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What am i feeling? help

Im 17 a year old boy. I just graduated from high school. Im generaly in good health and im a pretty physical guy though i havnt done too much physical activity recently. Im 5 ft 8 and im about 120 pounds but im sure that has nothing to do with anything.  I have been feeling weird symptoms. My heart and my lungs have been causing me quite the discomfort especialy in the past 2 mounths although i may have been feeling things here and there even before. Read the following text carefully.


Weird sensations in the heart area more to my left side. Strong beats.


huffin or having to catch my breath while or after singing.

having to get up in the middle of the night to catch my breath. Or having a harder time to sleep do to breathing.

unfomfortible heart beats after running or quick activity.

For my breathing its been like 2 to 4 mounths maybe its hard to tell. About 2 mounths ago i woke up feeling very breathless in the middle of the night. Its happned a couple of times. Although i do remeber sometime ago i wud get kinda breathless while singing in the shower and i sing alot. :P

For my heart i remeber feeling odd sensations here and there even a few years ago but it wasnt all the time just here and there. However recently i have been feeling quite discomfort like strong beatings. Its not exactly pain but very discomforting. During my graduation was the worst i have ever felt it strong uncomfortible beating it made me clinch my fist at times. i dont know if its do to nervousness cuz it was a big event although i wasnt really nervous soo i dont know. And i recently found out my indentical twin brother was feeling very similar feelings at the time as i did during our graduation ... woah. I  have done some research. These syptoms (symptoms) could be do to plauminary embolism or blood clots... Im thinking it might be that....? :/ I went to a walking in clinic the doc did some tests checked my heart with the stefiscope and checked my blood presure and he seemed to think it was fine. He ran this weird test where they put this cold jelly on my  chest and had suction cups with wiers attached to this pretty certan it was recording my heart rate the doc said it was just a little  fast but nothing to abnormal. A little fast probably because i get nervous when i go to the doctors. He told me it might be do to anxiety since my mom and identical twin brother has anxiety problems my bro scored the highiest level of anxiety on a anxiety chart after doing a test givin by a counciler. And hes been feeling very similar symptoms but not sure if we are feeling the same exactly the same things. So it might be do to anxiety but i  dont know about that my bro mentioned to me after visting the counciler said that people with high anxiety very often think that  they have diseases such as heart desease and loose hair and you know what my brother and i have been experiencing abit of hair loss. The counciler told him that the more you worry about it the more these types of feelings happen. Even my twin brother has been mentioning very similar sensations even before i have been feeling these he one time actualy went to the hospital but it was to busy he left with out getting checked out. That was about 2 years ago. He often gets disfomfort in his chest. The doctor gave me these anxiety pills and take them for a mounth and go for a blood test. And get back to him . My parents where uncomfortible with me taking these pills so i  didnt take them and we forgot all about the blood test i just realized. I think an important note is that im not on any meds however i started taking rittalin for my a.d.d to help my focus in class in garde 6 .. i ended up getting i higher dose in grade 9 i found that the pills made my heart beat alot faster and was quite uncomfortible it made me getery and feel nervous but not being nervous and swet. I ended up stop taking them because of that i even almost passed out in gym once in grade 9 probably from taking that in the morning and then doing laps first periode. Since then i think it the pills might be the cause of the odd sensations here and there with my heart a few years ago up till im not too sure when i havnt been feeling them often however it wasnt an often feeling. often my symptoms are hard to tell when and explain. however it wasnt an all the time feeling i never thaught it was too serious to go to the docs till now with these new symptoms.  The symptoms that i have a dif from those odd feelings i had been having till about maybe 3 mounths now. Those feelings i had or are feeling wer quick weird shock feelings but went away pretty fast. And now like i have explained i have been feeling breathless here and there how ever its been a lil better but still feeling that my lungs arnt breathing like they shud and odd discomfiting feelings in the heart area. Id also like to note that through out through out maybe about 2 years i havnt done too much physical activity  i ended up playing a tuff game of soccer at the end of may when i was subed off i found myslef with a great discomfort in my heart this time it was actualy painfull it eventulay went away after in between 5 to 10 minutes of siting around in discomfort when i went home that night my heart was hurting but i was hurting absolutly everywhere from that physical activity after playing 3 soccer games and a short dodgeball game and walking the hole day my dad told my its because i havnt done any physical activity and then just randomly do some extreamly physical stuff. I have done a physical since then like  last year the doc didnt find anything wrong that was before ive been feeling these new symptoms.  How ever ive been feeling them more often then those sensations before. Is it anytype of blood clot or all in my head of anxiety if it was a blood i might be suffering alot more perhaps im not sure. Im gonna go for a second opinon from a doctor. but i thought id poor out and ask on here as well.

If you read all this good job thank you for your time and God bless you.

Well apreicated it took a long *** time to wright it all but i thought i should put all my thought and feelings and sensations toward this if it would be usefull to the reader... thanks.

Have a nice day!

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Hi there, this may be months late as I just joined this site in early September but I have a good idea what this is.

The chest pains you are likely experiencing are from a form of anxiety disorder called Da Costa's Syndrome. This very well could be it, as you mentioned you get a pain on the left side of your chest and this is usually where the pain is felt. Apparently it is fairly common in younger adults who are going through some sort of emotional turmoil or serious anxiety. The strong beats you are feeling are obviously brought on by anxiety, you could be anxious about feeling the strong heartbeats which makes you more aware of them, in turn this can compound the anxiety about it, or make the heartbeat stronger. The strong heartbeat is a natural thing when you are very anxious because it is caused by the fight or flight response, something all mammals have. What happens is that you automatically begin a stress response from the release of adrenal hormones, it activates your cardiovascular system (it gets the heart pumping faster and harder) to get more blood to major muscles, because that "primitive" part of us anticipates an attack of some sort, a threat like we need to either run like crazy or fight back. It also causes your breathing shallow and become more frequent, again this is natural. Sometimes lightheadedness or dizzyness can accompany it because our blood flows more to the major muscles and a little less gets to our brain, which causes that feeling.

You are young as well, so I'm sure that your heart is just fine. You said that anxiety runs in your family, so this explains a lot. Obviously this doesn't mean that you are going to be anxious all your life, no. But you need to work with a therapist to supress the anxious tendencies once and for all and this can be done but its something that may take a while to accomplish so don't expect instant relief. There are some things you can do on your own to fix this issue.

The breathlessness could be because if you are unconciously anxious (you can be anxious and unaware of it, which is the cause of anxiety disorders usually) you may be breathing more than you need to, and this could be resulting in overbreathing and possible hyperventilation.
The uncomfortable beats after running could be because you cease the exercise quickly, and your heart will continue to pound away and the sensation of that may make you uncomfortable, if you were running, you need to slow down to jogging for a few minutes, then to a walking pace for another few minutes to properly cool down and get your heart rate down close to your resting heart rate before stopping the exercise.

And if you are anxious at the doctor's then that explains the increased pulse rate. Sometimes when I take my own pulse, it will begin to increase because I had gotten myself so used to getting worked up when I felt my heart beating fast. Over time, when you learn to realize that a high pulse when nervous is normal and natural, you will slowly begin to get desensitized to it bit by bit.

Apart from that, I would say that you are perfectly fine, although from this anxiety about these feelings you have (this is called somatic anxiety) you have made yourself very attuned to what you feel. And what you are feeling is really just normal stuff, you are probably just hypersensitive to it.
What can happen with somatic anxiety, is that you get a feeling, say your hearbeat and you notice it may feel faster or maybe harder than it usually is, now since you are conditioned to feel anxious in response to your hearbeat it causes you to worry, and then the heart rate may increase some more, which causes anxiety to come into play. What gets you aroused is the feeling, even though it is normal, and this somatic anxiety then turns into the classic "what if" type of thinking about whatever you are feeling. This is associated with uncertainty, which may make you even more anxious, and the feelings might intensify - the reason they are intensifying is because you are hyping yourself up over them. And as you may see, this where the cycle begins.

I think you're having a bout with hypochondria as somatic anxiety is probably very common in hypochondria cases. The feeling itself is totally normal, but in the person's head it is blown up into something of monstrous proportion and this is what causes them all the worry or sometimes panic over things that are nothing to concerned about. Maybe you should buy a book on hypochondria and read about it, educating yourself about this stuff can, and is, very helpful in overcoming it. I do hope you are feeling much better by now, and that his has been something calming and reassuring to you. If you have any questions or need to chat about it, feel free to send me a message. I've had similar concerns like you.

Best regards!
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