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fatigue related to ALS?
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fatigue related to ALS?

im 38 years old, do not smoke or drink and lift free weights religiously at least 3 times a week.  although i am no longer compeititive, im still in good overall shape.

several months ago my doctor gave me ambien for a sleep disorder (i just dont sleep).  after taking ambien daily for 3 months i was at work one day and thought i was having a heart attack.  blood tests, xrays, stress test, etc. shows there is nothing wrong with my heart.  around that same time i developed very bad fatigue in my forearms that affected my hand movement.  it would feel like i had worked out aggressively even when i havent.  at times i had difficulty writing with a pencil because of my forearm fatigue, even if i hadnt lifted a thing all day long.  the doctors who examined me dismissed my chest pains as muscular because i work out and sent me on my way.  the heart attack symptoms returned occassionally as well but after paying hundreds of dollars (co-pay on my insurance) for all the tests that found nothing i didnt want to throw good money after bad.

after doing a bit of my own research i found that ambien should never be prescribed for more than 15 days and i had been on it daily for 3 months.  upon learning this i gave it up immediately and have since had NO chest pains.  the fatigue in my arms also got better but ive been off ambien for a couple weeks now and i still get fatigued forearms.  its not as bad, but its still there.  i do a fair amount of typing but its on a "natural" keyboard and dont think its something as simple as carpal tunnel.

im having very light symptoms of forearm fatigue today but its a sunday and i havent left my house all day.  in fact, the most ive done today is lounge around in my pajamas.  i see NO reason why my forearms would feel fatigued.  i have typed a good bit today in emails, web forums, etc. but i dont know how it could have been enough to cause forearm fatigue.

im scared.  i dont understand why my arms would feel fatigued when they havent done any work at all today.  as i researched it a little i found one thing that really hit home.  reading about ALS symptoms on yahoo medicine it said that it makes fine motor skills of the hands difficult and it reminded me of the trouble ive had even writing with a pencil.  my forearms were so fatigued that it was difficult to read my own writing.  i found each word difficult to scribble.

when ALS symptoms begin, is it possible to have days where you cannot even write your name with a pencil and then have days where you work out aggressively without any issues and then have a day of fatigue and then days of perfect health?
thank you,
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Call your Phamicist. Or read th side effects/long term of this drug. Check it out thouroughly!
Be on th safe side. Fatigue is an ALS symptom, along with other symptoms.  

My A.L.S started with the inabilty to cut my finger nails with my left hand!
Then I had atrophy of the left hand.
  Then fisiculations in left arm.
Two positives E.M.G.
One negative M.R.I head spine
July 03,2012 A.L.3-5 years.
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