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hanoi, Vietnam
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New York, NY
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Las Vegas, NV
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Delhi, India
los angeles, CA
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Sorsogon City, Philippines
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by Abokhary, 4 hours
I've been having a severe burning painful aching feelings on my neck my shoulders my back And my upper arms. It gets very painful At times accompanied by a headache on the lower part on the back of my head that feels like needles are stabbin...

by vaishnav2010, 4 hours
There are many unknown diseases, acting on human lives as an invisible enemy, which are difficult to fight with! Ankylosing Spondilytis is one of them. It is one of the many forms of arthritis, which primarily deals with our spine, although other joi...

by melaniediana914, 5 hours
I'm 21 years old and I'm 6 months pregnant and I feel lonely sometimes because I barely have any friends that are there for me. I have two close friends but they aren't really there for me. More than anything I want a lot of friends to ...

by jac480, 6 hours
Okay having a hard time with 2 years ago I moved in with my aunt and her bf they've been together about 5 years Ive met him couple of times never knew he had a daughter..she came for the weekend hang and all we talked never argued got along just ...

by dizzydani, 6 hours
I hav so much 2 B thankful 4.

by matt0404, 12 hours
Hello I masterbated in a public bathroom. This was 2 months ago maybe more. I am wondering if there is any risk of contracting an std or hiv from this. I have never had any sex only this. If there was fluids on the door knob or floor is there any ris...

by walk19356, 15 hours
I am on the Depo Shot and I know the chances of me getting pregnant are slim but I have had unprotected sex about two times this round of the shot. I hear that it is common to get pregnancy symptoms but what I have been feeling is: tired( I think this...

by Gez7117, 15 hours
My father is been in the hospital with a ventilator for 4 weeks already. His lungs are retaining water so they cant fully function. They are giving him dialysis every day and the water continues to accumulate. The doctor doesn't know where the wa...

by Matthew04321, 18 hours
Hi I was in a very bad motorcycle accident, September of 2013 I had open fractures to both bones In my rt leg and had reconstruction done the same night and it's been over a yr and Im still having really bad pain especially when it is cold can an...

by gymdandee, 19 hours - 1 Comment
The presence of fat in a meal with which a vitamin D-3 supplement is taken significantly enhances absorption of the supplement, but the MUFA:PUFA of the fat in that meal does not influence its absorption.
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