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by RonPrice, 25 minutes
This is Part 2 of a 110,000 word (270 page font-14 or 350 page font-16) longitudinal, retrospective and prospective account of my experience with bipolar disorder and some other mental health problems over 70 years:1943 to 2014. Notes: This is a...

by meegWpaw, 3 hours
You're lost little girl You're lost little girl You're lost Tell me who Are you? I think that you know what to do Impossible? Yes, but it's true I think that you know what to do, yeah I'm sure that yo...

by mishymoshymarcy, 7 hours
Please Marcy, don't you dare give up. Don't. You can't. Hold on, be strong sweetie.... You can deal with this, you can get through this. HOLD BACK THE TEARS AND PRETEND THAT YOU'RE OKAY... because no one really notices you that...

by ivansmami19, 8 hours
Well well.. Without going into too much detail, we are pregnant again after losing our baby at 15-16 weeks along three months ago. It is not confirmed by my on doc yet. My period is 2 days late. I tested positive with a Dollar Tree test on Saturda...

by Flyingferret, 10 hours
My periods, which have been coming early for the last few months+, came at 22 days into my cycle today.... ? I have been feeling exhausted after all the stress I've been under & have been feeling very unwell & low on energy so it is n...

by mishymoshymarcy, 11 hours - 1 Comment
I am stuffing my life up again! Im a mess... Sleep deprivation is back, and its only the 3rd day back at school!!! Got less than 2 hours last night, or well this morning I mean.... But you see, it was all my fault, because I started work late, and the...

by flaka81, 13 hours
Dios Mio ayudame!!! Llevo trez dias tratando De dejar el tremadol dure tomandolo tres años y me siento fatal tengo dolor in todo mi cuerpo suderos y kisiera mejor morir ya no puedo mas kisiera salir a buscar mi maldita droga xk asi le llamo pero sierr...

by VICourageous, 14 hours - 9 Comments
GRIEF! Don't tell me that you understand Don't tell me that you know, Don't tell me that I will survive, How I will surely grow. Don't tell me this is just a Test, That I am truly blessed, That I am chosen for this task,...

by jimi1822, 15 hours - 3 Comments
The Book of Revelation 12:7-12 "And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon...

by poemdivaa, 18 hours
A lot has happened since my last entry but I'm taking things day by day.
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