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by LeskeeS, 3 hours
Today had my first sonogram...we heard the heart beat n saw our bby. only down fall is they found a cyst on my left ovary.. they said it wasn't harmful for the bby but to let my doc know

by Sabrina10111, 5 hours
I had unprotected sex but my partner didn't inject in me but I still took the plan b pill, within the 72 hours. It's been 3 weeks now and I've been having itchy burning feeling in my private area. My period is already un-regular so I ne...

by meegWpaw, 5 hours - 1 Comment
I been doing a lot of thinkin latee and I warnt going to write today but then at the last minny I decide so ya exhaust. I slepted real good last nite ... and during the day felt ok. but at about one p.m. I start getting fusstrated and hot an...

by Mycreeyz, 5 hours names Cassandra I am 18 years old had an aneurysm/stroke when I was 13 years old and I'm still trying to cope with it, one of my main stresses right now is that in the future I want kids, but the idea depresses me that I won't be abl...

by bigbutbre, 7 hours
I want to conceive but some years ago had a emblasion procedure

by aik_iyk, 7 hours
This has been going on since birth. It occurs while she sleeps and goes on all through after every 2 seconds

by MsMiler, 7 hours
This would be my first child I know things about babies but not my own I am very happy but nervous at the same time. My babies father is so ready to find out what's going on in my tummy so am I. I'm excited to see what the doctor say because...

by Seaoflove3, 8 hours
Less than a month! I cannot believe that the time is almost here. I am almost sad due to the fact that he won't be in my little tummy anymore. I won't be able to feel him I won't be able to see him kick me. We won't be tied to ...

by Mizzbozzladii, 8 hours
Hi everyone I'm new to this site...I haven't had af for 63 days so my gyno put me on Provera 10mg for 10 days i took a UT but it came back neg.... could i still be prego

by Lilly1955, 11 hours - 3 Comments
This is still hard but I have started to eat. The anxiety is bad but I've been coloring and got out of the house a couple times which helps to get my mind off myself. This depression is awful. I should be in my good time of day right now but all ...
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