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Orlando, FL
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port of pain, Trinidad and Tobago
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Accra, Ghana
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by retta483, 56 minutes
Khloe will be 4 months on wednesday (tomorrow) . She is getting 2 bottom teeth the finally broke threw the gums thankfully she has been cranky and ill from it but through it all she still a smiley girl so happy all the time . except when in her car se...

by meegWpaw, 1 hour
my law dog just called the judge signed the papers I am divorced. heading to work! ty mh love yoos! Meegy-pie

by Heather8448, 1 hour
She's starting to realize nothing can fix her. She can add drugs, alcohol, men, sex, food, friend's, shopping, tv she can add all that to the mix but she feels empty at the end of the night. She knows now nothing can fix her, they just add t...

by meegWpaw, 1 hour
kind of stressing. ty so much for all your help and support medhelp im kind of sketching right now I just dk I know the mood from last night will come back!!! I got up, showered, got dressed for work ... think I fell asleep about two ......

by colie12, 4 hours
Today I went to the doctor,knowing I was 10weeks pregnant,to get a ultrasound.we had a miscarriage in january fell pregnant again and the baby's heart stopped at 7weeks,had a scrape done..we fell pregnant again and this is why I went for a scan.w...

by dr_pipra, 11 hours
Proper dental care beginsbeforea baby's first tooth appears. Just because you can't see the teeth doesn't mean they aren't there. Teeth actually begin to form in the second trimester of pregnancy. At birth, your baby has 20 primary...

by meegWpaw, 12 hours - 9 Comments
oh ! oh !!! oh my!!!! oh my, medhelp! the godhead has made tonight so magical! the godhead just reached into the sky and the world and the universe for me and made it magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you don't know! you don't know all tha...

by TheFunnyOne, 13 hours
Hey I had my period last month and it lasted around 6 to 7 days on 11 of June. Around the 10 of July I had brown ddr discharge. I thought it was my period because when I wiped it was red and brownish blood, so I put a pad on but then it would be brown...

by Ttc97, 16 hours
I am 17 and I really want a breast reduction. Is it possible? Do I have to wait until I'm 18? After meeting a doctor how many months will it take to actually have the surgery done? I seen pictures of women who had breast reduction, they all had s...

by meegWpaw, 16 hours - 6 Comments
whose woods these are I think I know his house is in the village though he will not see me stopping here to watch his woods fill up with snow. --Bob Frost mh I am just stopping by to say hello on a summer evening. or afternoon. work was...
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