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Dear doctor, I have develop a pin in my left leg since last 3 years not it getting severe at time i feel numbness in my back , hips and one side of head, what is it ? is it ARTHRITS?
Tariq_555 | Last answer
I'm 17 years old and I get pains in my legs, hips, and hands. The pains in my legs and hips usually only occur during cold weather or when its wet and rainy outside. The pain in my hands and fingers happen regularly. I also get stiffness...
SnowconesAndPuppies | Last answer
dear sir, i am a 63 year old man.a pediatrician, who was quite active till 6 months ago though occasional pain was felt in knees ( more on right side).after this i started feeling increasingly severe pain in right knee which forced me ...
satish1947 | Last answer
I ahve burning shooting apin both foot for last more than 3-4 years. i am non diabetic,normal weight. i ahve tried all medicines eg NSAIDS, Steroids, Tryptalines, Pregabalins, all Vit but so far of no use. I can stand for few seconds eve...
geetubnl | Last answer
Hi. I am 45 years old. My doc recently told me I have bursitis in my hips. I also have a compressed disc between L4/L5. I have been getting extreme sharp pain in my groin area - so bad that I have to sit down or stop immediately. I ...
shelly360 | Last answer
Hi. My husband had shoulder surgery Dec.21, 2009. About 4 weeks ago and 2 weeks before he came out of his sling and started physical therapy his fingers started swelling. During the past 4 weeks it has gotten worse. the whole hand swells...
grammy52 | Last answer
My dad has AML and was DX in july of 2009 and has been doing chemo and still is he also has arthitis in his shoulders and hips with him on the chemo he has not felt well and has been in the hospital a lot which has made his arthitis/stif...
Bug64 | Last answer
I'll cut to the point. I've been in and out of doctors offices for the past five years trying to deal with a moderate to severe back and chest pain problem. I'm a 22 year old female with a past history of stomach ulcers, and no other ...
imapwnu5 | Last answer
Hi, I started having left shoulder problem in Oct. It hurt most of the time and sleeping on it is impossible. I usually slept with it under my head, but no more. Don't have insurance till this Oct. Did finally go to doctor, who I am goin...
girlwithnolife | Last answer
my partners has a rheumatoid factor level of 300 the doctors keep trying to treat him for arthristis but he doesn't think he has that, he has a family history of lupus could this be a side affect of that?? he complains his body aches he ...
bellz83 | Last answer
Ok, so im 19 and I did a pretty serious injury to the little finger on my right hand 16 months ago. Since then the pain hasnt really ever gone away and the dr has said it looks very much like im getting the early stages of arthritis in ...
Nat_16 | Last answer
I am a 49 year old female. I had both patella removed about 25 years ago (chondromalacia) and in June 2009 had total knee replacement (left knee). Recovery was very slow (this was 7th surgery on knee and muscles very weak). I now have...
Mazza2212 | Last answer
I was riding my bicycle to school at age 14 when i was hit by a car. I fell off my bike and onto the street . Landed on my right side/back and hit my right leg on the street. I fell pretty hard.I was in so much shock i just got up, picke...
momonie | Last answer
I have degerative disc disease. Is this arthritis? Particutally bad in my back. Would PT to strenghten stomach muscles help? As well, would reconstructive abdomen muscle surgery with removal of abdomen flap help?
cgs4420 | Last answer
I have been suffering from severe head pain which pounds when bending or turning over in bed, and have been told it is from the arthritis in the neck. i have been having physio and acupuncture over the years but does not help now . I was...
H55 | Last answer
Hi, I am 21 years old and experiencing growing pains at least three times a week. Is this normal at my age?
Z___8 | Last answer
53 years old. Had two angioplastsy procedures over the last three weeks. Result - 6 drug-eluting stents, 4 in the LAD, 1 in the RCA and one in the Ramus and some angioplastcy in some of the smaller vessels. Very fortunate that there a...
JamAlaska | Last answer
About 6 months ago i started haveing trouble lifting my right leg after a long walk. A couple of months ago i started having pain in my front and inner thigh when i walk food shop etc., now if i walk too long i get pain in my thigh down ...
mworried650 | Last answer
I am 40 years old. From last 3 years I am suffering with crackling, crunchy HIGH volume external sounds in all joints[mandible joint also] with almost all no pains. Persistent mild pains occur in some times in some joints. All my blood...
mdhu383838 | Last answer
Dear Doc, I am 59 and playing Tennis for the last 50 years and play with Right hand. Middle Finger of Right hand is painful for the last 4-5 months, swollen a bit, skin tightening while trying to make a fist. The following tests have be...
tennisplayer621 | Last answer
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