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by britneeleighton, 1 hour
Results from MRI- "Fine" Appt with Shah- wean off Effexor; move to Viibryd

by mindymith, 2 hours
Have you noticed the most recent Coke campaign? They made individualized bottles and cans of Coke with specific names on them. The idea has brought up Coke sales significantly and has led to much more brand recognition among the Millennial generation....

by henry_gold, 2 hours
Been keeping active and not really had "bad" side effects was more anxious about starting as stupidly listened to all the horror stories !! Part of me wanted to be ill so I could curl up in self pitty, get brought grapes and watch films but ...

by meegWpaw, 2 hours
ahm just plum beat medhelp. plum beat! do I have to post my time? what time, Meegy? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you funny oh man um lessee lessee! the innerview was imo so so. I mean. Jews are funny you know, ... with the exc...

by PurrfectlyKrazy, 3 hours - 2 Comments
Dear Friends: I'm doing this because we all end up typing the same things over and over again so I want something that not only I but everyone can cut and paste, add to if they wish...because we had some newbies who lapsed because they didn&#x...

by skincrawler, 4 hours
I feel like I'm losing my mind! About two weeks ago I stayed at our rental cabin and started experiencing several little bites on ankles and legs. Barely visible bit definitely happening. caught a few very tiny clear lice like bugs so small that...

by paloma12345, 7 hours
hi i had icl done and it is horrible my vision is horrible at night and i see 20/60 in addition i had lasik over the icl and still not good on the left eye i had a lazy eye my dr said it should be okay and no and i am having issue with that one i jus...

by Kswallen1, 7 hours
Last period: August 22 - 27 Today's date: October 1 I was on Nortrel BC. Never took it right (according to the doc). Always missed days and left gaps between packs. I started a new pack of BC on the 28th. I had unprotected sex (pull out method)...

by Laquie, 7 hours
Im all over the place it ***** to be so down and out the ONE thing that I want seems so far outta my reach and idk what to do anymore apart of me wants to move on and if its ment to be it will be but the other part just can't let go I dnt want to...

by Michael_12565, 8 hours
I have been having pain in the left side of my chest. I am on pain medication. so I don't know what it could be from. Just another ailment added to my collection. Pain happens when I reach and bend down to my left.
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