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Just a quick note to say hi!
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keep going you can do it.
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Tip take snacks with you, there are tons of snacks that are tasty and low in calories, baby carrots are great too, I snack on Special K crackers its 90 calories for 17 crackers, if you like cheese light mini babybel cheese is only 50 calories and it taste great with the crakers, great little snacks. For protein I do like to buy protein bars with a glass of water can keep you full for a long time, and its easy to carry everywhere... I like the Fiber One plus those have about 120 calories, like I said with a glass of water it will make you be full for a long time... I eat about 5 times a day small snacks or  light meals... I started at 234 lbs, I am down to 216.4, this is the heaviest I have ever being, I am so ashamed of this my husband doesnt know how much I weight. Good Luck to you!!
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Hi, my name is Alexandra, I saw that you just started this month... I understand that its hard to keep on track of what you eat specially if you have to travel a lot...
Journals for this Tracker
187 pounds after 2 weeks in Dubai. Which is not bad, all told. I was sure I'd be over 190. Still, now back to the exercise grind.

Sep 05, 2009
Finally down to the edge of "normal" weight for the first time in a while!

Aug 20, 2009
OK. Finally back on track. Can't let this trip out west screw me up.
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