Male, 32
Cortland, NY
Female, 24
Female, 24
Chattanooga, TN
Female, 24
Euless, TX
Female, 33
St. Clair, MO
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by Syn4siren, 1 hour
10/20/14. At work. Lapel job. Migraine hit after two hours. Screaming babies everywhere. Children obnoxiously squeaking dog toys. I want to throw up. Must keep moving this collection is due tonight. Battery low on device. Must work quickly. I think I&...

by beaitfullyj, 3 hours
Next Month going my ob appoinment second wks she give me anacentsisa check on the fluid on fourt them clue myself next month be eight months been tird late been take a nap couple hour away two wks away my visit with at the office doctor.She measure ab...

by meegWpaw, 3 hours - 9 Comments
Mh I hope you have not forgotten about me so quickly but if u have it's ok. My Dr has not com.e by yet and all I can thi k of is going g home. I rote a 9 page letter to you. Am going to try and read the old commenst. Sup with the lakuhs? ...

by ribaby15, 4 hours
as I sit at work and look at my calendar, it shows me 2 numbers on Friday's, from now until who knows when. I was in a numb haze when I wrote them. Some days it makes me overwhelmingly sad - others, like today - it gives me a little twinkle in my...

by 4_12_12, 11 hours
I been feeling deppressed I lost my gf yes it might sound stupied but we been together since 6 grade she left me with her friends because she wanted do her but all she does no is be with them parties and acts like nothing I be in class quiet and she ...

by feathergirlie, 13 hours
I have a rash near my vagina/anus and they are small clustered red bumps that are very painful. Its not a sexually transmitted disease, I have been with the same guy for a very long time and we are each others only partners. I thought my rash could be...

by fl00d, 20 hours
I started 25mg of Adderall XR about 2 weeks ago, an increase from my 20mg. I asked for the increase, and got a 3 month supply. Everything points to it being too much. I'm all over the place, with periods of normal/happy/content. I've got...

by Jade59, Oct 20, 2014 _________________________ ***How to clean the adapter**** "It was easy. I detached the adapter and washed it with warm water and soap. Then poured a bit of Hydrog...

by meegWpaw, Oct 20, 2014 - 17 Comments
Hi these ladies left lil ol meegpaw in tha office with my fone Still hard to type Well there Ai nnt no workout room nothing to do You know medhelp they always got a ol upright pianny here to make it seem that much loonier No one play it ...

by cc410, Oct 20, 2014
I discovered steroids cause thin skin and the causes of odor associated with it such as anal and vagina odor not due to not having good hygiene but due to thin skin. When those areas are washed no matter what, an odor will persist. Constant cleaning...
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