineral water, (red vine & beer =sometimes :)  Wish U to be happy soon. Take care. God bless U!?:) LinaG
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