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by Lilly1955, 44 minutes - 1 Comment
Had a better morning, I picked up my dog from the kennel today. I was encouraged to bring him home to help stay busy. Today was ok but tonight is very very hard. How much longer?

by Sean96, 10 hours
Hi, I went to the strip club last night after a pretty long night of drinking. I ended up getting a private dance from a stripper. While I was getting this dance she did a position where she flipped upside down and put her private parts in my face. My...

by katherinewatsonus, 10 hours
writing is an art as I love writing about any thing, this thing I get from my Parents as they are the edntal field I am also in the dental study field currently doing training at

by Lamzmoh, 20 hours
The doctor prescribed for me polygynax cause i have an infection .. I wake up to a yellow substance in my pants . Is it normal?

by CajunMommyof3, 21 hours
With my past experience with my two boys this is what I brought and needed at the hospital for our little stay. Mom: pajamas or other comfy clothes (only a couple, and that's if they let you wear your own clothes) house shoes (walking around...

by aliciarlong, 22 hours
I took my chocolate lab into the vet 2 weeks ago to have a lump on her back checked they took a sample. The results came back as a fatty tumor. From what I read I shouldn't worry but she cant jump on or off my bed now and is in a lot of pain. Sho...

by Crumpers, Sep 19, 2014
Recently had anal sex with a girl. A few days later started to have a tingly feeling sensation at the tip of my penis, end of urethra. And every now and then get a feeling that I have to pee. Gonorrhea? No other symptoms present.

by lhdlhd, Sep 19, 2014
My mother in law a few months ago started to have very bad pains in her feet and in her hands. Doctors don't know why either. She can't stand on her feet for to long with out pain shooting to her feet. Shed been to alot of doctors trying to ...

by Beanie0, Sep 19, 2014
I have recently been on Holiday. I'm 39 years of age and haven't had a holiday since the age of 14!! I experienced lot's of new things and kicked away many fears. I am Manic .... as high as a kite, which isn't exactly easy to co...

by gymdandee, Sep 19, 2014
USDA Approves New GE Corn and Soy, Triggering Onslaught of Millions of Pounds more Pesticides
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