Male, 52
rockford, IL
Female, 59
Gaithersburg, MD
Female, 46
Kettering, OH
Male, 46
manchester uk, United Kingdom
Female, 19
grand prairie, TX
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by J_cira, 2 hours - 1 Comment
should't we have fun while working out why not some whacky music or some smooth jazz tunes. don't just work your but off and not have fun with it and i know exercizing is not like that but be creative inspire your self encourage your self. ...

by Memsw, 3 hours
About a couple of months ago I have been feeling very light headed, I feel as of I am spaced out, about a month or so ago I have had on going headaches that come and go and dizzy spells as of the room spinning. I do have pressure around my siniuses. I...

by Anita_10, 3 hours
i feel like my boyfriend doesn't want to know anything about the baby and he was the first that wanted a baby he wanted to marry me and now his so distant from me that I had suspensions that his cheating on me too

by CoriShea, 7 hours
The lower pains are weird. Is it normal for your abdomen too feel like its stretching and mild pains kinda like crampsn

by Five_Almonds, 8 hours
Take it back to 2012 age 22 size 7 pants 160 lbs fit, muscular, healthy. I lived downtown, walked everywhere, ran religiously, and was very conscious about what I put into my body. That was 2 years ago... I met the love of my life in the peak of my fi...

by nonights, 9 hours - 9 Comments
I have got to get over this anger! Its toxic to me. I know this but there is so much in me! Instead of being grateful for a raise I am pissed cause I went 8 years without one and my co-worker who has only been here three years makes what I make and ...

by mamasuez, 11 hours
Started diet on the 22nd lost 2 pounds.

by lacrymosa, 12 hours
It started from most depressive days.. I had no money and no hope. It felt as if I'm falling deep into gloom. Until I made a phone call that changed my life... I called my new boss and finally got a job. It was great! But I still need m...

by JustHelp123, 12 hours
I feel so worn out and apathetic. I almost cringe every time I think about this meeting that I have on Wednesday. Fortunately, I am meeting with a former professor who specializes in ethics (bigtime) tomorrow to discuss the poor ethics of my workpla...

by spider6, 13 hours - 5 Comments
Have you ever wondered what it was like when there was going to be a "drug bust"......well, drug....hmmph ....I mean pot, maryjane, weed, hooch, skunk, ...medicine, whatever you wanna call this little miracle herb. ....... Back story,......
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