Female, 38
york, NE
Female, 16
Radford, VA
Male, 25
Bhubaneswar, India
Male, 53
Petach Tikva, Israel
Male, 33
Male, 31
birmingham, United Kingdom
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by pumbii, 1 hour
So far so good lol. I stayed within my calorie intake plus got a little work out before work. :-)

by meegWpaw, 3 hours - 6 Comments
What'soever I've feared Has come to life And what'soever I've fought off Became my life. Just when everyday Seemed to greet me with a smile Sunspots have faded And now I'm doing time Now I'm doing time ...

by pandabear1073, 4 hours
My boyfriend has hsv2 and I have recently noticed a small blister like bubble on my outer vaginal lip . I popped it and puss came out then it just stayed the same then today I shaved and it opened and won't stop bleeding and it hurts , any guesse...

by barbzilla, 6 hours
For a new me one day at a time just keep going.

by Sacrifice1, 7 hours
Man, I would love to sleep. It would be so easy to walk into my closet and grab some methadone. Everything would go away - the anxiety, the aches and pain, the jitters and shivers - but I guess I'll go make myself another damn healthy shake. A...

by aly425, 9 hours
Why my journal is entitled what it is, is because off days truly are like a mirror where you look in it and there could be multiple "reflections" or faces that show themselves many emotions that you go through many mood phases that you can&#...

by gymdandee, 9 hours
Things Killing Your Gut U.S. scientists discovered that gut microorganisms not only influence immune cell function, but actually support the production of immune cells that form the first line of defense against infection. About 80 percent of the ...

by mc875, 10 hours
Wow a journal, it is good to have one to get all thoughts out that you hold in. I been having many problems and so much on my mind. When I was younger I was diagnosed with depression, just don't know how sever it was but was always taking these ...

by feelinghelpless27, 12 hours
I have beed treating my GW'S with acv for a few days now about 3 day. I thought i only had a few but when i applied the acv my vaginal area turned white i didn't think i had that many and im still having doubt that all the white is GW's...

by tiredofaddicts, 13 hours
Im so broken-hearted. How could he choose crack over me again last night?? He got me roses today but its jst too late. So he knows he fuckd up so he says hes sorry. Until he does it again. I need to b strong & keep my decision to divorce . Its soo...
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