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So this is me today , male aged 57, pretty good health despite the following over the years, guess my question, am I alone or typical: ...
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Does any one know what might be going on? Docs seem puzzled. I have no infection in urine or blood. Yet My lungs Sternam, and esophagus a...
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i did not know under which topic to place this question but put it under Lupus as links have been suggested between the 2 diseases. i...
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Hello I'm a young female 5'3 115lbs non smoker non drinker never done drugs and have no children,and have always been health until 4 year...
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I'm a 24yo female. Mother of two. No major health hx. One surgery: C-section; 2013 no complications. Until about 5 mos ago without known ...
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Hi All, Thank you for reading. I could really use some insight and advice. My husband has seen a hematologist, immunologist, and gast...
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I have been tested for numerous things and all have came back normal....I am wondering can you have auto immune disease and still have an...
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Hi, I was diagnosed with Sjogren's last month after 2 years of horror not knowing what was wrong. I have all the usual symptoms of dry pa...
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I have received conflicting ANA results from two separate tests. One test was was an immunofluorescence assay and yielded a 1:160 positi...
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If I'm honest it's I've likely had acute symptoms for the last 7 years gradually getting worse. A little background, I'm a 27yr old femal...
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My sister is 45 years old. She was diagnosed with connective tissue disease in April of this year. She has had two positive ANA tests. ...
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To: Hi All I have am 40 years old and for 10 years I have periodically have the following symptoms: lowgrade fever, body aches , right f...
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HELP! I had blood test done about 6 years ago which revealed I had a high ANA. At that time was tested for Lupus (which came back negat...
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My husband takes Remicade for Crohn's Disease. He has severe mood swings after taking Remicade and then high and lows that resemble Depre...
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Hello there. Sorry... this might sound a bit hurried, but it's just that I'm having some issues with fatigue right now, and being at work...
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Hi, I just started Gammunex- C on Wednesday for Lyme disease and CVID. I had tried one previous dose of Gammaguard in April but since ...
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Hello my name is Allie, I'm on here because I truely don't know what else to do. A couple years ago my mother (54) noticed that her l...
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one of my friends has non small cell lung cancer
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I was diagnosed 2 years ago with AIP, have a 25 year history of autoimmune disorders (eosinophilic vasculitis, mild Sjogren's). Usually ...
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Hi all - thanks very much for your help with this. I posted this question in the Undiagnosed Symptoms forum but this might be a better pl...
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