Male, 28
abell, LA
Female, 24
Female, 26
Female, 21
London, United Kingdom
Female, 61
Colton, CA
Female, 34
Janesville, WI
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by Bbygg, 2 hours
I am a female,45. I have recently developed a burning sensation in my bladder, pelvic/vaginal area. This has been going on for 5 months so far. Throughout these 5 months i have developed C.diff. And have been treated for it. Been to at least 10 doct...

by shanBBM, 3 hours
Well I'm 36 weeks and 5 days.... I'm waiting an I don't wanna go over my due date ugh u just pray she healthy

by meegWpaw, 6 hours
yo ... ite sometimes I get that excited, happy feeling at night but I feel like I don't get it as much as I used to. not that, medhelp!!!! man, you so nasty! what I meant was ... oh nevermind. anyway I am tired. I just feels tired. im lis...

by retta483, 11 hours - 2 Comments
So i was going to my dads house a few weeks to stay while we waited for our house to be avail . now those people rented it out to people with the money now . ugh i know ill find another place so im not worried about that but my dad calls and said he d...

by Heather8448, 13 hours - 1 Comment
“It was just a terrible nightmare of demons past, it wasn't real!” She exclaims to herself as she slowly looks around wiping the sweat from her face. “No way it was real” She can taste it in the back of her throat, it felt real, but it was just a...

by meegWpaw, 13 hours - 2 Comments
I think I figured it out. I feel a lot calmer after I threw that chair. I still want to throw and break more sh!t but I will try and refrain ... mostly I want to throw heavy sh!t that will mark things up and make noise. also I want to break sh...

by simplyordinary1130, 14 hours
Just about to start trying fertility pills and hoping to get pregnant soon

by meegWpaw, 15 hours
the problem with my computer, even tho I bought Norton, is that it has some kind of fukking virus and every time I click on a site, including navigating around here, it says "mh is not responding ... recovering website" and it freezes ... a...

by meegWpaw, 18 hours - 7 Comments
its Saturday and I am already half tripping omg! I weighed myself a day early. big mistake. I have been communicating a little bit with this guy on the fitness site he's from England ... he's nice. I think he has a lot to lose im not s...

by babynumber2two, 18 hours
Nothing sounds appealing nothing will stay down, i feel weak and sad :(
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