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Kalyn's Weight Loss*
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Start weight:
346.0 lb
Weight change:
Lost 14.2 lb
Current weight:
331.8 lb
Goal weight:
250.0 lb
% Goal Complete:
% Time Complete:
Goal tracking ended.
Days left:
Goal tracking ended.
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Just a quick note to say hi!
Well done...keep up the good work!
Congratulations! Time for a celebration...
1344939 tn?1335724992
Hey, its been a long time!!! How's it going? Still losing weight?
1344939 tn?1335724992
Just wanted to say hi and that you should be very proud of yourself for the changes you are making and saying no food that could eventually kill you. Its so scary how a little habit like a friday night chinese and a few cookies or a muffin with your coffee creep up and add up to so many lbs. Keep up the good work! x
1013953 tn?1264615837
I'm rooting for you!
943888 tn?1249142999
You can do this!!!!  It is hard some days (some hours!) but it will be worth it!
Journals for this Tracker

Jul 09, 2010 - 2 Comments
This week of vacation has KILLED me!!!! Eating out is my main problem this week. And I only made it to the gym once.
With all I ate the past couple of days I don't know how I managed to lose 3lbs this week, but I am NOT gonna complain. Yay me!!! Now if I can just manage to be good ov...

Jun 23, 2010
I guess my measurements proved to be true! While my pants are not "fall off" big yet, I have noticed that they have become looser where as they use to be almost ...
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