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seattle, WA
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Muskegon, MI
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Las Vegas, NV
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Atlanta, GA
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Dallas, TX
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by gymdandee, 1 hour

by GlamGramma, 1 hour
Woke up kinda blah today. Not much interest in anything. Started writing and drawing in my real world journal and started feeling better. Got dressed before noon AND put makeup on. Whoohoo me! Already made a pasta salad for dinner and it's only 1...

by whiteowl7, 1 hour
Goodness gracious.. 30 weeks pregnant and felt her first shakes. My boyfriend and I are obviously really excited to see her. Bought baby socks yesterday and I just want her here now.

by KianaDF, 3 hours
So sometimes when I exercise, I seem to have anciety attacks or something similar. If I get hurt, or upset while exercising my trachea closes up and I can't breathe properly. For example getting hit with a hockey ball during a hockey match or go...

by brightersideoflife, 3 hours
Well, I sit here on the start of day 8 of going CT from a 3+ year addiction to Tramadol and Norco... How did I get here? How did I become an addict? How did this happen to me??? I was never a pill taker as a young adult. I felt headaches would go a...

by zombie_pikacha, 14 hours
It seems to be no one can help me... Not even doctors.. Just from a stupid high pitch ringing 24\7 in my right ear. Im starting to think i got hearing loss.. And im just starting to be a young adult.. I dont wanna hear this ringing for the rest of my ...

by Istherehopeafter, 15 hours
I'm a busy a busy Mother it will be more convenient for me to find all the answers I need in one spot from multiple people.... A lot easier than dialing 10 different people and still not get the correct answer.

by elevenstars, 15 hours
So I am 15.. I know this isn't good but I'm really worried about it. And when I say worried, I mean I am constantly waking up at night, crying because I can't even begin to imagine being pregnant. Please don't tell me that I should...

by tba80, 16 hours
1)00:10----------121.2---So DEPRESSED I think I could cry. Got to get serious and go back to all Fruits & Veggies tomorrow. Gained 4.2 pounds since yesterday morning. I know this wont fall off over night. Last night I ate Apple, Banana & Straw...

by ClaraHaldeman, 21 hours
What gave away that I was pregnant was the fact my breasts are much larger than just a menstrual cycle and I am very emotional as well. Took the test and cried of happiness. We have been trying for months. I'm so happy I hope everything goes we...
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