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by laureninlove, 3 hours - 2 Comments
yeah I woke up, saw I had starting spotting after an 11 day luteal phase and it's safe to say I'm in a very bad PMS mood! :) Such is life eh. Onwards and upwards, if today ends CD1 then double clomid starts tomorrow, oh yay. Don'...

by Livefree_25, 8 hours
I have my period on November 7th. It lasted seven days. I'm currently on birth control but I missed a day. I've also had unprotected sex. Now, it's 10 days later and I'm bleeding again. And also cramping. What's going on?

by Kgirl9306, 8 hours
So I had sex the day after my period went off! And a couple times during my fertile days ... With my boyfriend of course lol anyway I have irregular periods but on my app it always comes the day it says ... Anyway I've beem nauseous and my boobs ...

by gogreennow, 12 hours
Can't believe chemicals effect body. Feeling better.trying to figure out how to live

by erika2014long, 13 hours
erika2014long here I' m 42 , married to a wonderful guy, have 4 adult children the grandmother of 3 living in Ohio , Cincinnati I suffer from 2 herniated disks and sciaticia in in sever pain all day lately for the past month the pain meds aren&#...

by brown1986, 13 hours - 4 Comments
I really wanna get clean this little pill took over my life this is like a off and on love affair its my lover....I hate what this pill did to my life I'm a mother of 4 and sometimes it seem like I can't be super mom if I don't get the ...

by Mvr143, 13 hours
Hi I am 23yrs. I am using provera 10mg for 2 months. we are planning for pregnancy. provera 10mg can be used next month? Thanks in advance.

by Jenjen1975, 14 hours
A month ago they told me I had shingles had no rash except 3 little dots ... Then my dr told me stress I'm on anxiety pills and I'm lost my left side hurt to lay on it cause it burns now abdominal I don't know what is going on I'm ...

by hcso911dispatcher, 17 hours
I've heard so many things about losing weight after pregnancy.. I swear Ive been close to my previous weight but now I'm back to my Pregnancy weight! When does it go away?!?!??! It makes me so upset to see all the cut clothes I use to wear a...

by Catlover2503, 19 hours
Today hasn't been a bad day. I've still got weird head sensations that are literally scaring the **** out of my but apart from that everything seems to be okay. I've been out all day so my anxiety seems to have calmed down a bit. Tonigh...
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