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by Amber390, 4 hours
I keep getting yeast infections like crazy. I have very sensitive skin so I thought maybe it was the type of condoms I was using but then I remembered when I 1st started getting them. Okay so in June of 2012,I was 22, my ex and I had sex(lost my virgi...

by meegWpaw, 7 hours
I miss him. I hate sleeping alone. And I miss him. I totally fukked up my right arm and my left hand Mp

by meegWpaw, 7 hours
i hurt my left hand, usually its my right so its ok i guess, i slammed it palm open into the door several times. thats the arm i got the flu shot on and the whole fukker hurts now. good im glad. i also threw a chair at the wall but i didnt really...

by ClovisM, 8 hours
Time headache started: While driving home from work (roughly 7:30pm) Severity: Started at 3 and has now moved up to 5 What I was doing: Drove home. Did dishes. Came upstairs to lay down. Symptoms: ·Right side of my head hurts (throbbing) ·I can...

by meegWpaw, 8 hours
i have a fukkin headache. what the fukk is wrong with the lakers? one minute they were losing, the next second i looked at the tv the game was over and they had lost. stupid fukkers. i am so p*ssed at them. i mean you just can see the Suns are ...

by PurrfectlyKrazy, 10 hours - 2 Comments
I have now spoken to all the doctors on Joe's team. Apparently pulmonary embolism CAN come up very suddenly that it would not show on a CT scan done within a few weeks beforehand. Dr. Boyer also said that Joe was in the 10%...tho...

by meegWpaw, 13 hours - 4 Comments
Like flynn!!!! In my car in parking lot. I saw 2 intake ppl and 1 therapist just got done I'm exhaust. She say u start with 10 day intensive outp every day 9 to 5 when you way to start I say tomorrow So I do I got a schedule. It'...

by laureninlove, 14 hours
CD6 and final day clomid! :) Today's side effects? Only a rather unpleasant two trips to bathroom in the morning, thankfully shortlived! Tired but not as badly as before. Main difference I've noticed is a very very low appetite, I'...

by lou198, 14 hours - 1 Comment
hey everyone I've been reading most of your blog and it's very helpful so I went through a withdraw about 2 years ago from oxycontin.about 5 months ago I started taken vicodin not prescribed I was buying them and also buying norcos.and 3 wee...

by lulu747, 15 hours - 4 Comments
I know my body is healing but what about my soul? I feel so damn weary even though I've been doing nothing but resting. I have no hunger or thirst for life right now. It's scaring me a bit. My best friend came over the other night and to...
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