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*The information presented here should never be used to replace, augment, or change an existing treatment plan under the supervision of a medical professional.
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Just a quick note to say hi!
Just wanted to let you know I can relate. If you ever want to talk, you know where to find me.
Hope you feel better soon!
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my doctor told me that my hep c is gone and i didnt need the treatment and she all so told me when its gone it never comes back,i eas told the same thing about 20 years ago,does anyone know about this and has it happen 2 any of use i would love 2 know
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Just a quick note to say hi! Hi, I'm new to this. It looks like you have just started treatment. All the best! I haven't yet. I will keep a watch on your tracker looks like a great idea. Might start one too.
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