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San Francisco, CA
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Suwanee, GA
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by hkitty909, 3 hours
How amazing, lord-my father is the creator of the universe! your infinite creativity formed the beauty of the earth and the intricacies of life. I know I can rest assured in your strength, in your might, in your abilities. There's nothing in heav...

by neesiebabie1975, 4 hours
I'm so confused about the difference been these oils. Tramadol. Norco. Oxy.roxi..wt....

by lou_lou4, 5 hours
Well its Sunday again mid afternoon. I was horrible this last week with my calorie intake and trying to be a healthier me, I only stayed on track one day this week, erg. I want to loss weight and I feel mentally ready because I'm doing it for me ...

by Kraftyscrapper, 9 hours
I was on methadone for 7 yrs for addiction to oxy & hydrocodone I was tired of it all the clinic nurse advised I go down 1 mg every other day for 60 days but my counselor said 1 mg a day for 30 days I didn't want to have to go everyday b...

by Amandag78, 13 hours - 3 Comments
I dont usually journal these days, i write more about the days i have on my memo in my phone. Anyway, after recovering almost fully from pneumonia and then detoxing my prescribed pain pills, i am feeling just about back to normal. I usually can clea...

by Kwhite0718, 14 hours
I've been searching to find something or someone who can relate to what I'm going thru but not having much luck but seen this website & figured doesn't hurt to try so here I am. I'm a wife that's fighting severe depression...

by marindamqz, 14 hours
I got admitted into labor and delivery at 6pm on July 4th, 2013. I was contracting about 3 minutes apart, they were alllllllll period like cramps. The pain worsened by 10x. It was horrible lol they hurt. They took my breath away, I just curled into f...

by marindamqz, 15 hours - 1 Comment
I did a lot of studying and reading on different types of ways to naturally induce labor, I was due on July 19th, 2013. My brother is in the military and was retuning home on July 4th, so I thought it would be cute to have a July 4th baby to welcome h...

by faryal1990, 15 hours
Hi, I have Steven Johnson Syndrome that was caused by taking Septran and Erythromycin. I am 24, and have had acne since I was a teenager. Over the last three years however, this has become severe cystic acne that is all over my face and back. Th...

by Laurissanoelani, 19 hours
March 6, 2014 my first baby was born, Caleb Jessie Beza 9lb. 1oz. Man labor was a tough one, I will admit I loved every second of pain though, of course I wasn't just lyin in my bed peacefully as contractions went by, I was screaming and pull...
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