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This forum is for questions and support regarding relationship issues such as: Abstinence, Arousal Problems, Birth Control, Cohabitation, Commitment, Communication, Couples Counseling, Desire /Lack of Desire, Sexual Technique.

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GrindingchickNov 23, 2011
Janice M Epp, PhD Nov 26, 2011
By nasnasly Blank
hi i'm 18 years old i wanna ask an imp. Questions i'm so confused about my penis i think that i have a small one or n...
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Janice M Epp, PhD Jul 16, 2012
jumpinjack231Jul 13, 2012
missfineJul 10, 2012
Janice M Epp, PhD Jul 10, 2012
By jumpinjack231 Blank
I'm 30yrs old and have been with my current sexual partner for over 3yrs. We aren't dating, its more friends with ben...
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ConfusedclosureAug 02, 2015
MagdelennaApr 26, 2011
kev543Apr 13, 2011
letuneoApr 12, 2011
Ritz16Apr 05, 2011
By Worriedguy03 Blank
Me and my fiancé have been together for 2 years now. Over time, our sex life has dwindled. The times I try to initiat...
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satti9Aug 28, 2015
single89Apr 11, 2010
disaster2Jun 29, 2008
Janice M Epp, PhD Jun 30, 2008
By AMinister Blank
hi when im turned on or in the mood, after a short while, a clear, oil-like liquid comes from my penis. it only come...
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KrikamAug 23, 2015
hamanntSep 22, 2012
Janice M Epp, PhD Sep 24, 2012
By Bribri1234 Blank
My boyfriend and I have never had sex. I'm still a technical virgin, my hymen is intact. I realize that has nothing t...
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rikkimuchMay 03, 2015
picklJan 19, 2015
sadguy772Oct 21, 2013
victim84Sep 21, 2013
helpplz007Aug 05, 2013
By zingaro Blank
I m 30 years of male, i m still single. I have never sex with any girl yet. Since i was just 12 or 14 years i started...
Avatar n tn
girl522Apr 03, 2007
redyellowMar 26, 2007
By redyellow Blank
HI, I had sex with my GF (using a condom) and I ejaculated for about 10 secs., withdrew my pennis while still erect...
Avatar m tn
RammsApr 11, 2015
fareed72003Apr 07, 2009
Janice M Epp, PhD Apr 06, 2009
By fareed72003 Blank
i am involving masturbation morethan 5 to 6 years...i dont know how to control this...nowadays sperm came out suddenl...
Avatar m tn
tspnathanMar 28, 2015
Sadu27Nov 27, 2011
fidelio11Aug 27, 2010
healthallthewayMay 16, 2010
VindictiveBunnyApr 29, 2010
By addie91 Blank
from past few days, i am feeling very little burning sensation and urge to pee, and it is after when i hold my sperm ...
143113 tn?1366615307
Destiny_ChatswoodFeb 12, 2015
monkeyflowerNov 27, 2006
PyroGNov 27, 2006
oceans3Nov 20, 2006
monkeyflowerNov 20, 2006
By PyroG Blank
is there any evidence to suggest that vibrators can cause nerve damage to the clitoris that would result in some perm...
Avatar n tn
angel118Aug 14, 2009
Janice M Epp, PhD Jul 31, 2009
By Yhoshi Blank
HI, I would like to ask a question concerning the aftermath of rape. When I first met my wife, she was 4 months pre...
Avatar m tn
RWNBreakingPointDec 03, 2014
Janice M Epp, PhD Oct 18, 2010
By Shankar65 Blank
I got married 13 years ago, but the attraction of my wife towards was average in the beginning and during last few ye...
Avatar f tn
CreepycrawlyAug 31, 2014
Janice M Epp, PhD Jul 10, 2008
By Mary6699 Blank
Hi, I am a 46 year old female, and for as long as I can remember, I can reach orgasm in all sorts of ways...having my...
Avatar n tn
aligoliJul 16, 2014
roget123Mar 13, 2014
TeenUserJul 26, 2010
idesofmarchJan 29, 2007
HappilyMarriedJan 18, 2007
By username11 Blank
I've seen forums with other men who have had similiar problems, but need some clarification on what the best way to h...
Avatar n tn
ansaks467May 03, 2014
missgMay 19, 2007
onrouteMay 17, 2007
onrouteMay 17, 2007
anna3085May 13, 2007
By anna3085 Blank
I am a 21 year old female. I have had no sexual activity with anyone. I have, however, masturbated since I was a litt...
Avatar n tn
someonescared21Apr 26, 2014
Janice M Epp, PhD Jan 13, 2009
By eliz1719 Blank
Is it possbile for sprerm to travel through clothing? My boyfriend and I were making out and were laying on each othe...
Avatar f tn
Janice M Epp, PhD Jul 07, 2008
By anshi Blank
Hi Im having some issues with my cycle and need some advice if anyone can relate or shed some knowledge with me. ...
Avatar m tn
kapil_sharmaMar 31, 2014
misereOct 29, 2010
Janice M Epp, PhD Sep 02, 2010
By mackers1961 Blank
I was able to pleasure my wife orally to an orgasm and twice through intercourse in a 1 hour period with the 2 orgasm...
Avatar m tn
michaelpogDec 28, 2013
drdoomMay 26, 2009
Janice M Epp, PhD Apr 28, 2009
By Kpapa Blank
I am a 32 yr old male, and after sexual intercourse with my wife when I orgasm. I feel the urge to urinate while stil...
Avatar n tn
kjschoolboyNov 15, 2013
donb_flOct 13, 2007
By kvnly2 Blank
I recently dry humped and had oral sex with my girlfriend. A day after i noticed i had a quarter size bruise on the s...
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