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Roosevelt, UT
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Denver, CO
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Prestonsburg`, KY
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by JustHelp123, 3 hours
Yes. Is my 364th day of complete sobriety, but if you went back 8760 hours... I am a year sober

by jolenewititrockwitit, 4 hours
I have been having so many mood swings lately and I'm pretty sure its driving my fiance nuts. I don't get upset intentionally but when I see something really sad or I watch something happy I get all teary and sniffly and sometimes I actually...

by Lilly1955, 4 hours
The nausea is better. I ate 2 meals today.bad anxiety in morning but I took the meds the dr gave me. I also took as prescribed the pills again this afternoon. Had horrible depression all day. Found an old coloring book with some old crayons. Coloured ...

by My_Michelet_Carsrud, 7 hours
47yr old white female. 120lbs, 5', below 'average' low blood pressure all my life, do not smoke anything, occasionally drink, fairly healthy diet, typical housewife activity- occasional grandchild in the house & run after my Yorki...

by LishyLish, 7 hours
I am a 20 year old woman normally fit and healthy, doing fitness training 6 days a week, studying medical science, working as a nanny and first aid. Lately I have had severe and I mean severe left upper abdominal pain that moves from my upper left abd...

by endoMamma, 9 hours
After months of pain and misery, waiting for tests and being passed around by doctors. I have been told I have endometriosis. I was like OK let's just set up surgery and cut it out so I can move on with my life. Doctor says no guarantee they woul...

by princesslo007, 10 hours
I arrived at the hospital at 5 am. I was 2 cm dilated, 50% effaced and very soft. By 6:10 am I was hooked up to pitocin and penicillin for my GBS. I had mild contractions from then until 12 pm when my doctor came and broke my water. At around 11:30 a...

by SHUGS62286, 11 hours
My name is Jayne and I am 52 years of age I have been in recovery from body rocking for 20 years and I did not know other people viewed this as an obsessive problem until someone emailed me completely out of the blue asking if the OCD meeting I run co...

by meegWpaw, 12 hours - 10 Comments
ive nearly gone thru all the water I bought and carried upstairs yesterday ok maybe not all of it but a lot im not feeling that good. mentally emotionally last night I was working on school stuff til 940 pm yesterday I cleaned the bath...

by gymdandee, 13 hours
Glyphosate in Wheat Has Increased Celiac Disease Even though wheat is not a GMO crop, glyphosate is widely used to harvest it and it is typically heavily contaminated with glyphosate Glyphosate exposure appears to be strongly correlated with the r...
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