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by aliciarlong, 1 hour
I took my chocolate lab into the vet 2 weeks ago to have a lump on her back checked they took a sample. The results came back as a fatty tumor. From what I read I shouldn't worry but she cant jump on or off my bed now and is in a lot of pain. Sho...

by Crumpers, 3 hours
Recently had anal sex with a girl. A few days later started to have a tingly feeling sensation at the tip of my penis, end of urethra. And every now and then get a feeling that I have to pee. Gonorrhea? No other symptoms present.

by lhdlhd, 6 hours
My mother in law a few months ago started to have very bad pains in her feet and in her hands. Doctors don't know why either. She can't stand on her feet for to long with out pain shooting to her feet. Shed been to alot of doctors trying to ...

by Beanie0, 6 hours
I have recently been on Holiday. I'm 39 years of age and haven't had a holiday since the age of 14!! I experienced lot's of new things and kicked away many fears. I am Manic .... as high as a kite, which isn't exactly easy to co...

by gymdandee, 8 hours
USDA Approves New GE Corn and Soy, Triggering Onslaught of Millions of Pounds more Pesticides

by Doodlebug87, 10 hours - 2 Comments
I would like to start off by saying that I am only human, not an excuse though to use again. I felt so bad with the body aches, sweats etc and there is no way I can go to work like that. I have to work! I am a single mom. So now I sit at work writ...

by victoriamichelle1010, 13 hours
*Mom's Needs •Your insurance card •Bathrobe •Socks •Slippers •Change of clothes, including a going-home outfit. Make sure clothes are loose-fitting and comfortable. •Nursing bra, nursing pads, and maternity underwear •Toiletries, such as t...

by jimi1822, 16 hours - 1 Comment
this is my life its not what it was before all these feelings i've shared ...

by gymdandee, 18 hours
The more Americans engage in one of their favorite pastimes — sitting around — the shorter their average life span, a new study suggests. The effect remained even after researchers factored out obesity or the level of daily physical activity people...

by Monababy, Sep 18, 2014
Today is the day I found out the father of my son has been cheating on me and lied straight to my face about it.... im having this baby in literally 2 weeks if not sooner... how ****** up is that ... Story of my life..
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