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by PurrfectlyKrazy, 58 minutes - 1 Comment
Today J had to take me to urgent care. I have d something triculitus....inflamation and infection of the bowel. Apparently extremely painful. I'm loaded up with 3 antibiotics with instructions that if it does not improve or gets worse I have t...

by Heather8448, 1 hour - 1 Comment
She lost her power, she lost her voice, and she lost who she was becoming on a dark day in 1995. She was 11, she was a child...a lost soul…she gave up She put a cloth upon her mirror never looking herself in the eye. She didn’t want to feel she becam...

by lulu747, 2 hours - 6 Comments
OMG my friends it has been a roller coaster of a week! On Monday I got the call that my surgery would not happen until December due to the fact that I was booked in for Day surgery originally in March. At that time my surgeon believed she was just g...

by Far_from_perfect, 2 hours
The first day of my last cycle was between may 19 and may 23 it was a few days late so the actual date I don't recall but I know that it wasn't after may 23. I had an affair with another man June 15!My husband and I got back together and I w...

by Jingle_2012, 2 hours
Had my mammogram, then Ultra Sound, then Biopsy on August 11 - scared Had my biopsy results of breast cancer confirmed on August 18 - numb and scared and scattered all over the place. Now I am digging in and recording my journey and making lists a...

by CISCO2525, 2 hours - 1 Comment
Question please no rude remarks or judging me ok so on June 15 I had unprotected with one night stand.. But on June 23 I got back with my bf and having sex everyday unprotected we were trying to conceive ..i had a period on june 28 lasted 5 days lik...

by DestinyH, 3 hours
Super Excited For My Second Babygirl To.Get Here In November, My first born is going to be an AWESOME Big Sis.!!!

by fred256, 3 hours
I had not been taking fiber and probiotic. I restarted those last night. They didn't seem to make much of a difference. I also had been taking a different brand of D3 and switched back to my normal brand.

by penny1974, 4 hours
I have been working a very show tapper. And have several months to go at the pase Im on. But I have learned so much and do not ever want to turn back. I can feel the difference in how I think and feel now compared to when I started this journy. I look...

by fred256, 4 hours
A heavy rain may have helped. I'm feeling better. I also had some coffee and tylenol. I'm in work mode without any pain. It is good.
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