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This patient support community is for discussions relating to the challenges of parenting toddlers (age 1-5), including physical, speech, sensory, cognitive and emotional development, choosing a daycare/nanny, games & activities, and toilet training.

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tmt7less than a minute
MaymacmacAug 14, 2015
LildreamyJun 22, 2015
AnivibhaMay 30, 2015
umlaylaFeb 28, 2015
By bryanarae Blank
My 3 year old son, for the past 3 weeks or so, has been having bowel issues. He poops pretty regularly but seems to g...
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By craveee_ireey
I'm 36weeks pregnant with my second child. My daughter used to be this very sweet helpful kid that always listens, bu...
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By Emilycuello92
Hello ladies. So I am starting to potty trai my 1 year old daughter and it has been such a challenge to get her to go...
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Washbrn94May 20
By Washbrn94
Hey I am a young son is 3 years old and has vomitted 3 times tonight. It's yellow and kinda foamy. I can't fig...
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ninickMay 13
By ninick
Hi! How do I get my 20 month old to sleep earlier in the night (around 9 pm), instead of around 12- 1 am! she sleeps...
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Hi all, Just wondering if you all have experienced the following. My daughter have been complaining about a local...
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By babyO_2
I've never flown with my 18 month old daughter and I'm kinda worried because she is such a handful right now and its ...
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By HCountryman
Do you think my son is okay to sleep with a pillow ? I have one in his crib now and he's been asleep for 2 hours and ...
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By Kasey2323
I'm 18 month old daughter has been crying and sleepy and hot to touch all day today am just wondering if this is norm...
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nabermSep 28, 2009
margypopsAug 05, 2009
By aavrasin Blank
My four year old son, who has been potty trained for a year and a 1/2, has begun having poop accidents at his pre sch...
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thapound1May 11, 2012
AimeeeeeeeeeeeeeMar 31, 2012
By lkohana Blank
My son is 2 yr old. He has had cold like symptoms and fever off and on since Saturday night. Well, Sunday morning he ...
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LizaF16Jan 06
Jane0115Jan 06
Hannah74Sep 30, 2015
By GinGib Blank
Help!! I have a son that is almost 3 years and 3 months and he is so totally not interested in potty training. I put ...
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By mommyof2112316
So ever since I've found out that I'm expecting my 16 months old have been so mean to me. She'll hit me get really ma...
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BernsyApr 26
izz13belDec 19, 2015
1227mjmSep 22, 2015
christieouchleyMay 16, 2015
VEnciniaDec 03, 2011
By ramobley Blank
My 18 month old daughter has a bulge in her neck when she cries. Through a series of MRI's (no contrast), Ulrasound ...
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RockRoseApr 23
By jaymatch
I have a 22 month old child who at speech delay at this age his vocabulary is limited to five words. He is eager to t...
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E.G.Apr 20
RyanAndJillAug 24, 2013
BusAMMar 27, 2013
sarahplus3May 21, 2012
Blujae0201May 21, 2012
By camie170 Blank
my four year old son wakes up several times a night crying. hes screaming like he's in pain, but i cant find a single...
1388445 tn?1289270988
AbrdarskiApr 20
xxacheronivFeb 04, 2015
3Babys679Nov 04, 2010
LimonadaNov 01, 2010
RockRoseNov 01, 2010
By 3Babys679 Blank
My 3 year old daughter is Endlessly thirsty. Over the last month Ive noticed her drinking is unquenchable. shes alwa...
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ShoughMar 22
EniesMar 21
Lyddie_mMar 03
Katies42Feb 29
By Crystal77521 Blank
My daughter is two years old and this past Sunday she woke up vomiting. At the time we thought that most likely she h...
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By Dinshine
My 5 yr old boy wanted to keep his grandmas underwear today, he said he liked them, is that normal?
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By Erin_hayte
I noticed when she was about 18 months she would sit on the couch and continually pump her legs up and down. If I ask...
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