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Sure! :)  Okay Bding is "Baby Dancing" (sex). You know what opk's are, Dpo is "Days past ovulation" and SSBD is "super stick baby dust". :)   Good luck this month!! :D
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Hey there!!  My doctors told me that as soon as you get the 1st positive opk to start BDing!  I'm like yourself, I kept testing and was getting confused because of 3 days worth of positive opk's but what it is, it's your surge lasting that long!  You probably tested, got the first + at the begging of your surge and it'll taper off now.  On your chart you can check your first positive(take off the other 2) and that'll give you your dpo's days.  You should be 3dpo today :).  Woohoo Sending you SSBD!! :D
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this is the day or around the day i am seposta have a porid

Dec 09, 2011 - 1 Comment
from now on since i did not know that time i tem an stuff has to be at the same time every morning i am going to temp in at exactly 8:30 am ya i am not going to try to...

Dec 01, 2011
i toke a pt an it came bake as an unknown an i have to take another tomorrow morning to see what is up i have never had this before.
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