Female, 55
Pawtucket, RI
Male, 36
california, AZ
Male, 19
Lahore, Pakistan
Female, 57
Hillsboro, TN
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Fontana, CA
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Lake Forest, CA
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by gymdandee, 16 minutes
Prevent dementia, clear your arteries, and live longer Apples for a longer life. Apples have cell-protecting plant substances called polyphenols. Polyphenols neutralize free radicals that would damage your DNA in ...

by tee_ramon, 2 hours
I need to find something to occupy my time to keep me from thinking bout my due date being so far away

by sugar444kezzy, 3 hours
I had my last period 20 febuary 2015, ( I am on the pill but have skipped a few) period lasted antill 26 febuary 2015. Then march 3, 4, 5,6,7 ( " I ovulated on those days" but dont know if I could have ovulated on the pill even if I missed) ...

by spider6, 4 hours - 5 Comments
I don't know what happened but for the last few days ...I'm fizzling out it seems...... Trying to think of what to write about anger...... OMG ...did Cinderella cry, because she had to do all the grunt work around the house?.....prob n...

by RomanM, 4 hours
day 2 of weighting food and counting calories. I feel fine and it helps me not to overeat. We will check Saturday.

by chicagoborn, 6 hours
Well, this is day three of worry. I did not experience the same problem I've had for the past two nights. However, I kept waking up fearing I might. Maybe I was having a horrible nightmare two nights in a row and just don't remember. We&...

by Be11al994, 9 hours
Man, it's been 38 weeks and you've been giving me the best, scariest, and challenging time of my life. You have been there through all the tears whether you wanted to be or not, you cheered me up with your little movements (kicks and punches...

by Hedgepig37, 10 hours
Little One was so poorly last night - she cried for three hours after bedtime (a record - this hasn't happened since a whole year ago!) - that I slept on the mattress in her room. Seemed to do the trick, for both of us; we each slept soundly, al...

by 10356, 15 hours - 8 Comments
checked into the hospital fri. the 13th march 2015 checked out the 25th march 2015.. I went in with a Bowell obstruction.. I thought I may have our was getting close to rupturing my colon.. I went in with a fever of 100.08 This is what made me go in I...

by Cajuncootie, 16 hours
So I got lucky last summer I guess and had major back surgery. ??? Okay so that is definitely a catch-22 kind of comment!!! However I have been able to miss out on a lot of things that have been happening to my body and I have been able to bypass ...
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