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On my left rib cage, there is a weird bulge that is clearly visible outside of my body. I can feel it, and it causes alot of pain. I have no idea what it could be. Sometimes it even pulsates. Here is a picture : i964.photobucket.com/...
tiernaynay | Last answer
I have recently been gaining weight like crazy, I first thought maybe because of my thryoid surgery, I had it removed. The bad thing is, I have gotten this huge roll on the top part of my belly and it feels hard compared to the lower rol...
loulou903 | Last answer
ive havent had a period for over 2months, and everytime i go to the toilet, before i wee i always end up having a half runny poo. and lately ive been waking up with a swollen stomach. can anyone tell me what this is?
snowwhite862 | Last answer
Okay I have been have air come out my rectum. My mouth and I this my ears. I am thinking it is gas because my stomach was really bloated before the air started come well the really problem is that it don't want to stop and now my stomach...
Collegestudent1992 | Last answer
since last month, im feeling this stomach pain. first in the adbominal area then after a week, its in my left part of the stomach. and so forth. it goes in clockwise rotation and by this week it ended up in my right. its an on and off pa...
ranz1124 | Last answer
last week, my sister(age 25) had a surgery for stomach cancer. now she is taking treatments in the hospital. she is having a tube for urine and stool & she is having one child also. In future, will it affect the second baby? could you...
hh5522 | Last answer
Last year I was diagnose with Malt Lyphoma and went through Chemo and Radiation, recently I have had alot of nausia vomitting and diarhea. I just had a scope and was diagnosed with acute dodenitis which was biopsied, non bleeding erosive...
mcdoc | Last answer
I am a 28 year old asian male who has been experiencing a plethora of gastrointestinal issues for probably at least the past 2 years. I've been managing until just recently, when I noticed some dark, tarry stools and prompted a visit to ...
redman23 | Last answer
I have been feeling sick to my stomach every day for the last month. I don't know what it is and would like to find out.
peg1234 | Last answer
Back in September I started having major stomach issues that included loss of appetite (which lasted for months), loss of 12 pounds in two weeks, occasional pain on the lower left side of my abdomine, dizziness, nausea, headache, blood w...
Memphiscalicook | Last answer
somtimes the lower right of my stomache quivers kinda every now and then its a little bit up from my belt line, people say its just my somache digesting food i dont know if im just stressing about this and that makes it more apparent to ...
josh231 | Last answer
I have pucked 6 times today, two of the six were green and bloody vomit. I've had the shakes all day too! what does that mean...am I ok?
Cait1988 | Posted
I dont know if i'm posting in the correct section but here goes. I'm 29 year-old male (nearly 30) and for the last month of so i've had a slight discomort on the left side of my stomach area. I never really thought much about it until re...
Phatfarm1980 | Posted
for two weeks I haave had discomfort to the right of my belly button, 4 days ago I started to get a trapped wind feeling with bloated stomach and pain in my back and side any Ideas as this is very painful and uncomfortable
wardrap | Last answer
hi, I have had pain under my ribs on the left side, it feels kind of like stitch pain, its constant, not sharp, but definately annoying. I have also been having for the last few months really bad breath. My urine is also very dark colour...
skyeastrid | Posted
Hey I have been feeling weird for about a month, I am getting a sickness feeling after I eat and when I eat I need to burp and it lasts for hours and I get the taste of what I ate last. I have feelings of heartburn in the night and du...
augustus600 | Posted
I found out today that I have H Pylori. Apparently I have had it for some time and I have ulcers from it. Fortunately they are not perforated. I'm not sure where I got this from however I used to travel to Korea for business and during m...
specialk801 | Posted
my sister cant gain weght she eats more than she feelslike itbut she is full easily and her stomach still gruns could this be a parasite
isabelleluis1 | Posted
My Stomach Feels Like A Bowling Ball & I Feel Weak...Its Me Again My Doctors Don't Believe Me My Parents Don't Believe Me. So Whats The Use Of Hospitals If People Dont Care For Other People....I am Suffering With Bone Pain Stomach/Pancr...
mikeystc | Last answer
recently i've been having pain under my lower right rib on my side, it comes now and then occasionally. My stomach as also enlarged a bit and i weigh 63 any ideas? thank you
worriedmun | Posted
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