Male, 14
somewhere, Antarctica
Female, 22
Denver, CO
Male, 11
Colchester, United Kingdom
Female, 26
Nashville , TN
Male, 35
Oklahoma City, OK
Female, 19
south Whitley, IN
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by woodlingirl21, 28 minutes
I will start off saying I'm only 21.I'm 9 weeks now with my 1st child . i will also be a single mother due to the dad not really owning up in his part . i was not ready for a child at all but my baby will be here February 27th in 2015. I am ...

by AshtonCarter, 2 hours
Hey Everyone! I'm New To All Of This. I Wanna Get Some Feedback From You Ladies Out There. I Will Be Starting My First Cycle Of 100mg Clomid Next Month 5-9. Has Anybody Took Clomid And Had Any Luck At Getting Pregnant On This???

by AshtonCarter, 2 hours
I'm 26 Years Old Me And My Husband Been Trying To Get Pregnant Over 2 Years With No Luck Yet. I Been Seeing My OB/GYN I Just Had A HSG Test Done Last Month To See If My Fallopian Tubes Were Open. Good News They Are Both Open. I'm Doctor Sta...

by meegWpaw, 2 hours
every organ in my body has been jarred I just got done dancing hard I don't do anything half way despite what na may think ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa um hi so I was like, 'what makes me happy and always makes me feel...

by MishaLee81, 4 hours
Positive pregnancy test 3 days before missed period

by bnelkins30, 4 hours
Hi! I've noticed (about 5 months ago to be exact) a blue, bruise-like mark on the top of my buttocks. It's very very SLIGHTLY tender and is indented into my skin about a centimeter. It's very ugly. I don't know exactly what it is. ...

by doghouse47, 5 hours
Weighed in at 178lbs in the AM.

by meegWpaw, 5 hours
I got into it with my computer just now ... for months Ive been getting this pop up like 'theres a really important message from your computer!' I am always like 'remind me in another life ' and its like, today im like ima look a...

by spider6, 6 hours - 2 Comments
Well, I had the whole day to myself today.....sounds glamorous, or indulgent, self serving, decadent.....hmmmmmm....I wouldn't use any of these words to describe my indeed. ......anticlimactic (more than twice today I was unable to pos...

by dragondreamer, 8 hours
my dr did full exam, pap, blood work, and a ultra sound coming up. To find out why i m blood so much all time. Since i been on my pills it has slowed it down and stopped again. Found out my cervix has a scab on it maybe due to tampons or my cells ar...
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