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Corner Brook
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florida, FL
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by Sammiej468, 14 minutes
My butt has been hurting for three days now. I had thought it was my tailbone since there was a bump but now the bump has gone and two medium sized raised spots are on my left and right inner buttcheek tword where the old bump was. I am in so much pai...

by FiFiLamour, 22 minutes
Can't believe it's nearly a year since I was posting. In sum, the naturopathic treatment didn't do any harm but then again it didn't do much good either, ie it didn't get rid of the virus. Indeed, it did interact badly with Su...

by meegWpaw, 44 minutes - 4 Comments
im sorry to write so much but I just got a very dirty text would it be against ethical something or other to share? oh, the hell with it! btw I texted this fukker for a hook up sati night and he did not respond until NOW!!! with this: ...

by usman089, 1 hour - 1 Comment
hello.i am 19 year old left hand and arm are swallow since few weeks.plzzzzz help BP is also low for 2 days :-( help me plzzz

by meegWpaw, 2 hours - 4 Comments
"Driver 8" The walls are built up, stone by stone; the fields divided one by one. And the train conductor says, "Take a break Driver 8, Driver 8 take a break we've been on this shift too long" And the...

by meegWpaw, 5 hours - 16 Comments
ty ty ty ty I love you medhelp and I am so sorry for being the world's biggest and medhelp's biggest fukkup and for worrying you and for everything and I love you I have needed to be here so bad and I AM HERE!!!!!!!!!!...

by spider6, 6 hours - 7 Comments, livin in the land of jitters, high tight breathing,( if you can even call it that, I don't think I've exhaled for months), fatalistic, sad@ss thinkin, all or nothing you know? My friend texts me this morning to tell me that a mutuel ...

by Skinny_But_Trapped_In_A_Fat_Persons_Body, 7 hours
Sunday I visited Workout Anytime, rode a stationary bike (preset to #6) for 15 minutes. Returned Monday and signed up, month by month. $29 enrollment fee, $25 monthly. Got in TB, HTB. Tuesday rowed another bike 1 mile, appx. 3.5-4 mph. Got on HT bed. ...

by Shannon79, 11 hours - 14 Comments
So I've been pretty private about this. I have not told anyone on here. But now I'm opening up about it because something MAY have changed. Okay one part of it some people may remember me mentioning. About a year or so ago I was having ba...

by UnsureMS, 13 hours - 1 Comment
Over this past year I came to the realization this morning that I have to Thank God for fresh starts. Sometimes a new beginning can be a wonderful exciting and scary feeling all at once but still Thank God for them. A fresh start can happen in so many...
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