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London, United Kingdom
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jeffersonville, IN
San Francisco, CA
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amsterdam, Netherlands
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Calera, AL
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by Marieeeee101, 1 hour
Hi this is very hard for me to talk about. It's all new to me and it happened about a week ago. So me and my boyfriend have been great throughout our whole relationship until one day, he comes to me telling me he was tested positive for chlamydia...

by Tb00, 1 hour
Okay so my boyfriend and I had protected sex on Wednesday. And ever since then, I've been having this whitish egg like discharge. I have no idea what it is. And we used protection so I wouldn't get pregnant. Is there a chance I'm pregna...

by BaiVictoria, 4 hours
Since October 19th when Ronald got back in town from work, we have been trying to conceive. This month is 2 months of trying, with ejaculation 98% of the time.

by lilbunnysuzzy, 4 hours
Today was pretty good emotional wise. I spend the day with my amazing fiancé. I ate pretty horrible today though. I was very bi polar. Which caused me to eat a lot. For breakfast I had cereal and grits. Lunch I had a big bowl of pot pie. Dinner I had ...

by bababbbhh, 4 hours
I have a rash on my lips its red and its the first time it has come I have been tested for herpes and it came out negative the rash has tiny bumps but they are not liquidy and is not full of pus what could it be ?

by Hollus, 8 hours
THE BEST SANTA CLAUSE STORY I'VE EVER HEARD!!! I remember my first Christmas adventure with Grandma.. I was just a kid. I remember tearing across town on my bike to visit her.. On the way, my big sister dropped the bomb: "There is no San...

by geo2bad, 11 hours - 1 Comment
Our Story: I know this is a story book, and I apologize for the length. There is just no way to put into words the pain and suffering my husband has been enduring for 3 Years now. He still today, cannot open his mouth. He has permanent lock jaw. He i...

by Autistic4Life, 12 hours
This is about the girl we adopted that struggles with a mental psychosis. If you don't already know, extremely brief recap; a monster harmed her when she was with her biological mother; to get the monster to leave her alone she stopped using toi...

by lanenabella28, 18 hours
i had a tubal ligation in 2009 i got it done because i wasnt in a healthy relationship. Now im in a great relationship with a wonderful guy. we cant afford the tubal reversal. but i really want to share a gift from God with this man. for the past 5 mo...

by Flower_Rains, 23 hours
hey? I'm only 12 I have had sex more than once atleast 2-3...I haven't used a condom
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