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This patient support community is for discussions relating to the challenges of parenting toddlers (age 1-5), including physical, speech, sensory, cognitive and emotional development, choosing a daycare/nanny, games & activities, and toilet training.

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kittin_198833 minutes
baby120918 hours
kittin_198823 hours
By kittin_1988
My son is 18 months old an I really want it gone before his brother is born in October. Any suggestions to witch is e...
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Shay0323836 hours
By Shay032383
I have a two sons, 3 yrs and 10 yrs old,and my 3 yr olds father left the country 4 months ago never to return. He saw...
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AnnieBrooke23 hours
By Bethyboo123
The other day my daughter kissed my friend with her tongue, I asked her about it and she told me daddy did it and it ...
1219510 tn?1266713553
mominpa2Jun 24
A33MRQZDec 06, 2015
vstacey74Jun 18, 2015
Pinklid1May 10, 2015
sylvie_wApr 16, 2015
By Karynrme Blank
My son is 2 1/2 and he holds his breath while he breathes, with I would say 90% of the breaths he takes, why?? He inh...
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RockRoseJun 20
mhvJun 19
By Greeneyez7000
So my is was born 6 weeks early. Hes now 18 months but doesnt say alot of words. He talks up a storm but its not w...
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By CynCure
My 20 month old son has been sleeping in his own room since he was 4 months old with no problems. It is rare for him ...
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RockRoseJun 04
soniarajuJun 04
RockRoseJun 02
By soniaraju
Hi, My child is 19 month old has 3 tooth in upper side while 2 in lower side. He calls mum n dad, but never trying to...
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weldermomJun 08
hkjenJun 08
lkaykirkJun 07
By weldermom
i have been haveing major trouble controling my temper with my little boy I had so much patients before pregnancy but...
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tmt7May 25
MaymacmacAug 14, 2015
LildreamyJun 22, 2015
AnivibhaMay 30, 2015
umlaylaFeb 28, 2015
By bryanarae Blank
My 3 year old son, for the past 3 weeks or so, has been having bowel issues. He poops pretty regularly but seems to g...
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By craveee_ireey
I'm 36weeks pregnant with my second child. My daughter used to be this very sweet helpful kid that always listens, bu...
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By Emilycuello92
Hello ladies. So I am starting to potty trai my 1 year old daughter and it has been such a challenge to get her to go...
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Washbrn94May 20
By Washbrn94
Hey I am a young son is 3 years old and has vomitted 3 times tonight. It's yellow and kinda foamy. I can't fig...
961424 tn?1271668181
Hwills85May 21
m4luvNov 06, 2013
Dml2885Jan 16, 2013
spiritwolf31Aug 18, 2010
SchtroumpfetteAug 18, 2010
By Schtroumpfette Blank
Hello, My 3-year old son has always had a very strong gag reflex and I'm just starting to wonder if this is someth...
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ninickMay 13
By ninick
Hi! How do I get my 20 month old to sleep earlier in the night (around 9 pm), instead of around 12- 1 am! she sleeps...
Avatar n tn
Hi all, Just wondering if you all have experienced the following. My daughter have been complaining about a local...
Avatar n tn
By babyO_2
I've never flown with my 18 month old daughter and I'm kinda worried because she is such a handful right now and its ...
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By HCountryman
Do you think my son is okay to sleep with a pillow ? I have one in his crib now and he's been asleep for 2 hours and ...
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By Kasey2323
I'm 18 month old daughter has been crying and sleepy and hot to touch all day today am just wondering if this is norm...
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nabermSep 28, 2009
margypopsAug 05, 2009
By aavrasin Blank
My four year old son, who has been potty trained for a year and a 1/2, has begun having poop accidents at his pre sch...
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thapound1May 11, 2012
AimeeeeeeeeeeeeeMar 31, 2012
By lkohana Blank
My son is 2 yr old. He has had cold like symptoms and fever off and on since Saturday night. Well, Sunday morning he ...
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