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by spider6, 1 hour - 2 Comments
So now it's just been over 17mos since I had one of those ******* stupid pills that I chose to suffocate my soul. They weren't even the "good" ones know. I had to take soooooooooo many of them at one time to just get even...

by Spirit_child, 1 hour
It's 3:07 in the morning and I just got in the shower but before I did I squeezed the other cystic lump between my eye brows. I'm feeling pretty unhappy, pretty ugly, pretty upset you know? I put witch hazel and then a ton of tea tree oil wh...

by theresah, 1 hour
Went to sleep so early all I do is sleep, slight pain in stomach so much on my mind, the itchys came back last night drove me crazy prolly gona have bruises from this, I have a therapist appt today really need advice from him,

by biosmob, 2 hours
It's been about 7 1/2 years with pain in my back. When I was younger I thought it was my bed. When I mean younger I mean 32. I lived on Washington street in massapequ when I first noticed the issue. My dad and uncle Tim gave me a bed that there...

by Katie32132, 5 hours
I have recently gotten a rash, now it has spread everywhere. I have it on my back, neck, 2 possible on my face now appearing, and some even on the outter area of the vaginal area now. It looks as if it's eczema, which I have a history of; however...

by jay_4, 5 hours
Okay so im 16, a month and 2months ago my bf put hia tip in my vagina and it was just his tip. Im aslo irregular with my periods . But just recently i had dark brown/blood on my underwear and its really dark like poop color its really weird and now i...

by Chrissy_11, 6 hours
About one week after I had unprotected sex, I noticed one red pimply looking dot on my labia majoria that lasted for one day and was painless, the next day it was a flat ulcer type thing and only became sore when rubbed against something. Another two ...

by folio5525, 11 hours
I am a 16 years old and have ED, I have masturbated for 5 years everynight, I have read up that this could have caused my ED, and im really worried I will stay like this, will it go away?

by theresah, 12 hours
1 28 2015,, In nov of2014 I broke out in a rash all over my belly went to the ER after 4 days of itching the doctor there told meI had a allergic reaction January a week agoI felt a very bad headache and was sleeping all the time which is not mekind ...

by Spirit_child, 16 hours
My trip to walmart ended up in me spending all of my money. I bought two different bottles of witch hazel, my favorite honey face mast, and some mascara. I should of bought gloves to cover my hands so I won't pick. Maybe next time. I feel slightl...
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