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Carlsbad, CA
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sacramento, CA
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Los Angeles, CA
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New Berlin, WI
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Stephens City, VA
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Lahore, Pakistan
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by meegWpaw, 2 minutes
wow just noticing I did not get this glass too clean when I washed it. oh well. medhelp do you think if we had food, everyone would come back? I bet they would! something like pizza, or donuts ... though so many of you are freaking health nuts ....

by Amandag78, 2 hours - 2 Comments
I couldnt be bothered tapering my efexor for another 5-6 weeks, so i jumped 2 days ago. I must admit, i will take sub w/d anyday over this. I cant put words together without sluring them. I sound like ive been out on the town drinking all night. My fa...

by veronica0808, 5 hours - 1 Comment
As everyone here know I been struggling with my beta rising so slow... I am no expert but today I just noticed that the pic I posted of HPT at 9DPO as BFN I can actually see a line in the pic, which means that I got my very faint positive on that day ...

by gymdandee, 7 hours
Wheat today is not like the wheat from the ancient plant. The newer, high-yield wheat we've been eating since the 1980s is full of genetic changes that seem to inflame our bodies, cause our guts to leak, and trigger autoimmune diseases. Many exp...

by Pjtwenty, 9 hours - 1 Comment
I hate being in my own thoughts. I hate the feeling of no control of things in my life. Not knowing what the hell ttomorrow will bring. Trying to get motivated to move my a$$ and do what's right for me. Why can I not see that focusing on me and ...

by greengirl563, 11 hours
I'm very tired today but I got a lot done.

by retta483, 12 hours - 1 Comment
So Im packing hopefully find something soon. I hae a few maybe's .My kid's all have summer colds and still tired from the 4th swimming all day . my poor odd started her period on the 4th. we have ants like crazy !!!! Ive had major body ac...

by SchizoVreniMom, 13 hours
Does any of you ladies have a stethoscope? I've read that I could hear baby's heartbeat. Now I got me one and I hear nothing ;( Should I put more pressure? How can I find the body (cause I think on baby's head I'll still hear ...

by Chainsaw2023, 14 hours
I received unprotected oral sex from a female masseuse I am a male A week later I am experiencing itching at the tip of my penis. No real discharge unless I squeeze tip but not all the time. Itching goes away after I urinate but returns. Very Paran...

by Suize49, 20 hours
On June of 2014 I started my Healthy Me kick ,,,I walked 1 mile1/2 on the greenway with my husband Charles.. I was give out of breath and my feet hurt so bad,, After going home and taking a bath I Facebook my start of a New Journey Thanking my mo...
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