Female, 35
macon, GA
Female, 59
Rochester, MN
Female, 45
cornell, WI
Female, 18
South Africa
Male, 51
Plainville, CT
Female, 15
Brisbane, Australia
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by kimandjoey14, 1 hour
Hello i am a mother of 5 im 45 years old i was in a very abusive relationship mentally and physically for 13 years ! 2 years ago i meant the love of my life we married in October i was forced too get my tubes ties 17 years ago but now ny husband and i...

by lovepayday, 1 hour
Just writing a note to myself to remind me that I am doing a better job of selecting and eating healthier foods. I am overweight now but in the future I will be more healthier...if I continue with healthier eating habits and exercise....I love you.....

by Heather8448, 1 hour
She always had a little bit of rebel in her soul. A little chaos mixed with a bit of kindness. She didn’t say much and sometimes would stare off into the abyss, her friends knew it was then she was gone with the stars and that was ok. She had a little...

by Heather8448, 6 hours
I have been writing almost every day on my 4th step per my sponsor. I have pretty much been only talking to the laydees cept a few but they are friends from before or day one and they are safe , either in my hg or whatever but they r safe! Like dads a...

by Dianna194, 7 hours
Looking for anyone who has been diagnosed with the above. Need to compare information on BFS or CSF .

by zymzym, 10 hours
7-946p 11p-344am sleep through the night. Woke up 1x's early. Went back to sleep. Mind racing...Used TV to distract Woke Up: tired but ok Focus time: 1:30mins. Attention Span 5 mins 5a nuts raisins cereal last night 530a soup corn bee...

by Kita24680, 12 hours
I have a bump like pimple near my anus it has been there for 11 months now and in the beginning it hurt and I couldn't move and now I cant feel it. When I squeeze it there is a lot of puss then blood then puss again and if don't squeeze it a...

by teddybears4ever2, 13 hours
I am wide awake and it's after midnight. My brain is so full. I'm worried, and it's a long story which I need to tell someone. First off at the end of October my Father-in-law had foot surgery. He has had trouble getting around,since ...

by calico333, 19 hours
i haven't been me..why am i sad? i need some support somehow.. i am a caregiver to my husband and it's gettting to the point that i feel like i'm gonna loose it.. i hate being by myself day after day.. sick of the mistreatment..wonderin...

by heatherES, 21 hours
Migrane headache on 12/19 & 12/20 feel bloated.
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