Male, 52
Tomah, WI
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Female, 31
edmonton, KY
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Stamford, CT
west point, KY
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Cotes Heath, United Kingdom
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by proudmama427, 46 minutes
My life is utterly miserable I have realized this week that my husband has become the person I resent for introducing me to the pills to mentally abusing me for 6 years. We agree on nothing we fight And yell everyday I cry everyday I got caught shopli...

by latmarcam, 3 hours
So I finally went and got my test results yesterday on my lunch break. This was my third scheduled appointment. i frankly skipped the first two because I was worried about the results. Apparently for good reason. So there's some sort of mass. On ...

by emmabai90, 4 hours
I see a lot of younger girls asking if a guy is using them for sex on the internet but what i regularly see is them explaining to us that these guys try every attempt to have sex with them, they force themselves on them, they struggle then give in but...

by Heather8448, 4 hours
Crying on the floor wondering what she did wrong and why it hurts so badly has caused her to close her heart off to all people who try and enter that special part, lately she’s been closing down. Perhaps fear has held her back long enough, and maybe g...

by meegWpaw, 6 hours
so, I was thinking medhelp could start to offer some sort of reward for ppl who are active on the site ... kind of like frequent buyers or flyers club, like Vons like points ... a points system ... would that be grifting? ya I worked out, showered...

by emmabai90, 7 hours
I feel completely HORRIBLE! i feel so tired even when i slept 8 hours which is the right amount for a human to be healthy, some days i sleep 9 hours if i need another hour, because of my messed up sleeping i go to bed at 7 - 8am (99% of times 7 - 7:30...

by torilynn2009, 7 hours - 1 Comment
So I am very scared I had two miscarriages last year and is currently 3 weeks pregnant and I am starting to cramp shpuld I be worried???

by meegWpaw, 9 hours
He hears the silence howling -- Catches angels as they fall. And the all-time winner Has got him by the balls. He picks up Gideon's Bible -- Open at page one -- God stole the handle and The train won't stop going -- No way to...

by Clicky888, 9 hours - 1 Comment
Doctor added 12.5 mg of Seroquel twice a day to combat my frequent anxiety attacks. Yesterday was my first night on it and I felt very drowsy and fell asleep as soon as I got home. I slept 9 hours which is a lot more than usual and I still feel sleepy...

by Faith4benitez, 11 hours - 1 Comment
My father is 58 he was admitted to the hospital because of a car accident however when he went in his sugar was extremely high and they gave him long term insulin for two days until the second night he suddenly dropped his sugar level to 30 and since...
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