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by PhillyDeePhil, 1 hour
First time ever watching when my fertile days and ovulation day I know why I feel horny as hell when I do. Just never really understood or had as good as sex like today. Dam Hugh teach. I know it's you

by meegWpaw, 7 hours - 2 Comments
Im here! I m here!!! im finally here! I held this out as a reward alllllllllllls day, writing in my j. now I am so beat I just want to go to bed! yes, I live on the wild side. its' 830 pm it feels cold again idk what the temp is hold u...

by amberlee_94, 8 hours
• 2 Plain White Onesies • 2 Gowns • 2 Sleepers, (1 newborn) (1 0-3mos; incase he turns out too tall or big for newborn) • Coming home outfit. (: • Hats to match his gowns and sleepers. • Mittens to match his gowns and sleepers. • Wipes (incase n...

by Kisserk, 9 hours
So the first day of my last period was April 12, 2014 I found out I was pregnant May 14 but I had sex with one guy April 19 and then another the 21 of April when I went to the doctor they said my conception day was probably the 26 of April ... So I b...

by jlr173rdny, 9 hours
Well, crud, I'm bouncing between 127 and 129 (I hope it doesn't go higher than that). And I just can't seem to, um evacuate, properly. On the other hand my weight was 134 back in July, so I guess that's as good is it going to get...

by twennytwin, 10 hours
Iw'm an 18 year old girl who is experiencing some weird symptoms. I have skin color bumps on the inside of my vagina they don't hurt they are very small but it's a group of them they don't seem to be spreading or anything. I starte...

by ActingBrandNew, 11 hours - 6 Comments
Aftercare is important. If you find yourself not growing in your current recovery program or you have participated in the same recovery program for years and are a chronic relapser and dont know what your doing wrong so you do the same thing over yet ...

by nannewmom, 12 hours
Read this on a blog thought it was helpful, so many of us get confused with BH and thinking it labor pain. Here are some helpful tips might save you a trip to the ER;) Braxton-Hicks may stop when you walk, urinate, change positions, or rest. True l...

by shortie_man, 13 hours
OK Med Help family. I am out the door and back to work for my first night since last Wednesday. Having your own business allows me to set my schedule which helps but once I commit to a job I have to be there. This is going to be a very busy week with ...

by meegWpaw, 14 hours - 3 Comments
Well medhelp my only real fambam I actually has a good day! Nothing like setting some limits .... I have a phone interview at five for another job. Anyway I'm in my car sweating. Gonna go home! Monday is a Islamic hol we have tha day OFF...
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