Male, 28
Mumbai, India
Female, 51
Male, 41
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Male, 28
Female, 23
West Lafayette, IN
Female, 38
Flushing, MI
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by veronica0808, 1 hour - 10 Comments
Where do I start!!! .. well hubby had to work that day so I went driving by myself.. on my way there in the freeway damn rock hit my winshield and cracked it!!! Gosh like I needed that so I get to the hospital and I just sat in my suv for a few min be...

by Heather8448, 1 hour - 1 Comment
Sometimes life breaks you, she shatters and every breath she takes hurts. She realized she was alone and no one was there to catch her. She was screaming in silence and people just kept stepping over the shattered brokenness she called her life. They ...

by retta483, 3 hours
I have a bad addiction to reality tv . All started with the real world many many yrs ago . now that that secret is out I watched escaping alaska last night & a head off lettuce is 13.99 there !!!! I was upset for paying 1.69 omg!!!! Im sorta ...

by sickbella, 10 hours
i have seen my fair share of therapists in the past decade and not one has diagnosed me as having any mental health problems. Yet, after a decade of nausea and every possible medical test and procedure completed all have come back negative. How is i...

by ellyrose1, 11 hours
First day with app. Need way more veggies everyday and less brown colored food

by meegWpaw, 12 hours - 5 Comments
I don't want to do this no more. it is stupid and I hate it and I don't want to do it no more. I can say that he hurt me or he didn't who fukking cares? its what he meant to do, and so it is, and if he did then its good. its good! ...

by madelefant, 13 hours
Ok. So they tell me links are ok in these journals. I have been doing a video log on youtube and I was told I can't post links in regular posts but can here in the Journal area. Here is the link to the youtube video log playlist. https://ww...

by meegWpaw, 13 hours - 1 Comment
ya I just been feeling bad all day. just down. I know why ... I mean. whatever I have tried everything to get out of this feeling ... to feel better mostly maybe I am just tired. I was up til 3 a.m. and I woke at 5, 7 ... 8 ... I just could...

by TIngram, 18 hours - 1 Comment
Doctors say there is a spot on the kidney the size of a fifty-cent piece and they would like to do a biopsy, what could it be? Doctors say they've never seen it before.

by pvctom, 19 hours
More when on left side.
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