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by Hsvdating, 23 minutes
Being with someone who accepts you just the way you are is so surreal. It takes a lot of courage, devotion and love to be with someone through thick and thin. And all the more, being with someone you know is infected with Herpes virus. Such a relation...

by ryanj137, 3 hours
This is my experience. My procedure did not go as smoothly as it could have. Hopefully this information will be helpful to calming the fears of others who are going for the procedure and are as nervous as I was. Even though things didn't go ac...

by Angoisse, 3 hours
Today, I am worried sick because of two symptoms. My clavicle's lymph nodes have been swollen for a week now and I looked online to see if I should go to the doctor. Maybe that was a mistake. But every site said: it should not be ignored. This...

by mommytobeofmy5th, 4 hours
Hi I'm 36 weeks and lost my mucus plug about 6 hours ago. I'm having irregular contraction some are mild and others very painful. I feel them more on my back coming towards the front side. Contractions are coming about 15 to 20 minutes apart...

by Janece_Tate, 4 hours
, I had an doctor appointment and my doctor said my baby is all the way head down and im thinning out what does that mean?

by cindilie, 4 hours
I'm 17, and scared of what's wrong with me. Sorry if this a lot, but I don't want to leave anything that might be important. So it started when I wanted to be 'thick' and more 'meat' in me. During high school, Ive ...

by hansen20, 7 hours
I can't believe my daughter is turning one in just 2 weeks, I'm kinda tearing up... :'( are still exclusively breastfeeding no bottles except occasional sippy cup. She has 4 top middle teeth, two one on each side back mollars are in an...

by mommyof2nowtp, 7 hours
Please forgive me if this seems a little dramaish, I have no one to ask but my ob doctor and my next app is weeks away:/ the father of my child is with someone else asked I just found out. Baby is due at end of July and it's quite a ways away yet...

by refills, 15 hours - 1 Comment
Boy, I'm sure glad to be going forward clean and sober. Life is just not meant to be lived while going through addictions. What would I do facing surgery this time last year? I'm sure that an operation would not be done while I was in that s...

by Scaredpreg, 16 hours
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