Female, 47
Las Vegas, NV
Female, 114
manhattan, NY
Male, 25
Female, 34
Aurora, MO
Male, 37
palm bay, FL
Female, 14
Grandville, MI
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by sweetcountrywife, 1 hour
Just found out i am prego anywhere from 1-3 weeks pregnant and hubby is excited :)

by babygirl0905, 2 hours
Hi I need help I've never been pregnant before and I don't really know all the signs. For the past month or so I've been very moody nauseated I've had hot flashes and gained weight and I've been wanting to have sex more often ...

by zerokewl123, 3 hours
MY CHURCH My church has no wall My church has no roof Birds are flying through Stars are shining above My church has no door My church has no window Shy owls are welcome there Secret lakes are stained glass And bluebells go to the mass It is...

by meegWpaw, 4 hours - 16 Comments
They wo t let me use my phone its locked in cupboard thus is my treat just to get numbers II love u I. Sorry I hate it here It's freezing There's no teddy bears May e I'm out tues Got go meegy

by Ab_ms, 9 hours
Hi all. I am scared if my next MRI:/recently diagnosed with ms and wasn't scared at all the first time I had the MRI done. Since the diagnosis I have become more scared of things ...and I have my next MRI tomorrow and feel like I am already havin...

by zo_n_daemommy, 12 hours
I can't help but feel depressed. I'm just at a total loss of how to deal with the death of the other baby. I keep feeling like I'm going to be angry at the living baby or question why this one and not the other. I know I should feel lik...

by frecklefacetara, 14 hours
Today we wake Nevae and I still kicking along the "wait for come home path" and I.will.say its been very hard and no one seems to understand my feeling or have concern. MY HAIR HAS FALLING OUT I'm not eating and I have a fungal...

by Jamiixxo, 17 hours
So excited , and anxious about the whole pregnancy hope I get a girl if not I'm still just as happy with a boy . Morning sickness has been kicking in it suck -.- but its all worth it for my little seed of joy. I'm glad I have a clear head an...

by mishymoshymarcy, 17 hours
"Why am i so good at wasting time? I care about my future so much it overwhelms me. I just want to be happy and motivated and successful. And everyone told me i had so much potential, whatever the heck potential is...but i just cant, there is som...

by hellohelppleasethanks, 19 hours
Hi, im a 20 yearl old male. ive had 2 sexual partners in my life but both apart by a year and now im worried i have herpes or something .I have been having a lot of different symptoms in my body starting with a irritated penis that introduced itself a...
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