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by Llindar, 1 hour - 1 Comment
We knew that probably I'll have to have a C-section although I was still hoping I can have V-birth - I was attending yoga classes, we went to a special course with the daddy-to-be.... 2 weeks before my doc explained that because of my skin type I...

by Vanessa621, 2 hours
August 20,2014 ; my first gyn appointment ):) bitter sweet moment . Sweet because its my first doctor appointment (; bitter because my boyfriend won't be able to be there with me :(

by bawumia, 2 hours
I have been experiencing this heartbeat anytime i put my hand on my chest and also feels my heart beating within me,can it be a sign of sickness or just a normal confused

by meegWpaw, 2 hours
when you leave a teaching job, you always end up with books and materials, which by all appearances you have ... stolen, I suppose ... I have the most things from the job I had at the university right before I cracked up and got clean for the first ti...

by SlimCR, 7 hours
Egg, grapefruit, 2 squares of chocolate and tea for breakfast

by SlimCR, 7 hours
Egg, grapefruit, 2 squares of chocolate and tea for breakfast

by Kamarsh17, 8 hours - 1 Comment
hi im new to this site Me and this guy have been talking for a while now, we went to the park and he fingered me really rough, but now im really sore and my vagina hurts and feels like it has gotten larger on the outside, it just feels really uncomfo...

by Bubulous, 8 hours
After much practice, centering, and frustration combined with humiliation I was able to bend the air in a way that moved an empty alcohol prep pad casing bent over a toothpick that I drove in the ground. I took a picture of the thing and I am going t...

by 10longyears, 11 hours
I have been addicted to pain pills for 10 years. I am on the end of my second day and already feel like I can feel again. When I first started taking vicodin it was after I had my son in 2000. I had postpartum depression severely an did not know my...

by meegWpaw, 12 hours - 2 Comments
so. im hoping this will be short. I would apologize for it but this is my normal time slot so I don't really feel like im abusing anything ... I mean, the site .. etc ... not drugs ... lol I mean I did not mean drugs ... whatever! im clean....
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