Hoschton, GA
Female, 34
Bristol, VA
Female, 57
West Chicago, IL
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Jacksonville, FL
Female, 20
Perth, Australia
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Santa Cruz, CA
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by ExpectantTaylor03, 4 minutes
So at 9 1/2 weeks im still not getting the right behavior from the father of my child. he still stays out until late hours, has yet to do anything for our child but ive gotten my baby everything from a bassinet to a crib to clothes to swings etc. the ...

by travel_melb, 1 hour
It's a weird thing to think of however being an addict I believe that if I didn't stop using death was around the corner, my health was going down my liver test so very high, it was a all a matter of time. However not only concerning my a...

by meegWpaw, 2 hours
wow im sorry I feel like im writing too many j's I think this is 1000. god I really need to get these in a book form. if I could only figure out how to copy them without it being a major headache. maybe ill hire someone to do it. I cant t...

by taliaova, 2 hours
Hi I have a maltipoo and she was always so happy and running all over the place and its been a week since all she does is be under my bed and cry and if shes out walking in the leaving room if i walk by her she cries sonebody help

by princesslo007, 3 hours
Stockpile: Wipes: Huggies Naturals 64 ct, 56 Ct, 56 CT, 32 Ct, 56 ct, 56 ct, 64 Ct, 184 ct, 184 ct, 184 ct, 184 Ct. Baby Magic 80 ct, 80 ct, 80 Ct, 80 ct, 80 ct, 80 ct, 80 ct, 80 ct, 80 ct, 80 ct. Pampers Naturals 216 ct, 64 ct, 64 Ct, 64 Ct, 5...

by retta483, 4 hours
im hoping to move by 9/1/ but if i have to 10/1 I really dont want to wait that long though because I have stress about it . Have about 14 posibilities we are going to look tomorrow and maybe monday . we are having thunder storms and rain and flash f...

by meegWpaw, 6 hours
a lot of times when I was writing to him I would be doing my j concertedly and when I posted it there'd come up a little (1) in my inbox. not no more man. NO I am not talking about YOU! for once ha ha she comes in colors everywhere she com...

by AshtonCarter, 6 hours
I'm Trying To See If Anybody Has Taken Clomid And Got Pregnant?

by jasmine004, 6 hours
I'm so excited on this first time mommy thing

by Dsvandev, 13 hours
Went to sleep at 12:30am woke up 5:37. Went downstairs, drank soda
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