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Ponderay, ID
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essex, Other
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United Kingdom
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Nashville, TN
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San Antonio, TX
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new delhi, India
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by Scaredformylife1981, 1 hour
Now what? I'm still taking a little tramadol and ativan to sleep. Now I have to get off those--I'm scared that all the hard work will be for nothing.

by retta483, 4 hours
Its khloe's first Easter :) im sad I dont get to go to my moms not enough seats in our van but its ok id rather have my khloe bear ! She is doing well she has major gas but we are getting threw it . I already have a small bag of stuff she has ou...

by meegWpaw, 5 hours - 9 Comments
ya so im just sitting here, with no lights on, its a little dark cuz my apartment is under the shade of huge palm trees. no tv, no radio. im just sitting here on my azz. doing nothing. it was super hard walking back from the donut store. I can ...

by meegWpaw, 5 hours - 2 Comments
I walked to the donut shop. I've had bad coffee and half a donut. I don't think I can walk back. I'm so depressed. I feel like I am going to start crying it's really hard to keep it together D s said one foot in front of t...

by ActingBrandNew, 6 hours - 1 Comment
Imagine for a moment that it is 1949, and that someone you love is alcoholic. As you struggle with this fact, you quickly learn about three prospects for this person's future: One is commitment to a locked ward in a mental hospital, sharing facil...

by anon779, 6 hours - 1 Comment
Well everything ended up calming down. I moved all my furniture from my aunts to me and my moms new apartment. I ended up really hurting my back. I went and got some marijuana which I rarely ever do. After smoking I gorged myself with healthy snacks a...

by meegWpaw, 7 hours - 1 Comment
ive been awake for under half a hour, so forgive me. is today Easter? yeah. right? when I was little my grandma, my moms mom, use to make us easter baskets. it was really cool. my grandma was so good to us. I had this weird dream a couple n...

by livingforlife, 7 hours
Woke up in lots of pain and lightheaded. Struggled with low blood pressure throughout day and low heart rate. Lowest was 45 BPM. No tremors or muscle jerks during daytime. Usual issues with frequent urinating and little. Slight headache. ...

by BanMethadone, 9 hours - 3 Comments
Hello Everyone: yesterday was probably the darkest day that I have had thus far since my detox. A word to the wise... no eating an entire chocolate bunny and 2 packages of hot chocolate just before bed...or at all even. Ha! It will overstimulate yo...

by MrzSmillii, 11 hours
Im in constant pain and i eat all the time. I feel as if im in this alone and im getting depressed. I also cant control my mood swings at this point. Help!!!!
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