Female, 43
Houston, TX
Female, 47
Naples, FL
Male, 33
Durham, NC
Female, 18
semmes, AL
Male, 34
Mellbourne, Australia
Male, 25
Chandigarh, India
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by lulu747, 4 hours - 3 Comments
I am so mad. This is getting ridiculous. My surgeon finally called me yesterday and I was able to spew out my story in 7 minutes. She apologized for not being around, but hell, what can she say? Her father died. It's not like I can blame her...

by meegWpaw, 4 hours - 1 Comment
sometimes, when NA is trying to get support for a bum meeting, they have free pizza. just sayin medhelp I had a splendiferous night! yay!!!! I spent it with none other than La Chula!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!! La Chula is grand, La Chula is fine,...

by meegWpaw, 11 hours - 2 Comments
im not sure why medhelp I am feeling a little sick, like nauseous. its so hot here, its like 130 degrees out ive been running around alls day. work, work was ok, it cant be much more than ok with Liliana, maybe I will tell you more later. ...

by reshaytito, 12 hours
Today is June 24th and I found out I'm having a boy. I just wanna scream it to the world cause I'm so excited. Me and hubby had a boy name elienell but know he wants a new name which is cool but I want a Spanish name. I'm so excited!!!...

by retta483, 15 hours - 2 Comments
I'm so biotchy lately :( Its hot can't find a rental & my dh keeps saying babe don't worry everything will work out . and I know he is probably right but I can't shake the stress of things . my dog lottie is in heat again :( a...

by mera_mera, 18 hours
My first day period 27/7

by spider6, 18 hours
Burst wide through my throat;.........songs, sonnets, ......sweat and ruffles, .....through lamb skin bonnets,.....thrusts and scuffles.........loudly longing,.......that was once, is lost. I don't know guys....,I am feeling poetic afte...

by spider6, 20 hours - 9 Comments
Well.... I'm so glad to be back in my own little town, in my own province, in my own space.....I think I've been holding my breath for the last few weeks.....I was living in torture before we left for awhile and not to my surprise torture me...

by Heather8448, 21 hours - 1 Comment
She really misses her mom and dad....she can't remember their voices and it kills her on the inside, the worse part she can't find the moon either...breathing is hard

by classic23, Jul 24, 2014
I really need answers. While I was having sex it started to hurt with every thrust. The intense pain lasted all through the night afterwards. This was a week ago. I still have pain in my abdomen. And randomly my stomach feels like it's tightening...
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