Male, 22
mansoura , Egypt
Female, 25
Dallas, TX
Female, 28
George Town, Bahamas
Female, 52
Eudora, KS
Female, 28
Pune, India
Female, 30
Randfontein, South Africa
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by madelefant, 15 minutes
Doing good. Virus suppressed. Feeling good mostly with a few ups and downs. View my youtube videolog at the following address.

by snopek33, 1 hour
Nerve found that science knows a thing or two that you don’t when it comes to your sex life. According to the collection of research, the shape of your body is a sure-as-hell sign of how rowdy your next romp is going to beAccording to the collection o...

by meegWpaw, 1 hour - 1 Comment
it went so much better than I expected medhelp when I got there my bp wouldn't read ... too high she said ... it just w ouldnt register. I did not tell you that yesterday at the d/s the third reading I got was 150/103. yeah. the first nur...

by princesslo007, 2 hours
40 Ways to induce Labor Naturally 1. Acupressure - There are pressure points in the shoulder well, webbing between thumb and forefinger, heel and small of back. 2. Balsamic Vinegar - Add a dash to your salad. Definitely won't hurt to try! ...

by retta483, 5 hours - 5 Comments
So I have to get clothes for 9 people for 15 days for my dad's house. our place isnt ready until sept 15th . I should have a court date for my house Im counter sueing the owner ugh :( want that hell over with . School starts Monday . we are havi...

by mmm170, 5 hours
I was reading some these entries and everything sounds familiar..from the dizziness and feeling drunk..I recently saw a neurologist and was determined it was anxiety..I also had the popping in ears, pressure in my head..I will soon see a psychiatrist ...

by Llindar, 7 hours - 6 Comments
We knew that probably I'll have to have a C-section although I was still hoping I can have V-birth - I was attending yoga classes, we went to a special course with the daddy-to-be.... 2 weeks before my doc explained that because of my skin type I...

by Vanessa621, 8 hours
August 20,2014 ; my first gyn appointment ):) bitter sweet moment . Sweet because its my first doctor appointment (; bitter because my boyfriend won't be able to be there with me :(

by bawumia, 8 hours
I have been experiencing this heartbeat anytime i put my hand on my chest and also feels my heart beating within me,can it be a sign of sickness or just a normal confused

by meegWpaw, 8 hours - 1 Comment
when you leave a teaching job, you always end up with books and materials, which by all appearances you have ... stolen, I suppose ... I have the most things from the job I had at the university right before I cracked up and got clean for the first ti...
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