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by meegWpaw, 46 minutes - 2 Comments
so. im hoping this will be short. I would apologize for it but this is my normal time slot so I don't really feel like im abusing anything ... I mean, the site .. etc ... not drugs ... lol I mean I did not mean drugs ... whatever! im clean....

by Scar_, 2 hours
I found out I like green tea. Also that its harder then I thought to keep track of calories. But it takes practice I suppose, like anything else does.

by meegWpaw, 6 hours - 2 Comments
turns out I don't have to get on amazon and look for yoga dvds after all. alls I need is two turntables and a link. courtesy of ll. ty baby. I got through 15 minutes of yoga nidra or whatever the heck it is. I am a lot calmer. even when I...

by meegWpaw, 7 hours - 2 Comments
ty for your help everyone. im sitting here on the couch. the couch. the couch. I feel so stupid. and frustrated and angry and still agitated tho im trying to calm down. I knew my bp was high. I am listening to all of you. I br...

by PatchedSoul, 7 hours
I've been on this site for about 4 or 5 days and it's been pretty good so far. A couple of my questions have been responded to by other users on this sight. I'm mainly on this for HOCD-wondering if I have it and how I can help it. I...

by lulu747, 11 hours - 3 Comments
I am not a very patient person. I mean, I am a VERY patient person when it comes to my work. I teach kids and you have to be. Although it's the adults that test my patience more than anyone. But I am NOT patient when it comes to hearing back ...

by kniyah4912, 12 hours
If someone told you that you look pregnant in the face but that wasn't the only person then somone else just asked was I pregnant because my face likes it what do I do?

by Ayota_Ds, 12 hours
26. Read yet another book ! 27. Join a prenatal yoga or exercise class 28. Keep your prenatal appointments with your midwife or doctor. This will help ensure that if you have any problems that they are caught early and kept to a minimum 29. Take an...

by Ayota_Ds, 12 hours
1. See your practitioner before becoming pregnant 2. Start changing yourfood habits to include a healthy variety of foods 3. Exercise! Starting now will help you stay in shape during pregnancy, can lower your risk of miscarriage, and has been proven...

by Ayota_Ds, 13 hours
1) Don’t skip meals: Skipping meals when pregnant means you and your baby are missing out on the nutrition you both need. Try to eat something for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. If you have morning sickness, try eating little and often inste...
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