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dubai, United Arab Emirates
Female, 43
Terre Haute, IN
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United Kingdom
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Pahokee, FL
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newyork, NY
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Chicopee, MA
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by JKMS, 21 minutes
I am 42 years old and have always had my period like clockwork at the same time. this month I had two periods in the same month. One lasted four days and was fairly heavy like it always is. The second, Was six days later and I am still on it with heav...

by Kitty_cow12, 4 hours
So I think I might be pregnant with another mans child. On October 3rd, I had drunk car sex with a guy I hardly knew. I don't think it lasted very long because the car was moving so it would be difficult and he was drunk too. The thing is I don&...

by Esofia, 4 hours
91% or under - bad 92% - 96% - normal 97% - 100% - good

by Spirit_child, 18 hours
Had a hard time getting up today but once I got goin I had an okay day. My face without makeup is pretty bad but my soap is helping so much.

by mommykeairra, 20 hours
I cant wait to meet you o'ziyah or meena mommy and daddy Loves you either way

by Be11al994, 22 hours
So I'm technically like 30 weeks today and you have been so active this past week. You've caused me pain and excitement at the same time. I love when you move around and kick cause it lets me know your still not rushing to come which I have ...

by Lizzie2391, 23 hours
I'm 23 years old and my last period was Nov 7th, 2014. In December I started feeling a little but funny but dismissed it when I took a pregnancy test from the drug store and both came back negative. A little bit before that I had became nausea oh...

by Nickley3, Jan 30, 2015
So I had a dream that I was at my Grandma's house and went to the bathroom. There was a little bit of blood and so I pushed and put my hand underneath and caught the baby. It was not quite as long as my hand and looked like a little seahorse with...

by mishymoshymarcy, Jan 30, 2015
Okay well it was the first day of year 11 today... i cant say it went amazing, but it went alright. I mean it was lovely seeing my friends again and everything. But to be honest, i am scared. I can already feel my old habits creeping back. And its SO ...

by gymdandee, Jan 30, 2015 - 1 Comment
This news comes straight from the hallowed halls of Harvard. Their ongoing Nurses' Health Study (started way back in 1976) discovered how calcium can actually WEAKEN bones. A popular doctor advice about this bone health supplement has recently b...
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