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by laureninlove, 2 hours
Since I ovulated I've had a pain near my left hip that feels muscular. Instead of getting better it's worse today, hurts almost continuously when walking and even Peeing hurts from the pressure! I thought it was just sore maybe ovulation pai...

by TeenMom_16, 4 hours
Hi , Im Pregant 14+3weeks Im Very Excited To Find Out The Sex If Its A Boy : Jayden Jamar Allen Or Aaron Lamont Allen Or Jordan Ayjaden Allen If Its A Girl: Amayla Marshea Allen Jordan Nicole Allen Or Samayla Marie Allen Any Suggestions Messagee

by Amandag78, 5 hours
I took my girls to see " Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy " today. It was a great movie, we had a lovely time. Then they spent their pocket money at the shops. Good day today, i think my body is adjusting to my new low dose of effexor. Althou...

by Blueflame098, 8 hours
I will admit I was a smoker . I smoked for about 3-4 months kind of heavily but stopped . While I was smoking one day I had a sore throat . That day I chose to stop completely . 5 days -,a little over a week after I stopped I realized my sore throat h...

by valjack, 8 hours - 1 Comment
I just started a clinical trial with Merck to try and eliminate hep C from my liver. Diagnosed in 1999. I am also co-infected with hiv/aids. I am a long-term survivor, believe I was infected with hiv in 1985. Been undetectable since I started proteas...

by Randomguy95, 9 hours - 1 Comment
Hello well basically a found a red bump on my shaft, I squeezed it but no **** comes out. Idk it must of formed like 2days ago or recently cause I never seen it before. I haven't had any sexual contact for about 2 weeks. I always use a condom, bu...

by meegWpaw, 11 hours - 2 Comments
i know, a lot of j's, i ben home all day ooh law i did go to seven eleven in the morning. i saw Sunhil. He looked sooooooooo cute and his hands .... omg, ecstasy! just looking at them. ooh such nice, big brown hands you have Sunhil. b...

by meegWpaw, 14 hours
yeah so ... im just hangin around medhelp ... got nothin to do ... don't feel good. no one to see ... no pledges or promises to keep ... oh wait that's twelve step stuff oops idk ive been in a weird mood, that mood where i laugh at al...

by Lmr2424, 15 hours - 7 Comments
7/12 6:00pm I'm laying down with my subutex under my tongue. For days it feels like I'm barely hanging on. I'm trying to stay positive, but I think I'm losing it. The thoughts of failure won't stop. It's like I'm liv...

by meegWpaw, 17 hours - 9 Comments
so, help me out here am i very stupid or just stupid? i deleted ALL the mentions of Copelin in my contax and i just blocked him. now i have his number on my Reject Call list ??????? um how do i get rid of it or forget it if its on th...
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