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If you have both fibroymyalgia and lupus do they flare together? Still trying to figure out which is which wen it is hitting me and am thinking it is both together. How do you tell?
TrudieC | Last answer
Hello I need a medical expert to read my lung cat scan results. Thank you somuch Please see the photo Jasmine
jasminelarson | Posted
I get this question very often. People will have a positive ANA on several test, and some be extremely significant (1:2,560), then after treatment is started, it turn negative. What does this mean to the medical field? All of these pe...
karajo | Last answer
Hi everyone. I'm recently diagnosed and for a while now I have been losing a lot of hair. I'm not balding, thankfully, but my hair is coming out in strands like crazy. Next week I have a hair appointment for a cut and style. I'm so nervo...
kelle619 | Posted
My name is Nicole and I've been having health problems for years now. It started when i was 15 years old. I've been an athlete my whole life but when i moved down to Florida every time I would do something with exercise or practice, I wo...
nickytina15 | Last answer
I am trying to lose weight but on steriods. What can I do to lose it fast and can I take topamax while on steriods. Thanks Yvette
eva5274 | Last answer
I've had a positive Ana 1:80 for 12 years and been to multiple doctors for severe muscle pain, joint pain, and chronic fatigue. When I'm not in a state of flare, I am a very high energy person. Suddenly, I become overwhelmed with pain fr...
LHaber | Posted
My sister tell us that she has Lupus. She is sick everyday. She a 6 year breast cancer survivor. She says she also has RA, Fibro, chronic pain. She never gives me answers, what stage of lupus if one, or what kind? She says the Dr. has he...
patriz1955 | Last answer
Hi, I haven't gotten all my test results back, but I was wondering if anyone else had any other immune disorders before being diagnosed? I have a diagnosed non-specified autoimmune disorder but now they think I might have lupus and a hos...
Ltreat | Posted
Does anyone have hourseness with lupus , and I get a rash on my leg close to my ankle and it fades a little but it has yet to totaly disappear, it looks like the rash that I have seen on peoples faces. Please someone answer these quest...
tragdysangel | Last answer
Hi! I have been diagnosed with Lupus. I am 51 year old female. It's been almost 4 years and so it's very new to me. When something goes wrong, I feel that I must blame the lupus. Recently, I have been really experiencing more joint pa...
Andi57 | Last answer
My rheumatologist has diagnosed me with undifferentiated connective tissue disorder, which she thinks is 'likely' lupus. However my symptoms (occasional fatigue and joint pain, previous episodes of leukopenia) aren't enough for a lupus d...
leavingnara | Posted
I have had symptoms for years & was dx with UDCTD but I recently had 3 months of a flare. I had labs done again that had a positive direct Ana , positive anti-smith, c3 80, but IFA said negative ANA. At the time I was on plaquenil for a ...
Tundranp | Posted
I developed a rash on my cheeks whilst pregnant but not on my nose, since then I've develiopwed joint pain, mouth ulcers, fatigue and my kidneys and chest hurt, it will all happen at one from afew days to a few weeks My doctor has sent ...
Allypie90 | Posted
my drs all agree I have lupus symptoms and cant seem to find an answer. The blood tests all came back negative. For years I have had joint and muscle pain which over the past year has become very difficult to cope with especially around ...
kelka | Last answer
Hy there ! In the first place please escuse me for my english...but english its not my first language but I will try to do all my best for you to understand me. I was diagnosted with Hep C in 2006, started treatment with interfero...
Andrei24 | Last answer
Do any of you see a neurologist for your lupus? Do any of you have many neurologic symptoms? I am in limbo with a dx between lupus and MS. It seems more like MS to me but it has been all but ruled out by a different neurologist (n...
aris44 | Last answer
Does any body out there have lupus n if so can u tell me if you get itching with hives. All over your body 2 to 3 times a day I m going nuts with the scratching Please can u some one answer me I'm driving myself crazy
melmasielloi50 | Last answer
I have had symptoms of Sjogren's syndrome for the past six years(dry mouth and dry eye) and recently started to develop pruning on fingers. I also, recently, started having swelling on sides of breast, muscle spasms in arm, loss of feel...
dannopaul | Posted
I'm 34 I've been diagnosed with SLE lupus for a year and a half. I've failed on all medications Plaquenil cause me to lose over 70 pounds rapidly,Benlysta help with a lot of my symptoms but I started having shortness of breath palpitatio...
Lupuswillnotwin | Last answer
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