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By jpaxton1
can anyone tell me symtoms of lupus?i have joint pain in leg,tingling in leg and arm,my toes go numb.had a blood test...
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jpaxton146 minutes
jpaxton158 minutes
karajoBlankJun 28, 2013
pixiepie40Jun 07, 2013
poodlegirl75Dec 10, 2011
By jonathan_shepard Blank
Lately I've been going through the same onset symptoms that my brother had before he was diagnosed. It started with ...
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By bluesky0809
A couple months ago I noticed that my face looked "flushed" all the time. I chalked it up to getting older and starte...
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OEarleyApr 29
By CassieFae
I thought maybe someone could help me connect the dots because I'm miserable and is what is going on ...
17956761 tn?1461825278
By DiseaseLimbo
Hi everyone! My name is Alison. I'm 5'1", weigh 95lbs and I'm 27 years old. I've had Crohn's disease for 20 years now...
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By Cantthinkofanyothernickname
Hello all, First off I want to say thank you to everyone who answers questions on this forum. I'm new here and real...
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Randy0328Apr 22
By LHaber
I've had a positive Ana 1:80 for 12 years and been to multiple doctors for severe muscle pain, joint pain, and chroni...
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Randy0328Apr 22
TheLightSeekerNov 18, 2014
lesnic79Nov 17, 2014
karajoBlankAug 29, 2013
ButterflyKisses64Aug 23, 2013
By jsuter69 Blank
I just recently had some lab work done, my ANA came back and my ANA-Titer came back as 1:80...I talked to a lab tech ...
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didabugsApr 07
TheLightSeekerJan 26, 2012
karajoBlankJan 26, 2012
TheLightSeekerJan 25, 2012
By shama86 Blank
can lyme disease cause lupus,if the lyme is cronic
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VleeroyerMar 24
TampicoMar 01
sarahd193Jul 29, 2015
Swfl34119Jul 04, 2015
By mizgahobin Blank
Does anyone diagonased with lupus suffer from crazy muscle spasms and twitching.
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Alyjod3Feb 14
By Alyjod3
I was recently tested for several different things because of symptoms that I've been having for awhile. I was teste...
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erica1991Feb 12
erica1991Dec 08, 2015
Exb190Nov 14, 2015
TheLightSeekerNov 06, 2015
erica1991Nov 06, 2015
By erica1991
For starters I am a 24 year old female, and I have made an appointment with my GP back at home but I wont be able to ...
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Micki1973Feb 06
karajoBlankOct 10, 2010
geminigirl1963Oct 09, 2010
Dlindquist83Oct 09, 2010
geminigirl1963Oct 02, 2010
By TrudieC Blank
If you have both fibroymyalgia and lupus do they flare together? Still trying to figure out which is which wen it is...
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By jasminelarson
Hello I need a medical expert to read my lung cat scan results. Thank you somuch Please see the photo Jasmine
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Sportsmom1110Jan 27, 2015
fntnJan 22, 2015
Sportsmom1110Jan 21, 2015
karajoBlankDec 08, 2012
By karajoBlank Blank
I get this question very often. People will have a positive ANA on several test, and some be extremely significant (...
12182312 tn?1427687556
By kelle619
Hi everyone. I'm recently diagnosed and for a while now I have been losing a lot of hair. I'm not balding, thankfully...
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2014UserFeb 02
By nickytina15 Blank
My name is Nicole and I've been having health problems for years now. It started when i was 15 years old. I've been a...
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LtreatFeb 02
KatnetJan 29
eva5274Nov 06, 2007
jtherianNov 05, 2007
myproblemNov 03, 2007
By eva5274 Blank
I am trying to lose weight but on steriods. What can I do to lose it fast and can I take topamax while on steriods. ...
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LtreatFeb 01
LtreatJan 30
By patriz1955
My sister tell us that she has Lupus. She is sick everyday. She a 6 year breast cancer survivor. She says she also ha...
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By Ltreat
Hi, I haven't gotten all my test results back, but I was wondering if anyone else had any other immune disorders befo...
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