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by meegWpaw, 2 minutes
I am grateful for so many things, chief among them but certainly not the chiefest (?), the desire to get to my j and write so bad that I cant fukkin wait good thing im not tweakin be nice, Meegy do I have to? well, you don't have to b...

by bamboutcha, 1 hour
ça fait déjà 3 semaines (5 SA). tout va bien, on dirait que je ne suis pas enceinte. l'excitation et la joie sont incontournable. je nage dans le bonheur. quelque doutes par ici et par là bien évidement. l'encourage de mondher et ses petit...

by Bubulous, 4 hours - 1 Comment
Now that I feel like I have a little control over my thoughts I am starting to make small changes. They are no longer racing as much or so contradictory. Just saying that first sentence in my mind a while ago would have made me go on for a few minut...

by UnsureMS, 5 hours - 1 Comment
Today is the first day of another fresh start for my husband and me. Him along woth God, will be letting go and breaking chains of habits he has. My goal is to not let fears or worries keep me from being the encouraging wife that God has called me to ...

by Sammiej468, 16 hours
My butt has been hurting for three days now. I had thought it was my tailbone since there was a bump but now the bump has gone and two medium sized raised spots are on my left and right inner buttcheek tword where the old bump was. I am in so much pai...

by FiFiLamour, 16 hours
Can't believe it's nearly a year since I was posting. In sum, the naturopathic treatment didn't do any harm but then again it didn't do much good either, ie it didn't get rid of the virus. Indeed, it did interact badly with Su...

by usman089, 17 hours - 1 Comment
hello.i am 19 year old left hand and arm are swallow since few weeks.plzzzzz help BP is also low for 2 days :-( help me plzzz

by meegWpaw, 18 hours - 4 Comments
"Driver 8" The walls are built up, stone by stone; the fields divided one by one. And the train conductor says, "Take a break Driver 8, Driver 8 take a break we've been on this shift too long" And the...

by spider6, 22 hours - 7 Comments, livin in the land of jitters, high tight breathing,( if you can even call it that, I don't think I've exhaled for months), fatalistic, sad@ss thinkin, all or nothing you know? My friend texts me this morning to tell me that a mutuel ...

by Skinny_But_Trapped_In_A_Fat_Persons_Body, 23 hours
Sunday I visited Workout Anytime, rode a stationary bike (preset to #6) for 15 minutes. Returned Monday and signed up, month by month. $29 enrollment fee, $25 monthly. Got in TB, HTB. Tuesday rowed another bike 1 mile, appx. 3.5-4 mph. Got on HT bed. ...
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