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Newport Beach, CA
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morgan hill, CA
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Eugene, OR
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by Irisbritney, 52 minutes
So i haven't had any anxiety or migraines lately, Thank God! I still do feel dizzy and unbalanced sometimes. Today i went see my doctor and he's referring me to a ears nose throat specialist. i also talked to him about me taking gravol and h...

by meegWpaw, 4 hours - 1 Comment
well, I just dk what to say really. as I mentioned, today was not the best. I am kind of p'od about it really. wait is that how you spell that? p.o.'d. oh yeah that's right um. so the principal came into my fifth period room ...

by kree22, 5 hours
i was recently on depo, i was supposed to get my shot aug 13 but i did not get it, i was bleeding for a month and a week was that a period ? im trying to get pregnant is there a wsy you can conceive without having a period ? i did not have periods whe...

by RogueWave18, 6 hours
So I joined this site today and was determined just 10 hours ago to quit. The reclassification of Tramadol as a controlled substance disrupted my monthly routine refill and I thought it was a sign that I need to quit. I am so happy on tramadol though....

by meegWpaw, 9 hours - 1 Comment
not a good day like yesterday. not terrible but not good. that was how skule was. but here, idk it is worse I feel bad and angry and like everything is wrong. I guess I hardly slept and that is coloring everything. usually I can get by on ...

by meegWpaw, 12 hours - 3 Comments
I miss everyone In tha whirl Mp

by journey2motherhood, 13 hours
Below I will be posting a few websites for you ladies to refer to. After taking a look at the pictures please answer as many questions as you can. Answers can be short or long and everything will be confidential in my report. http://www.celebr...

by vanity_k, 13 hours
Hello I'm @ da hospital rite now trying to get some answers for my husband n I. My husband is 26 yrs old he's a smoker and weighs about 180 or a lil less he's 5'9", he is having bad chest pains rite where his heart is at and h...

by vanity_k, 16 hours
Hi I'm 23 yrs old female, and I'm having some very bad pain in my arm and hands. I work at a restaurant as a dish washer n as a cook.the problem isn't during my regular activities its at night once I go to bed,my hands swell up and get ...

by meegWpaw, 17 hours
Again. Meegy
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