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Garden Grove, CA
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Middletown, CT
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Paris, France
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Bixby, OK
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New Zealand
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by dragondreamer, 1 hour
my dr did full exam, pap, blood work, and a ultra sound coming up. To find out why i m blood so much all time. Since i been on my pills it has slowed it down and stopped again. Found out my cervix has a scab on it maybe due to tampons or my cells ar...

by witheredrose, 1 hour
I posted awhile back about my oldest brother being a meth user, and to this day he still continues to use. Everybody has turned their backs on him after soooo many years of heartache from trying to help him get on a clean path of life just for him to ...

by lulu747, 2 hours - 6 Comments
Oh fu*k. I don't wanna whine but I am in HELL here. I have not slept in 3 days. THREE! The pain and swelling is so intense I can't get it under control with the pain meds at my disposal and I don't know WHY! I am finally taking as ...

by mittens87, 2 hours
I dont get it my gall bladder starts hurting feels like a attack but there is nothing there... I have tried everything to get rid of the pain...but nothing helps. The er said nothing was wrong but . Know there is... I can take pain but this omg hurts ...

by jugglin, 3 hours - 8 Comments
If somebody had told me 6 months ago where I would be today, I would have scoffed at them. I never imagined that I would battle my relationship with vicodin only to have my body start to betray me. My PCP diagnosed me with RA several months ago. He...

by Epsilon77, 4 hours
Changed to Cymbalta, day 2 and ok. Gene test results confirm Cymbalta the drug of choice for me. Day 15 on Apap is also good. :)

by krichar, 9 hours - 2 Comments
So I know the groups we are in are for TTC but that's not who we we are... Every time I come on here it seems we are so consumed to achieve this miracle we are losing ourselves in the process. I was once there, I get it but my only advice is to n...

by spider6, 13 hours - 5 Comments
.....seriously .....I'm so p*ssed right now....f*cking write a sh*tload and then it disappears by either fault of ME or CHEESE or f*ckin MURPHY or just my angels protecting me to NOT write what I was going to. ...grrrrrr.....and urrrgggghhh...

by Ramah20, 15 hours - 1 Comment
Hello Dr,was exposed to hiv 11weeks ago when had sex with awoman of unknown status.It was unprotected sex.went for rapid test at 11weeks and was negative.CBC results WBC Left Shift and Increased RBC past reference level.very worried about CBC results ...

by Employeeofthemonth, 15 hours
I just became allergic to coke Cain
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