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sheffield, United Kingdom
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by mishymoshymarcy, 1 hour
Okay well it was the first day of year 11 today... i cant say it went amazing, but it went alright. I mean it was lovely seeing my friends again and everything. But to be honest, i am scared. I can already feel my old habits creeping back. And its SO ...

by gymdandee, 1 hour
This news comes straight from the hallowed halls of Harvard. Their ongoing Nurses' Health Study (started way back in 1976) discovered how calcium can actually WEAKEN bones. A popular doctor advice about this bone health supplement has recently b...

by odog1212, 3 hours
I don't know what's wrong with me did 1/2 of a tab and haven't been in a good mindset ever since , I took it no knowing what I was doing and got myself into , now I stay here stuck in my head and not knowing what to do I can't seem...

by Ash_5384, 8 hours
On Jan 3rd i had unprotected sex with someone! I got nervous so i went to get tested on jan 7 results came back everything was negative! Stupidly had unprotected sex again on The 19th a day later i noticed i was itching uncontrollably insde my virgina...

by Spirit_child, 10 hours
I had some excersize today and used my new glicerin face wash and I liked it. Also my favorite face mask and then some witch hazel. Now it's time to wind down and get ready for bed. I'm feeling hopeful.

by mikehughes25, 13 hours
One of the greatest virtues of the meditation that I have now achieved is that of detachment, and to keep a perfect calm and stress-free life that will bring health to ones body and wellbeing . Everyone has a Cosmic design , and all have remarkable...

by gigi5477, 13 hours
I had unprotected sex a couple weeks ago, I have swelling in the lower part of my vagina and white bumps, but they don't itching or hurt insanely bad, they do t bleed or scab over. But I also do have a sore throat, could it be herpes?

by anathu369, 14 hours - 1 Comment
I had a meeting last night and had 2 pieces of pizza. I felt fine that night. In the morning I had 1 piece of pizza, forgetting that I had 2 last night. I just was really sick of eggs. Didn't have much time for lunch so I ate I serving of chee...

by wildflower77, 15 hours - 1 Comment
Sitting here locked in he bathroom on he floor and crying. My head hurts and my face stings from the tears. I got home, got the kids squared away and we were just about ready to leave for dinner when I noticed there was an extra piece of pizza sitting...

by browneyez124, 16 hours
I sometimes don't think I can do this alone again but then I look at my baby girl and see what a well balanced child she is and I feel better.
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