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by ticked, 1 hour
A week later, I was so happy the day I was told the catheter would come out. My nurse saw me there and let me come in before any patients showed up. She hugged me. She knew how much she meant to me. Like I said before, she was my angel. As for the cat...

by ticked, 1 hour
I told the surgeon I wanted a hysterectomy. I wanted it all out. I was done. I wanted closure and I just wanted to stop being touched. I was so tired of the pain. I was so tired of being violated for the last 24 years with multiple tests, TVUS, Leeps,...

by ticked, 1 hour
Since my last post in March 2013, after my second surgery for endometriosis I have been through hell and back. My endometriosis continued to spread and cause pain and my doctors all but ignored my declining health. December 24th 2013 I wrote my sur...

by ticked, 1 hour
In June 2006 a 10cm endometrioma was found on my ultrasound. I researched as much as I could about endometriosis as I was told it was a possibility that I had it. I was sent to my local Gyno and she told me she wanted to put me on Lupron and that noth...

by ticked, 1 hour
In 2007 when I was finally Diagnosed with Stage IV Endometriosis I wasn’t expecting anything but “a diagnosis”. When I spoke to the attendee after my surgery she said that there was massive scar tissue from a previous bowel surgery I had when I was...

by ticked, 1 hour
I was not diagnosed with Endometriosis until four years after the birth of my daughter. The pain of endo plus postpartum depression was hell mentally and physically. And did I mention, I was a single mother as well. When my daughter was born I fel...

by ticked, 1 hour
I have been going from doctor to doctor for 23 years for my endometriosis. I have yet to find one that actually listens to me. Is it me or do doctors not listen to patients? Maybe they don’t believe us when we describe the pain of endometriosis. Maybe...

by MamaTima, 2 hours
Well I'm a FTM and I was wondering what can I do for sore nipples. Am I able to take kiddie Tylenol or do I have to ride the pain out.

by PurrfectlyKrazy, 4 hours - 1 Comment
Today J had to take me to urgent care. I have d something triculitus....inflamation and infection of the bowel. Apparently extremely painful. I'm loaded up with 3 antibiotics with instructions that if it does not improve or gets worse I have t...

by Heather8448, 4 hours - 2 Comments
She lost her power, she lost her voice, and she lost who she was becoming on a dark day in 1995. She was 11, she was a child...a lost soul…she gave up She put a cloth upon her mirror never looking herself in the eye. She didn’t want to feel she becam...
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