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Hampton, IA
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jackson, TN
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by girly1616, 40 minutes
So I am extremely nervous I have something wrong with me. I have OCD about STDs and am always worried I have something wrong with me. I started to develop a cold around last week (sore throat, swollen lymph nodes in neck only, kinda sore in my upper) ...

by ttcbaby4, 1 hour - 3 Comments
I thought I'd write to get my anger out. I went to my OB today and I told her that I am late. She told me OK let's check your beta levels. I have no problem with that but I honestly don't think I am pregnant. I told her about this site ...

by SDOTNOTTZ, 1 hour
I punched a wall now my hand really hurts and is going really dark purple and bruising can I be told what this might be

by melimeli, 2 hours
Please paste on your Facebook Jennifer Huston two small boys...

by dorcas21, 3 hours
It been 8 months now no period and stomach is growing negative blood and urine test but empty gestational sac.having to wait to be referred to get a scan and gyno Wich will take a few weeks.ive gt all the pregnancy symptoms and and can feel something ...

by pyik, 8 hours
Is there any possibilities to get HIV in the first time sucked by a hooker even use a condom and didn't go through a long time penetration because the liquid out already through oral. Thanks for the responses. NB: I had cough b4 the preocess, a...

by princesslo007, 8 hours
Wipes: -Huggies Naturals 64 ct, 56 Ct, 56 CT, 32 Ct, 56 ct, 56 ct, 64 Ct, 184 ct, 184 ct, 184 ct. -Baby Magic 80 ct, 80 ct, 80 Ct, 80 ct, 80 ct, 80 ct, 80 ct, 80 ct, 80 ct, 80 ct. -Pampers Naturals 216 ct, 64 ct, 64 Ct, 64 Ct, 56 CT, 56 Ct. -Hon...

by East_432, 8 hours
I've noticed that on my left leg only I'll get just one blister and then once it goes away and heals up another forms. Right now this is the third time it has happened.

by veronica0808, 10 hours - 24 Comments
Where do I start!!! .. well hubby had to work that day so I went driving by myself.. on my way there in the freeway damn rock hit my winshield and cracked it!!! Gosh like I needed that so I get to the hospital and I just sat in my suv for a few min be...

by Heather8448, 10 hours - 1 Comment
Sometimes life breaks you, she shatters and every breath she takes hurts. She realized she was alone and no one was there to catch her. She was screaming in silence and people just kept stepping over the shattered brokenness she called her life. They ...
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