Male, 20
Evansville, IN
Female, 50
Dallas , TX
Male, 71
Lancaster, CA
Female, 40
Willingboro, NJ
Female, 69
Denver, CO
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by Flower_Rains, 2 hours
hey? I'm only 12 I have had sex more than once atleast 2-3...I haven't used a condom

by Anon198, 3 hours
I'm a 17 year old boy and I think that I have depression or something along the lines of depression. I was one of the most popular guys in school but now I have no "clique" or friends group to speak of and don't really have any fri...

by Ronyboy, 5 hours
Hey out there, I'm reaching out for some help.... I have been on Clonipins for 2 years and decided it is time for me to get off....I'm very sick and wonder if it is safe to cold turkey this.. It's been a full week today and I feel like ...

by lilbunnysuzzy, 7 hours - 1 Comment
Today has been pretty interesting I started out in a great mood then went to being depressed to being in a good mood again. I think I ate pretty well. I have kept myself from eating a lot like I normally do. I have no motivation to workout. My boyfrie...

by towmankc, 9 hours
I've been doing percocet 30 and percocet twenties and on down the line for 7 years sometimes I would take 15 a day was wondering how strong is any withdrawals and how long is the process

by InAWorldOfMyOwn, 9 hours
Of course i seem to be finding all the negatives in life, at once. I wish i didnt have to feel so awkward all the time. Its like being my myself is the only partially, safe thing to do. But even then i dont really want to be all alone. Ugh I have thes...

by Stupidgirl08, 10 hours
So I did something incredibly stupid. I had sex with a guy who has herpes. He said that he didn't have an outbreak and he takes his medicine and we used a condom. However the condom fell off inside me.....and I didn't find it till the next m...

by jdhdhj, 11 hours
My shaft of my penis touched a womans vagina for about 5 seconds.. what are my chances of contracting herpes.. I had no open cuts on my penis. Help please

by Meggy17, 12 hours
I had unprotected sex 4 days before I usually start my period. I usually have a heavy flow and never get spotting when I start my period. Now I'm having brown discharge and I'm scared I might be pregnant. What should I do?

by MssLea, 18 hours
Every day I've been waking up at 4a.m. don't know if it has to do with the pregnancy. I've been sleeping a lot throughout the day as well and falling asleep early. Maybe it has to do with waking up so early in the morning?
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