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by AdamNe, 50 minutes
So a lot of anxiety today over a chance of a small amount of ear wax being on my finger while emptying the dishwasher, washed my hands, then emptied the rest. Convinced myself it was okay and didn't need to clean them off. Worry of germs and gett...

by Itsasecret15, 1 hour
Were on are own ! We can do this . Your my seceret ! Im protecting you

by lou_lou4, 1 hour
I feel like the harder I try to eat less the more I want to eat and the more weight I gain.... Erg. I'm starting my own weigh in day that's good for me. Thursdays at 7:15 or around that time, I'm not going to worry about daily weight bu...

by gymdandee, 4 hours - 1 Comment
A study examined this very question as it relates to long-term heart health. In a large study from Tulane University, Kaiser Permanente, and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, 148 people without heart disease were recruited to participate in eithe...

by Ange17, 5 hours
My side stitch pain ended up being severe hydronephrosis of my right kidney. Just had my kidney removed January 6, 2015.

by Cranberrykin, 7 hours
Hi, well I started this on the 23rd. It has been 4 days....the first couple of days I felt pretty much like ****. I have had increased hunger and I've lost a couple pounds, some various stomach discomfort. Today which is the 27th I do feel like...

by Hamidreza Nassery , DMD, FICOI, FAGDBlank, 9 hours - 1 Comment
One of the most difficult concepts to get across to my TMD patients and other doctors is the connectivity of the Jaw and the Neck. In fact, it is my strong belief that TMD/TMJ should really be classified as a Craniocervical Disease and hence fall unde...

by flordesol, 9 hours
Hello I went to the E.R the day before yesterday because I discovered that I was pregnant the day before and started spotting. They didn't find anything in ultrasound but my HCG level was at 2800 the next day which was yesterday, I went to an OBG...

by TroyLeeP, 10 hours
Increase of mirtazapine to 30mg decrease of fluoxetine to 20mg, risperidone still at 1mg a day. Felt excessively hungry today, however have went to the gym and done yoga. I did however eat bad food today. List: Protein pancakes, sausage and bacon bap,...

by Jessicabethan96, 10 hours
I'm 18 and for the past 4 months ive been struggling with a health aniexty. It all started suddenly. I'm getting aches and pains all over my body and I'm beginning to avoid everything, I constantly think im dying from something incurabl...
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