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Ok guys, back again. Pills aren't working now. They were okay for the past year, but now my stomach is getting worse again. I've been avoiding black pepper, onions, and garlic for ages now...3 of my obvious triggers, and have been repla...
tschock | Last answer
My son developed a sudden, painful attack of hiccups last night. I had read somewhere that pressing your fingers into the hollows behind your ear lobes could end an attack of hiccups. He tried it, and it worked immediately! Does anyon...
enzymelover | Last answer
I had acupuncture treatment 6 months ago for sciatica just before my 18th birthday. The final type tired was deep muscle which left me in great pain sitting for many days after. 6 months on I have started getting a very similar sensation...
chiefsplash | Last answer
sir Iam 42 yrs male suffering from varicose veins in both legs, what is the treament for this if it is curable kindly advice Thanks c.gowtham India
gowtham2007k | Last answer
My 7 year old has struggled with severe croup episodes for years with every mild respiratory condition. This has landed him in the ER and intensive care. He has tried numerous medication, had visits with ENT, allergies, immunologist, ...
RuthE1970 | Last answer
How can I treat my partial adrenal insufficiency without taking prednisone. I'm taking 10mg and want to discontinue it do to side effects. I've been on it for years. I'm also on hypothyroid med. I know that dosage needs to be reduced slo...
veli3309 | Last answer
I have been diagnosed by multiple gall bladder polyp with size ranging from 2 to 7.5mm. I have mild intermittent pain also. What can I do to avoid a surgery. .If at all to reduce the size of polyp.have a cholesterol of 215 fasting and I ...
Ransim | Posted
Hello all, I've been dealing with Panic disorder for about 4 and a half years. I was on SSRIs for about 2 years, but decided to come off. I am having issues with my anxiety again and would like to use medication as a last resort. I am...
cmac21 | Last answer
I have already asked question about, but maybe for some different reasons didn't get answer. In previous post I've asked about 'everything healing' uv light therapie. I have already checked lot more info about such kind of innovative the...
Graags12 | Last answer
Has someone heard anything about uv therapy, uv blood irraadition and benefits of such therapies/systems? Is such kind of therapy effective in wounds? Because I found many different distributors websites that promoting new health care sy...
Graags12 | Posted
I have been dealing with hip pain and occasional headaches. Nothing helps. Someone had recommended Kratom and I thought why the heck not, nothing else is doing the trick. I ordered from PAbotanicals and o-m-g, I felt relief for the first...
kdub2016 | Last answer
My son has had alot of touble at daycare and pre-school. He has now just started kindergarten but is very hyper active and suffers from some anger problems. He has been seeing a Dr. for the last 3 months who now says he is ADHD and the w...
Jessnanthony_17 | Last answer
Can someone tell me what I should be doing now while waiting to make other medical appointments? Are there foods that I should be staying away from? Exercise or activities to avoid (not that I'm really doing much at this time. Should ...
Marianne_K | Last answer
I've been considering an alternative methods of fighting my stage4 HCV with MMS and would very much appreciate any help with info. about it, does it really work? Have you tried it?
hobo2 | Last answer
I've been a private troll, lurking behind my computer screen and reading all of the comments on overcoming narcotic pain medication. I must say that I have been truly inspired. I have no idea how long I've been lurking. But, I'm sure tha...
focusONnow | Last answer
Hi ! I slammed my right thumb on the car door two weeks ago and I have a small fracture on the distal bone and subungual hematoma. I took meds for pain, inflammation and antibiotics, now I only take Vit D, Zinc and Calcium.I had bandag...
Child_of_Venus | Last answer
I have had neuropathy in feet for 10 years but I am not a diabetic. In the past year I had a peroneal tendon tear and since then the laterl side of my ankle is in constant pain and I have to wear and uncomfortable plastic brace.
Cold123 | Last answer
I'm interested in alternative treatments to Lyme Disease/Bartonella Infection. I'm a 29 year old female diagnosed with chronic Lyme and Bartonella. I was on a course of antibiotics for 9 months straight, with little improvement, unti...
JD6500 | Last answer
I would like to know people's experience with this anti depressant please
4Maddie44 | Last answer
What are some alternative medications, etc. for hyperthyroidism besides taking Tapizole?
Cher40 | Last answer
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