Male, 45
nottingham, United Kingdom
Male, 47
Weaverville, CA
Female, 17
Male, 34
Igando, Nigeria
Female, 38
Portland, OR
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by Dwc1965, 44 minutes
I am 49 male. Overweight. 250lbs. Diagnosed type 2 diabetic 2.5 years ago. I have been feeling fine until about a month ago. I had severe bloating and burning to abdomen. Went to see doctor who did a complete panel including liver and pancreas enz...

by serc2009, 54 minutes
so I was eating on Saturday when suddenly I felt like eighther something went into the wrong pipe in my throat because I felt I was chocking but I was not coughing or anything, anyways from Saturday till now I feel something in the bottom of my throat...

by Trace3334, 1 hour
My daughter had surgery 2 weeks ago for her going outward but her eye is inward now. The doctor even looked at her and was concerned. I've been patching her good eye 2-3 hours a day to help loosen up her muscles on the corrected eye. It's be...

by meegWpaw, 2 hours - 3 Comments
the healthcare police they live inside of my head the healthcare police they come to me in my bed the healthcare police they come to me in my sleep OH NO! --Cheap Trick, paraphrased Ya im ok. i aint slept well but its aite. i got no costu...

by Lilly1955, 2 hours
I was thinking my only way out was to die. Kaiser drs just wanted me to take more drugs even though I told them they were causing me mental and physical anguish . So I went outside my medical plan borrowed money from my parents and checked myself in ...

by timothy141, 11 hours
Strange as the world is and as hard as we fought to complete treatment, never giving up no matter how sick I had become. I truly believed most of it was in my own mind. I have never have been one to fall back from a challenge, and at times that is wha...

by meegWpaw, 13 hours - 9 Comments
ive just been on this endless rubber sole kick. i dont even like the Beatles that much. well, i guess i do ... but ... ya. i said rubber SOLE! sole!!!! not rubbers! gah! ok so ... i am drop ded tired, its 824 pm here. idk it is hard to...

by EvolverU, 15 hours - 4 Comments
I'm not sure why I'm doing this but it's haunting me & I just wanted to jot it down: For those who aren't familiar with my history, I was an I.V. heroin user for almost 30 yrs. & kicked 20 yrs. of Methadone here on MH. :...

by r3al_madrid, 16 hours
I was playing soccer and I was going in for a header and instead of heading the ball I hit it with my neck after a while I started feeling unfocused and I would forget about things like who was on my team and how I was dojng things like talking, I was...

by joycake, 16 hours
Hi guys. Some of you may remember me from 2012-13. During that time, I gave a sincere but half-assed attempt at quitting my 6-year-long heroin habit nearly every day, and sometimes managed to put together a week or 10 days before giving into the desi...
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