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by gymdandee, 1 hour
FDA Issued a warning letter EnerHealth Botanicals LLC following a facility inspection.

by bipolarmom038, 3 hours
i need get back to reading my codependency no more book. it was helping me let jerry go. i been thinking a lot about him. i can see a clear point where i went manic. i am scared going go down since public aid doesnt want pay for meds. im worried what ...

by TrevorsMommy07, 5 hours
I have been waiting 37 weeks & 2 days to meet my first baby, my little man, Trevor Javon. I am one happy, excited, and blessed mommy! 19 days to go!!!!! Could this go by any slower? I'm not dilated or showing any signs of labor yet, but my do...

by retta483, 6 hours
seen my attorney yesterday . she is trying to get the case thrown out due to so many errors .( praying that happens ) if not court on 9/4/ my chin is still numb i think it now is from diabetes /anxiety . he gave me a rx for anxiety and itchng . i...

by PurrfectlyKrazy, 7 hours - 2 Comments
Yes, the doctors feel I'm full of stress. I'm taking steps to alleviate that now with the help of some friends. I'm going for a massage tomorrow, I'm getting back into my pains and sprains water aerobics class....things of that n...

by UncleHangover, 8 hours - 3 Comments
... I don't know what to say in this thing. I guess I will will just talk about what I am going through. Maybe just sending this out into the universe and letting it be will make some positivity find it's way back to me. Okay enough with...

by Janelly1, 10 hours
Ok I guess my question is stupid since I've taken two clear blue test and both said I'm pregnant but i want to make sure. I've been throwing up a lot lately and the lower left side of my abdomen is swollen. Also, I get cramps like if I ...

by susanhanson, 11 hours
I have recently started using insulin and it has made me so tired I can not function normally and don't know what to do yet if I should ride it out but I am afraid of falling asleep at the wrong time.

by dominika1980, 13 hours
A week early due to gd. Not sure how i feel about that... was hoping to go drug free this time. Midwife said she'd support my decision whatever that may be.

by Sophiea_Stewart, 13 hours
Here are top tips to help prevent breakouts and clear them up as fast as possible: 1. Wash your face twice a day (no more) with warm water and a mild soap made for people with acne. Gently massage your face with circular motions. Don't scrub. ...
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