Female, 20
Oneida, NY
Female, 57
Noosa Heads, Australia
Male, 36
steubenville, OH
Male, 63
San Ramon, CA
Female, 15
fort worth, TX
Female, 42
Auckland, New Zealand
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by meegWpaw, 1 hour
ive just been trying to knock my spirits up a little bit so I can write here. ive been tryin and tryin you lay deez are helping me. gosh a.n. you have really buoyed me up today. I am so thankful for you. you have said very kind and inspirin...

by mcassid, 2 hours
Too much work. Immuno down.....hammertoereally bothering me. Arm itching constant

by Lmr2424, 3 hours
I don't know what to do. I'm taking my subutext 8mg in the morning and 8 at night. I'm white knuckling it in the afternoon until I take my pm dosage. I don't know if it's because I'm just a loser junkie who can't li...

by gymdandee, 4 hours
Football season is upon us If you are like me, you can't wait to see some hard hitting action on the football field and doing some arm chair quarterbacking along the way. Tailgate parties and football parties with your friends around the ho...

by KMims, 6 hours
I feel so miserable, my first pregnancy was pretty peaceful. This pregnancy is on going nausea hunger and sleepiness. I would be okay with doing absolutely nothing at this point. My boyfriend and I can't get on mutual understand bout find...

by S85144, 6 hours
Hello im 14 and i have clear discharge coming out of my vagina througout the day and i dont know why. Help plz!?!?!

by TryingYetAgain, 7 hours
I can't figure out how to post things. All I could find was "journals". Anyway, maybe someone will hear me. I'd like to talk to some people who can identify with my current situation. I feel like **** (hate to complain), but I ...

by Heather8448, 7 hours - 1 Comment
Shes been struggling, She misses people, friends who got busy and walked away. She reaches out with no reply and she longs for those beings again. Today she woke up and realized that while waiting for those few souls to come back she was truly missing...

by Johndoeee339, 9 hours
Hey Doctor, I am a 20 year old straight male that have only been with one woman my whole life which has been for the past five years. A year and a half ago i had an exposure with a gay male who gave me oral sex for maybe a minute. The *** went in hi...

by Moochie94, 10 hours
This is my first pregnancy and I'm so excited to be a mother. I'm 13 weeks and I love my unborn already.
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