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by meegWpaw, 3 hours
over the years I have been on medhelp I have seen some things. let me tell you. strange ... days ... you know a couple years back when that thing happened with um ykw ... I mean, I had nothing to do with anything technical that happened ther...

by smittlap, 5 hours
My last dose will be 10/4/149 (39days hence).Very rough Labor Day weekend as I imagine everyone except me having a party on the beach with their friends. I'd love to feel gregarious, mentally agile and physically fit to romp about , but for th...

by Yogayoga, 5 hours
I had bile reflux 4 year ago which turned into barrets esophagus. I was very very sick. Went to 5 different docs, took lots of medicine and the ONLY thing that cured me was homeopathic medicine with diet. I am now having some reflux and back on my hom...

by TubbySue, 5 hours
After I wolfed down two really large muffins this morning, I looked at the calorie info on the package. 600 calories EACH and that makes 500 calories in fat for the two. No wonder My belly is so massive.

by ElizabethJones, 7 hours
Diverticular disease is a condition that affects ten percent of the population under age 40 and up to 50 percent who are past the age of 60. It can range in symptoms and severity from mild discomfort to extreme bouts of pain. But is there a correlatio...

by mishymoshymarcy, 8 hours
Isn't it crazy how someone can constantly let themselves down? Day after day, its just a vicious circle. Call me stubborn, call me whatever you want, but I have gone on too long thinking I can do this. Maybe I can't. It feels like I will n...

by Kimmy098, 12 hours
Hey! So here's the first week of my training and I'm so excited! I just started Boxing and really like it. I have two goals right now in my head, first:Upgrade my scores in the cardio run at school and second: lose over 5kg in less than ...

by Lyssax73, 13 hours
Its been a while. Let me tell u recovering from an ed is the hardest thing to do. You need a lot of therapy to retrain your brains thoughts on food. Also a lot of prayer and support will help u get through. Its very frustrating and u WILL want to give...

by Piper970, 14 hours
Ok so the whole story Is that I was on tramadol for about 3years straight I was able to get off it for about maybe 2months at the most..I went on it again because i couldn't and can't handle my life without them (or so I think) when I'm...

by adequatebeauty, 14 hours
I was aiming for a boy but I got 2x the princess. It's funny because my daughter who is 2, talks to my belly and I ask what is her sister saying she tells me brother. Lol... crazier part is she sits by me laughing and talking then holds my belly...
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