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by heatherbear25, 12 minutes
hi this is my story for those that can maybe to what i had to deal with for 8 years.. so i am going to go back in time to were all my health issues exculated over the years. here we go! when i was 11 years old, i experenced my first menstrual c...

by Bubulous, 43 minutes
Do you see me dancing to an off-beat song Do you hear me singing and want to sing along Dance with me cause I look ignorant without a partner. Should I lead or follow. I know this song really well. This is my favorite part so I may break away f...

by meegWpaw, 1 hour - 3 Comments
"Clint?" "Yes, Meegy?" "Can we go to the vegan jewelry restaurant for dinner tonight?" "Of course, baby. Whatever you like, sugardoll." "Clint?" "Yes, Meegy?" "Guess what?" ...

by gymdandee, 2 hours
Subject: Medicare (Part A and Part B) Did you receive your Medicare Handbook for 2015 recently? If you have already received yours in the mail please turn to page 12 and go down to the bottom of the page and read “Find out what you pay for Medicare...

by spider6, 3 hours - 17 Comments
Ok this is really freakin me out. ...... If I thought I couldn't speak before....this is tough............ Me......all I ever wanted was to have my husband behave as though he cares about me. I just wanted to have a relationship where wh...

by Virginie202, 6 hours
J'ai plusieurs épisodes migraineux par jours, mais ces derniers temps ils deviennent plus fort sans raison apparente. Cela fait 3 semaines que les douleurs liées à la fibromyalgie (surtout musculaires) sont plus intense et j'ai très mal aux ...

by jenh82, 8 hours
So, OK I do have a pituitary adenoma, which could be the cause of a lot of my problems. For having some sort of diagnosis, I am relieved. Irritated a bit though, because I was originally told in 2008 I had one but it was not seen in late 2008 or 2010 ...

by meegWpaw, 9 hours - 5 Comments
in the afternoon riding the scapegoat burning equipment decomposing --Beck I decided to goto womens AA. just cuz if I cant get to SMART (its in Sta Mon and my car is finicky) I will do SOMETHING for my recovery. later yoga I worked ou...

by justwondering3, 9 hours
OK, I have a step daughter who is 5 and my son who is 4 they have laid on top of each other with there clothes down and this is the second time this has happened but not this year. Should I be concerned?

by Laila75, 10 hours
Hi everyone new to this site, it's been a sad journey for me, I had my 5 day embryo transfer October 8 and first hcg test on the 17 it came back 15 the nurse said that I was pregnant but I between being not not my second test 3 days after was neg...
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