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white house, TN
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by carabrooke89, 3 hours
In late May 2014 I fell off of the bed. I did not hit but I did do a complete Summersault and I felt my neck strain when it happened. A few days later I started having severe headaches in the top and back of my head. This persisted for a week before I...

by Chelseatay, 4 hours
So a couple of years ago my mum had a parasite living in her intestines because of antibiotics she had taken previously. The parasite ate a bit of her small intestines leaving her always feeling sick, having diarrhoea and led to her losing an abundant...

by gymdandee, 5 hours - 2 Comments
Chobani yogurt is produced from GMO-fed cows, Kellogg's Kashi Crunchy Granola and Seed Bars, Starbucks their milk products come from GMO-fed cows, Arrowhead Mills Baking Mix their All Purp...

by meegWpaw, 5 hours - 4 Comments
Dear mh I just listened to my vms and read all my messages. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I worried you all. I'm so sorry. I will write more when I get my laptop Love you Ty jj for ur call I love yyou Deb and everyone...

by precious_girl12, 6 hours
Dear Heavenly Father , Please have my child be safe. and nothing will be wrong with her. please , just answer my prayer. Thats the most thing i want is for my baby to be okay. I love her so much! ... have both of us be alright when i gave labor. W...

by lulu747, 7 hours - 7 Comments
I am not better yet. I feel like I could use another week in bed at least. But I have to teach tomorrow night because I don't have the money to pay a sub. I'm going to the doctor. I feel panicked. I hurt so much still. I don't kno...

by meegWpaw, 8 hours - 18 Comments
I'M OUT!!!! Love Meegy

by LadiiKash, 8 hours
Well I'm 27weeks I have 88 days to go , and I have got 4 stretch marks. And my ankles have been swelling. It scared me at first because this is my first pregnancy so I am still learning.. But I'm loving it but I just can't wait for Her ...

by Syn4siren, 9 hours
10/20/14. At work. Lapel job. Migraine hit after two hours. Screaming babies everywhere. Children obnoxiously squeaking dog toys. I want to throw up. Must keep moving this collection is due tonight. Battery low on device. Must work quickly. I think I&...

by beaitfullyj, 11 hours
Next Month going my ob appoinment second wks she give me anacentsisa check on the fluid on fourt them clue myself next month be eight months been tird late been take a nap couple hour away two wks away my visit with at the office doctor.She measure ab...
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