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What do I need to take for my ADHD?

I came across this article while on an ever so frequent ADHD episode sitting at my desk. I welcome any comments that can further my knowledge, or possibly help me, or others in anyway. Thanks in advance.

I was diagnosed with ADHD many years ago when I was 4 years old. My pediatrician put me on Ritalin, and I can still remember the negative side affects I had from that drug. My parents opted to take me off, and just let me deal with my ADHD.
I was able to manage dealing with ADHD throughout my school years, and make above average grades the entire time. It was extreemly difficult at times, but achievable.  
I should mention that I have an above average IQ and Score Highly on standardized testing, and other tests also. I don't remember my SAT scores, but they were high enough to get me into my college of choice. When I considered the military a few years back I scored a 93 on the ASVAB. I was told I could sign up for any military position I wanted to pursue. (I disclose this for informational purposes only, not to boast)

I dropped out of college after my freshman year at age 19 to pursue my career, however went back when I was 25 because I felt like my career was at a plateau with little to no room for growth. I always had at least one full time job while in college, and made exceptional grades until receiving my Bachelor of Fine arts a couple of years ago. BFA instead of just a Bachelors probably stems from my creative side, I am told creativity is higher for persons with ADHD. I did pretty well with school and work until the end of my Junior year. During my junior year with my job, and the heavy school work load I found myself getting behind, and had to pull all nighters for days at a time to cram weeks worth of procrastination into a short window of time to ensure my grades. This continued throughout my senior year all the way to graduation. During this time I took random ADHD medicines borrowed from other students to concentrate enough to get the work done.
Since graduation I have started a new career, had a baby, and am doing ok at my job. I would LOVE to do better, but ADHD, forgetfulness, and procrastination always seem to get in the way of me being as successful as I could and should be.
My work load is pretty intense, demanding, and organization is a must. I have always been a hard worker, but procrastination, disorganization, forgetfulness, and being easily distracted have been getting the best of me.
About four months ago I decided to finally go to a Doctor, and get back on some type of ADHD medicine. He started me off on a very low dose of generic adderall, (10mg not xr)and has monitored my weight, actions, etc since I started. I am now taking 20 mg in the morning, 9:30am and another 10mg at about 1:30pm. (still not the xr per my request)
With 10mg I noticed no effect at all. With 20 I could feel the effect, but not well or for very long. At 30 mg I can feel the effect, but I still cant seem to concentrate for very long, I'm still easily distracted,  and my memory is only a little better, and the effect/help still only lasts for a short while.

I do notice some of the negative effects of the drug, such as random sweating, mild mood swings, irritability, mild anxiousness, and I drink ALOT of water throughout the day.  I can totally deal with the side effects as long as  my memory, concentration, procrastination, etc get better.

Next month I go back to the Doctor for another evaluation to see how the adderall is working. I would love some advice on what I should ask for. Either a higher dose, maybe an xr, or different ADHD drug all together. I ask the doctor about a different drug during my last visit, and he frowned upon the idea of changing the drug. Any suggestions??

I will also say that I am a regular Marijuana user. By regular I mean daily, or multiple times a day as long as I have it available. I have been a regular user for the past 15 years, since I was 15. I have always thought that it helped my ADHD, and especially helped my creative side while in school. It is possible I guess that I have made myself believe it helps when it really does not, but that is unlikely.
I feel very little, to no negative side effects from smoking. I don't get social anxiety, I feel it helps me concentrate and be creative, and I really just love the feeling of being high. :-) I also don't get lazy or lethargic after smoking, it is usually quite the opposite. I will typically want to organize something, or clean something, or want to go accomplish something just after smoking, and I am almost always extra creative when high.
I will say that it helps me relax after a long day at work, but never in a lazy way, it simply calms me down, and helps me relax.

Since I have started taking adderall, I have noticed that I sometimes feel a stronger desire to smoke marijuana, but if I don't have it available, I don't freak out, or have withdrawals or anything. I also haven't noticed anything strange if I take 30mg of adderall, then smoke. I actually like both better when combined.

So I said all of that, and gave what feels like my life story to ask for advice. What can I take to help my ADHD, forgetfulness, procrastination, and being easily distracted? More adderall? I need to figure it out soon. I have a great opportunity with my current career, and I would love to do better, and be better all around.

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for your advice!

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