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Just a quick note to say hi!
Just wanted to let you know I can relate. If you ever want to talk, you know where to find me.
Hope you feel better soon!
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Hello was reading your past notes i am having the same problems not sure whats going on with me i started my period on june 16th then i thought i stopped on the 27th ( i have always had heavy irregular periods) ever since coming off of birth control in Dec 2009 but then i started my period again on July 3rd and now its July 20th and i am still going i am not sure whats going on my mom is a nurse and told me just to let it run its course and see what happens but i am getting so tired of it what can i do i have no health insurance i am a college student so i am broke !
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Hang in there!!! I can relate, after my first son I decided to use the Depo and I bled for a yr straight.  I can't say it was the Depo alone, because my doctor tried me on other birthcontols to try to counter the depos effects.  I finally got sick of my cycle running my life that I just stopped taking all birthcontrols for the last 2 months of that yr and it began to slow down till finally they were back to once a month.  Remember to be your own advocate when you go to your doctor, only you know exactly how your feeling.
Journals for this Tracker

Jul 26, 2010
This makes 3 periods in a row!! Makes me happy. No severe pain, just normal cramps.

Jun 24, 2010 - 3 Comments
I know it is just spotting, but my doc told me that in my case, spotting counted! 28 days in between!!!! I haven't had this happen is over 2 years!!!! There is always ...

Aug 12, 2009 - 3 Comments
Out of the last 21 days I have bled 16 of them. I am sick of it already!!!! I told my doctor that I am done with all of this. She told me that this Micronor would put me o...
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