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Delhi, India
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Cleveland, OH
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by Mike_Regan6, 2 hours
Bought a new Medisana Glucose meter and my glucose levels before eating for the last two days were 4.9 mmol/dl (88mg/dl) and 4.7mmol/dl (84mg/dl). So I decided o do a little experiment and measured the glucose level after eating a 4 egg omelette after...

by realjimmy, 2 hours
its good to meet new people and take your life ahead, do what you can do the best...

by meegWpaw, 5 hours
well here I am again. cello I went to the Girls Night it was a crashing bore. I ate a little bit but came home very hungry as usual. I ate fruit, a little bit of mac and cheese, like one bite, and some spaghetti with just tomato sauce which I go...

by Minglaba, 6 hours
Resp doctor I am a 52 year male. I was foolish enough to go to a soap massage parlor in Bangkok. The lady glided over me with soap on her body. Then we both entered into a bath tub with plain water. After about 10 minutes we got out of the tub and...

by redshortstuff, 9 hours
I use to be a very out going person until the day that my whole like stopped. I was diagnosed with Fibromyagia, I had no idea what that was or what my life with it would be like, But I did know that my life had changed. I could no longer do the things...

by Clicky888, 11 hours
First major panic attack since mid-May ****** and scary as hell but short and well-managed

by lulu747, 12 hours - 6 Comments
So I heard back. I am beside myself. My surgery is booked October 3rd. They cannot get me in any sooner due to the high number of surgeries that had to be rescheduled twice due to my surgeon's absence and the fact that she is performing no sur...

by tryingtobefree, 12 hours
I have been on 12mcg fetynall patch every 48hrs for the past 5yrs due to severe chronic nerve pain. Or as docs call it "fibromyalga".. I have been seeing a chiropracter for 2 months that claims after my 3 months of aggresive treatment i wil...

by meegWpaw, 13 hours
the girls nowadays wear they shorts so short theres no material just skin. so much skin! oh my im scandalize here's what im wearing: my new (old) jeans from goodwill I have to say they look good (hot ... well, I look hot lol), and a tee s...

by veronica0808, 13 hours - 9 Comments
Last friday they saw 2 sacs measuring the same , they were clear nothing was inside... On saturday I started Misoprostol orally and 15 min later was a gush, 45 later a lemmon size clot then abt another hour the same after that bleeding and smaller clo...
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