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by Meli_xoxo, 1 hour
Wedding in a few days of my life . and my princess is growing :)

by butterfly9410, 3 hours
It is Aug. 27th, it should be a happy day, my daughter was born on this day. I am trying very hard to control my blood sugar but nothing seems to work. I am supposed to eat 1200 calories a day, today I ate 657 and my reading this evening was 220. I l...

by kbug1013, 3 hours
I just wanted to share with all of you. I got the opportunity of lifetime. My cardiovascular surgeon that works for the same group that I do. whom did my bypass allowed me to watch an entire Open Heart Surgery from beginning to end. It was awesome. It...

by Leedia254, 3 hours
I have hsv2 and had my daughter by c-section... Recently she cut her finger (not deep) with my shaving razor I used this razor for my genital area, legs, and underarms. I typically won't shave with an OB and when she cut herself I last shaved my ...

by Amandag78, 4 hours - 1 Comment
Still having up and down days, surprise, surprise. Ive been so sluggish lately and have no motivation except yesterday which was a good day. My sleep is ok and i dont really feel depressed, but i do feel stressed. At the end of the day, im into my 9th...

by BanMethadone, 8 hours - 1 Comment
Hi Everyone: I am here to tell you life is fantastic. Not in the sense that everything is going perfect, because that couldn't be further from the truth, but just that I feel ok regardless of what type of stress comes my way. I have reflected...

by gymdandee, 11 hours
FDA Issued a warning letter EnerHealth Botanicals LLC following a facility inspection.

by bipolarmom038, 13 hours
i need get back to reading my codependency no more book. it was helping me let jerry go. i been thinking a lot about him. i can see a clear point where i went manic. i am scared going go down since public aid doesnt want pay for meds. im worried what ...

by TrevorsMommy07, 15 hours
I have been waiting 37 weeks & 2 days to meet my first baby, my little man, Trevor Javon. I am one happy, excited, and blessed mommy! 19 days to go!!!!! Could this go by any slower? I'm not dilated or showing any signs of labor yet, but my do...

by retta483, 16 hours
seen my attorney yesterday . she is trying to get the case thrown out due to so many errors .( praying that happens ) if not court on 9/4/ my chin is still numb i think it now is from diabetes /anxiety . he gave me a rx for anxiety and itchng . i...
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