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Greenville, MS
Male, 56
fall river, MA
Female, 30
williamsburg, VA
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Sidney, IA
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San Diego, CA
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ST.Davids, Bermuda
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by mommytobe214, 45 minutes
So I'm 8 weeks And 4 days and I just want to get out of the first trimester. I never thought I would be lucky to have a baby so I'm very nervous. What are some things you ladies did to pass the time and not worry?

by Roger Gould, M.D.Blank, 2 hours
"Thinking instead of eating." This is the mantra we often refer to, and work consistently on, in the Shrink Yourself Program. And it really is the foundation on which lasting weight loss and emotional eating control are built. It sounds s...

by timothy141, 3 hours
The world can be a scary place...sometimes it seems like it is nothing but anger and violence and hurt. It can be terrifying when your out there in it. But if you know where to look for it,the world also has warmth, love and forgiveness. The world als...

by jlannspr, 4 hours
In my last post, I was discouraged. I was three weeks out from having a baby. She is here and healthy, and I am thankful. I have over 200 days clean. I did have a brief relapse where I used for 5 days; I know some people would start over, but for me i...

by gymdandee, 7 hours
The FDA is asking stores, cafeterias, and restaurants to check with their suppliers and find out if any pistachio products came from Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc. If so, the nuts should not be sold because of possible contamination with multip...

by jlr173rdny, 10 hours
On July 3rd I had my doctors appointment and I weighted 134 at home and 130.8 at the doctors office. With clothes. Then my weight popped up again. Aargh - and I honestly don't know why. It has to be water weight 0 or my scale is wonky....Anyw...

by drifter0213, 11 hours - 6 Comments
I am dating now for a year with my new girlfriend bearsfan1970 happy anniversary babe

by LoveBabyNolan, 13 hours
Having all night and dayy cramps they dont seem to cease im going crazi!

by Mirann_, 13 hours
If I finished my period on June the 20th & had unprotected sex on June the 30th where he comed inside me. Is it possible that I can be pregnant? I mean I have irregular periods i'll skip 1 month or sometimes even 2.. does that decrease the ch...

by spider6, 13 hours - 2 Comments
Well....I just don't know man, I just don't know.... I had a doctors appt yesterday afternoon and the only reason I did, was to get my script for welbutrin renewed. So before I go, I google map directions cuz my daughter who was driving ...
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