Female, 52
Barboursville, WV
Female, 34
Houston, TX
Male, 48
Warrington, United Kingdom
Male, 37
Raurkela, India
Czech Republic
Bangkok, Thailand
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by Roxyqq, 1 hour - 1 Comment
I've been using fentanyl cut up and über the tongue for a year now . It so helped me when my life was falling apart. Now I'm trying to stop cold turkey and I'm pretty sure I'm dying . I can't go to a dr for help because of my ...

by meegWpaw, 4 hours
watching some indie movie with the girl from titanic. it seems good. I woke up feeling ok. I am a little depressed, but I sort of expected it. its really hot here, already. sometimes I feel real weird, like when I am watching a good movie certa...

by krystalandtig, 6 hours
Feel really exhausted today this pain is really bad and I cant get comfortable at all starting to think it might be a good idea to ring my dr tomorrow ☆

by Ab8, 6 hours
Ok so I recently have had oral sex about 2 weeks ago. Nothing after 2 weeks but finally yesterday I shave my genital area and 2 red dots are there. They aren't bumps because they are under/In the skin and not blisters. Then I woke up today and I ...

by laureninlove, 9 hours - 4 Comments
Since I ovulated I've had a pain near my left hip that feels muscular. Instead of getting better it's worse today, hurts almost continuously when walking and even Peeing hurts from the pressure! I thought it was just sore maybe ovulation pai...

by TeenMom_16, 11 hours
Hi , Im Pregant 14+3weeks Im Very Excited To Find Out The Sex If Its A Boy : Jayden Jamar Allen Or Aaron Lamont Allen Or Jordan Ayjaden Allen If Its A Girl: Amayla Marshea Allen Jordan Nicole Allen Or Samayla Marie Allen Any Suggestions Messagee

by Amandag78, 12 hours
I took my girls to see " Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy " today. It was a great movie, we had a lovely time. Then they spent their pocket money at the shops. Good day today, i think my body is adjusting to my new low dose of effexor. Althou...

by Blueflame098, 15 hours - 1 Comment
I will admit I was a smoker . I smoked for about 3-4 months kind of heavily but stopped . While I was smoking one day I had a sore throat . That day I chose to stop completely . 5 days -,a little over a week after I stopped I realized my sore throat h...

by valjack, 15 hours - 1 Comment
I just started a clinical trial with Merck to try and eliminate hep C from my liver. Diagnosed in 1999. I am also co-infected with hiv/aids. I am a long-term survivor, believe I was infected with hiv in 1985. Been undetectable since I started proteas...

by Randomguy95, 16 hours - 1 Comment
Hello well basically a found a red bump on my shaft, I squeezed it but no **** comes out. Idk it must of formed like 2days ago or recently cause I never seen it before. I haven't had any sexual contact for about 2 weeks. I always use a condom, bu...
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