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This patient support community is for discussions relating to pregnancy, childbirth and maternity for babies due or born in September 2009.

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jabber1985Oct 17, 2015
munterJul 02, 2009
Juana824Jul 01, 2009
NicMomJul 01, 2009
Asking4aMiracleJul 01, 2009
By Latrice414 Blank
My left buttock, left groin area hurts, when i walk it hurts to walk on the left leg, feels like my groin, butt and h...
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By danielareyes Blank
Im 35+1 I am feeling some pains so I think it's time to get my hospital bag ready. I don't really know what to pack o...
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bri234_01Apr 11, 2013
Michele, Katy, TXMar 04, 2009
Juana824Mar 04, 2009
cure65rosesMar 04, 2009
Michele, Katy, TXMar 04, 2009
By Michele, Katy, TX Blank
Hey Ladies, Well, I went outside last night to feed my dogs and it was table food so they started to fight about i...
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By rajajee Blank
my son, 5.5yrs old had got a result of his routine urine culture as significant growth of citrobacter kesori, done af...
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supermans82wifeOct 05, 2012
AshmccFeb 05, 2009
Stacey1718Feb 05, 2009
ShawndellFeb 04, 2009
Michele, Katy, TXFeb 04, 2009
By Ashmcc Blank
Ok is anyone having nausea and no vomiting? What to do to help it. I hate it. I feel it in my throat but nothing is c...
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roshnit1983Aug 28, 2012
amberd5191Mar 26, 2009
CurlySue75Mar 25, 2009
Sahuaro87Mar 23, 2009
Emy725Mar 16, 2009
By therese101 Blank
hi ladies just wanted to put a list together of updated due dates so we can get it stickied to the top of our forum. ...
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allmymarblesJul 18, 2012
shimom22Jul 18, 2012
allmymarblesJul 18, 2012
shimom22Jul 18, 2012
shimom22Jul 18, 2012
By shimom22 Blank
I'm 31 weeks I've been dilated a 2 an my contraction are 7-10mins apart an been that way since June 1st every week in...
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khanim74Jun 30, 2012
NicMomJul 15, 2009
radhika28Jul 14, 2009
chantal21Jul 14, 2009
amberd5191Jul 14, 2009
By radhika28 Blank
Hie, As i had told u all earlier, my hubby is gonna travel to US in 1st week of Aug. he will will going to Blue A...
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Tasha06Nov 26, 2011
eachatelainNov 06, 2009
jenkaye21Nov 06, 2009
By lindsey0423 Blank
hello, i have had 3 pregnancies all together im 18 years old my 1st pregnancy came with great success i have a litt...
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bethcook12345Oct 19, 2011
bethcook12345Oct 15, 2011
thelassaannOct 14, 2011
By bethcook12345 Blank
hii well im now nerli 3 mounths late for my period i have took several tests and all negative after first missed peri...
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clbmommy2Oct 17, 2011
AshmccFeb 03, 2009
NicMomJan 28, 2009
zakanunuJan 28, 2009
Latrice414Jan 28, 2009
By NicMom Blank
At first I was ok with it because it was a sign of pregnancy, but come on now. It's been almost a month and I am livi...
287246 tn?1318573663
munterAug 17, 2011
Juana824Feb 09, 2011
bimbicat7Jan 26, 2011
amberd5191Dec 23, 2010
Michele, Katy, TXDec 20, 2010
By Michele, Katy, TX Blank
For anyone who still comes over here....Got my BFP today!!! I posted about it on the other Pregnancy Forums! Hope e...
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AnnieBrookeMay 03, 2011
By tiredofstressin Blank
My LMP was 11/24/2008. I had sex with one gentleman dec 9,10,or 11th? Then had sex with another gentleman Dec 19th. W...
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Michele, Katy, TXDec 19, 2010
amberd5191Dec 18, 2010
bimbicat7Dec 10, 2010
Latrice414Dec 07, 2010
radhika28Nov 24, 2010
By Michele, Katy, TX Blank
I know we don't get on here like we used to, but I just wanted to let you all know that I think of you often and miss...
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By cece50187 Blank
my baby is 5 weeks old. I started off BFing exclusively until the past week. I feel like I can't keep up with her som...
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nanapigpettigrewDec 16, 2010
By nanapigpettigrew Blank
can adults get RSV and how old are u when u stop being able to get it
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By Harry16th Blank
I breast feed for nine weeks and took my son off straight away to formula and his had green poo is this normal? Also ...
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whiskey104Nov 10, 2010
By missbelize Blank
Hello everyone am olivia and and 28wks pregnant and my belly has drop my whole pregnancy has been nothing but pain i ...
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bimbicat7Nov 07, 2010
chantal21Nov 04, 2010
radhika28Aug 19, 2010
ladybugbob1029Aug 10, 2010
Latrice414Aug 09, 2010
By Michele, Katy, TX Blank
Today Jesse will be laid to rest.....Please keep Chantal and Jesse in your prayers today and everyday. May God kee...
644974 tn?1312761670
NicMomOct 13, 2010
Michele, Katy, TXOct 08, 2010
AriQueenOct 05, 2010
By bimbicat7 Blank
wow it sure has been a while for me first i just got on here and found out about chantal and Jessi? omg! how did all...
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