Male, 46
manchester uk, United Kingdom
Female, 19
grand prairie, TX
Male, 17
Phoenix, AZ
Female, 64
Delhi, India
Female, 38
knoxville, TN
Male, 33
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by CoriShea, 3 hours
The lower pains are weird. Is it normal for your abdomen too feel like its stretching and mild pains kinda like crampsn

by Five_Almonds, 4 hours
Take it back to 2012 age 22 size 7 pants 160 lbs fit, muscular, healthy. I lived downtown, walked everywhere, ran religiously, and was very conscious about what I put into my body. That was 2 years ago... I met the love of my life in the peak of my fi...

by nonights, 5 hours - 7 Comments
I have got to get over this anger! Its toxic to me. I know this but there is so much in me! Instead of being grateful for a raise I am pissed cause I went 8 years without one and my co-worker who has only been here three years makes what I make and ...

by mamasuez, 7 hours
Started diet on the 22nd lost 2 pounds.

by lacrymosa, 8 hours
It started from most depressive days.. I had no money and no hope. It felt as if I'm falling deep into gloom. Until I made a phone call that changed my life... I called my new boss and finally got a job. It was great! But I still need m...

by JustHelp123, 8 hours
I feel so worn out and apathetic. I almost cringe every time I think about this meeting that I have on Wednesday. Fortunately, I am meeting with a former professor who specializes in ethics (bigtime) tomorrow to discuss the poor ethics of my workpla...

by spider6, 9 hours - 5 Comments
Have you ever wondered what it was like when there was going to be a "drug bust"......well, drug....hmmph ....I mean pot, maryjane, weed, hooch, skunk, ...medicine, whatever you wanna call this little miracle herb. ....... Back story,......

by Doodlebug87, 9 hours
Going strong, waking up on day 5 clean of the nasty percocet pills. Feeling much better than I did the last few days. No cold sweats, jitters, diarrhea. The only thing I did experience was a little insomnia. Woke up at 4:30 am and couldn't go b...

by nannewmom, 13 hours
Labor: Robe and Slippers for walking Nursing Bra Focal Point(s) Favorite Music Hard Candy Lip Balm Lotion Toothbrush/toothpaste Deck of Cards, Magazine, Book Contact lens/glasses/solution Pillow Hair Bands/clips Camera Char...

by IndianBipolar, 13 hours
Diagnosed in 2008 on my 32nd birthday ... things get to fall in place I begun to understand why I am doing a few things I dont approve of. I know the core of my personality to be a different person and always end up acting differently. Have had the be...
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