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Female, 44
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
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tacoma, WA
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by breezytoo, 5 hours
The food is called Natural Life, I got it at Walmart, only $1.19 a can. With flavors like Chicken Liver, Beef, Chicken and others. It is 95% grain-free. He loves it too so I'm happy for him and me. I also got him some aloe-vera shampoo and skin s...

by starfront, 6 hours
to be able to read right's okay, I've got a project tomorrow that should keep me distracted. I'm actually quite excited about it! :D

by rayette1990, 7 hours
Ok I need all wisdom teeth removed (1,16,17,32) 3 was extracted long ago Now as for 13, 14 (root canal) 15 13 has a cavity needs to either be extracted or root canal but it's so small a root canal could be useless if it breaks while treating....

by eddie1211, 9 hours
hi im eddie. Over the last month ive noticed a yellowish white clump inside my foreskin at the tip of my penis. Im not circumsized and am wondering what it is. Im 15 and havent had sex but have masturebated. can this problem relate to masturebating? I...

by Becca8082, 11 hours
It is now a week before surgery and I have mixed feelings. I am glad this will be taken care if but scared about the surgery and hospital stay. I went and did too much research about chiari malformation and haven't been able to sleep much since. ...

by Ryia1234, 11 hours
right eye Se .25 ds +11.25 dc-3.00 axis 11 Left eye se.25 ds 11.00 doc -2.50 axis 165 Please help me to understand

by LazarusB, 11 hours
I have had a small painless white head on the corner of my lip for months. I have been to the doctors 3 or 4 times and they always have me an antibiotic to take along with a topical cream but it didn't seem to help. The other day, I decided to po...

by spider6, 11 hours
So, I'm intrigued.......I seem to be experiencing some semblance of mainstream bio rhythm sleeping/wake states. Yayyy...I'm practically back with most of the human race. What a nice surprise after all these months. It just keeps getting b...

by Lumbarbuldge, 14 hours
7/24 /14 Given Mobic and baclafen for spasms X rays

by HollyGrier, 15 hours
Today was hard. I'm so hungry but I know I need this change. The doctor told me yesterday that I am borderline diabetic and I am anemic. I am tired all the time, feet and hands are swelling and I am just unhappy. I am praying for good results
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