Female, 47
Tucson, AZ
Female, 25
stoke on trent, United Kingdom
Male, 54
Garden Grove, CA
Female, 25
cotabato city, Philippines
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Middleton, MA
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by DestinyH, 24 minutes
Super Excited For My Second Babygirl To.Get Here In November, My first born is going to be an AWESOME Big Sis.!!!

by fred256, 42 minutes
I had not been taking fiber and probiotic. I restarted those last night. They didn't seem to make much of a difference. I also had been taking a different brand of D3 and switched back to my normal brand.

by penny1974, 1 hour
I have been working a very show tapper. And have several months to go at the pase Im on. But I have learned so much and do not ever want to turn back. I can feel the difference in how I think and feel now compared to when I started this journy. I look...

by fred256, 1 hour
A heavy rain may have helped. I'm feeling better. I also had some coffee and tylenol. I'm in work mode without any pain. It is good.

by meegWpaw, 1 hour - 1 Comment
when I was in my 20s Do the Right Thing was one of my favorite movies, and I love Spike Lee, but now watching that movie is often difficult for me because of the noise. The riot scene at the pizza store and Rahim's death make me crazy because of...

by fred256, 2 hours
The weed pollen started a week early. I've been feeling very bad: sleeping a lot, headaches, constant stomach pain, hard to concentrate. I have been able to work through it, but it is painful. I've been taking tylenol and sometimes ibuprofen...

by shanick14, 2 hours
Can a woman's mirena irritate a mans herpes??

by Joeytram, 4 hours
I am super glad I found this, I am new to Journaling, not so new to detoxing. A bit of background, I am 48 years old a guy, I live in Texas, I started using drugs and booze at age 11 serious addict by 14 and on a in and out of recovery path since I wa...

by Always_D4M4G3D, 9 hours
I went out and met up with a guy. He fingered me nothing further and then I walked around. I have thick legs and I got heat rash and I shave down there and I have. Pink spots. But the problem is one spot is bigger and hurts when I squeeze it then hurt...

by meegWpaw, 12 hours
I am super duper tired. I went to the meeting it was ok. After the doctor I did my workout ... I had a great workout, I was so full of energy and I was so excited to work out free of worry. When I left the doctor as I said my whole mood changed a...
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