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Česká Metuje, Czech Republic
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Anna Bay, Australia
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Houston, TX
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Charlotte, NC
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by mishymoshymarcy, 42 minutes
Oh god.. Okay, well this is going to be a very weird journal for you all to read... BUt I really need to get it out, it just sort of occurred to me today, and I don't know if I can keep it bottled up.... I hope no one will leave me after this, pl...

by spider6, 2 hours - 2 Comments
Well I'm trying to think of something clever to say about my "234" days. It's not any kind of special week will be eight months but today, "234" is nondescript... It's a number; ...... two, thre...

by acker, 3 hours
they are a long way off from dying, maybe 5 or ten years if no unnatural causes, but - they have so much JUNK and MATTERS i wouldn't know where to start. and in my state of health i wouldn't be able to anyway (so why would i worry?)... it...

by LucyEvony, 4 hours
Had an appointment with the Neuro Ophthalmologist 2 days ago. They did a range of tests. The results : indicated mild swelling behind the eyes. More than likely residual from the surgery. Nothing to worry about. Repeat test in 4 weeks. Then had an...

by Amandag78, 5 hours
No energy at all the past few days or so. Feeling confused and a bit lost at times still. Just trying to run with it. My girls are home for school holidays for 2 weeks, but are just trashing our new house. I can clean later and im trying not to stress...

by Matthew007, 6 hours
So I'm still dealing with some issues.. not BAD.. but some issues.. I'm generally better.. my nausea levels are very low, I can be social with people at work and not start thinking "where's a garbage can in case I throw up! UGH&...

by Cant_take_it85, 6 hours
Tonight is proving to be one of the sucky nights. I can't sit still, can't lay down... I feel horrible. I really just want to go to sleep and that doesn't seem like it's going to happen any time soon. If I had my Dilaudid, I co...

by krysmichelle, 6 hours
got a cold ugh just miserable

by meegWpaw, 8 hours - 2 Comments
well, medhelp, I have to admit that 'love' is beating the pants off me! hm. that might not be the best way to say it. ::pondering:: um. no, definitely not. I was thinking today as I drove to work about how virtually All th...

by NicoleKarmil, 10 hours
Assessment for outpatient today. Colbi is very nice and supportive and i didn't feel judged by her. I was able to be honest and open, and her opinion is i don't need to go back to in patient. Mom is pissed off, thinks that i don't want ...
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