Overland Park, KS
Female, 50
Grande Prairie
Female, 44
cape town, South Africa
Male, -1
clovis, CA
Female, 19
Toledo, OH
Female, 25
Chesterfield, MI
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by Spirit_child, 2 hours
My trip to walmart ended up in me spending all of my money. I bought two different bottles of witch hazel, my favorite honey face mast, and some mascara. I should of bought gloves to cover my hands so I won't pick. Maybe next time. I feel slightl...

by TroyLeeP, 3 hours
I don't know what's wrong, I feel so low. So ******* low I have no idea why. I just want to dig that razor into my flesh but I cant do that. If I do that I loose, I loose to them stupid things in my head. That constant out burst of noise sc...

by Spirit_child, 4 hours
I forced myself to stand in the light that I hate and look at what I've done. I can't believe it. It's so insidious and hurtful but I love it. How can I stop? I've gotta do something I repeatedly told myself. Something has got to c...

by kindjourneys, 4 hours
This time rather a worse one - interestingly, since I was in bed until 5pm today. It's also noticeable that I had been procrastinating going to the loo. Now am downstairs with an emptier bladder, (as of 5.10pm), going to see if it now deflates...

by Spirit_child, 4 hours
Putting my makeup on is extremely hard. I can't do this to myself anymore. I am extremely happy I got to take a long shower today though. And I wanna go out into the world and feel free and not worried. But I love being alone because I don't...

by Spirit_child, 5 hours
I am having severe cystic break outs and I am digging, picking, and trying to pop them ALL. It is making me feel very stressed and depressed. I haven't left my bed yet and school started 3 minutes ago. I am really just trying to avoid getting up ...

by Scaredformylife1981, 10 hours
I've been through this rollercoaster ride a million times. Each time has the same mistake end up in withdrawl depressate for what? The same substance that got here in the first place? It's stupid. I have the flu right now and I'm in wit...

by AdamNe, 17 hours
So a lot of anxiety today over a chance of a small amount of ear wax being on my finger while emptying the dishwasher, washed my hands, then emptied the rest. Convinced myself it was okay and didn't need to clean them off. Worry of germs and gett...

by Itsasecret15, 17 hours
Were on are own ! We can do this . Your my seceret ! Im protecting you

by lou_lou4, 17 hours
I feel like the harder I try to eat less the more I want to eat and the more weight I gain.... Erg. I'm starting my own weigh in day that's good for me. Thursdays at 7:15 or around that time, I'm not going to worry about daily weight bu...
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