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I have ADD inattentive, clinical depression, GAD and Social Anxiety. I have tried Prozac, effexor, zoloft, and wellbutrin that I recall. I have not had much luck with any of them. I have tried vyvanse for my ADD and I would hyperfocus on...
RjoyD | Last answer
Hi! So I've heard of this happening but didn't know exactly where to post it so I thought this would be an appropriate place. I have always been an artist, ever since I was a baby. However, my family would always make fun of me because...
whitney_mm | Last answer
My 5yr old beautiful boy has adhd/mild autism. I chose to go the natural route vs ritalin. He's on a gfcf diet and as well as avoiding foods he's allergic to. I am seeing a naturopath and homeopath to treat his condition. He's on multivi...
Pjayred | Last answer
Hi my name is Chance i have ADHD with a uncontrollable violent impulse and up until the 6th grade i didn't know i had it but the day i found out was the day i got put on medication for it and everyday since then i've been researching AD...
charris4139 | Last answer
I take 30mg adderall xr on a daily basis. But tomorrow I have a 1/2 a day at school, so I was planning on taking my 5mg quick release. But I don't know how many to take. So how much should I take? 6?
Afuente858 | Last answer
Does anyone take the two together? The dr didn't mention any side effects but when I googled it some came up so I'm just curious. I'm on the lowest dose of both.
Cartersmom1145 | Last answer
I am currently amid my second semester of my junior year and constantly get frustrated with my brain. I sometimes get lost and get easily distracted. Even worse when I can't pickup a certain formula or topic in math etc. Sometimes I ju...
Jakenator1234 | Last answer
I have depression anxiety bipolar and now they have diagnosed me with adhd, everything really finally makes sense for the years and years my life has been a revolving door. I just feel alone and lost, people that don't have these issues ...
Evildemons | Last answer
My breasts seem bigger when I'm on Vyvanse than when I'm not. I haven't read anywhere that this is a side effect. Has anyone else experienced this?
dianajones | Last answer
Okay, I just want to start off by saying that there's going to be some matters in here in which I "completely" understand that they've been over before. Each case is unique and I hope that anybody who posts here understands that. Any...
justinbyrne001 | Last answer
I have2 children that are taking this med and there mother has decided not to give them their meds on Sunday's said they need to be kid's at least one day a week so she don't give it to them the day there to come back home were trying to...
shellbug4 | Last answer
Hi, my husband has adult ADHD and his doctor put him in strattera. It is working for his ADHD but it has loads of side effects (and he cannot take any of the stimulant type meds). We are not sure what to do about the semen leakage. He...
Mozbe | Last comment
Hi Gang, I have one child, 14 years old now. He was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5. He was always smarter and more quick witted than the other children. He lost interest in things quickly - Or he couldn't stop doing something he ...
shelly405 | Last answer
Hello! I've recently started taking 10mg a day of Adderall. My doc thought I had bi-polar but now seems to think it's ADHD. I'm 30 years old. My question is: Have any of you experienced extreme muscle tension? Jaw, neck, upper back, e...
xenapianist | Last comment
I'm concerned about my son. He is 5 and started Kindergarten this year. He has always had some trouble in structured environments in terms of "wanting to do his own thing" instead of the activity at hand. Last week we got progress rep...
ndvoice | Last answer
what are new 2015 FDA regulations for stimulant medications? The insurance companies are using this 'new regulation' as a way to limit the quantity of medications for ADD/ADHD. I have yet to find any new changes for stimulant medicat...
tagbwc | Last answer
Hi all, this is my first post here, hoping for some guidance... Long story shorter- my son, now 5 years old, was the absolute easiest baby until he was between 2-3 years old. From there it has been insane... automatic shrieking when an...
Cingram24 | Last answer
Does anyone feel like I do or can explain what I feel and see in the comedown of my daily dose of concerta (63mg) [it happens around 4:30 PM to 8-9 PM, and I take the concerta around 8:15AM before school) -very dilated pupils -s...
Z7NU | Last answer
hi i'm 16 years old and i have ADHD and my pills are not working anymore should i smoke pot???
finnegan489 | Last answer
I was just diagnosed with ADHD. How the hell did I make it this far? I'm extremely disorganized, easily distracted, very forgetful, fidgety, and I've never, ever read a book from cover to cover. I never realized the extremely high stress...
Finallyananswer | Last answer
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