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Food intolerance effecting sinus's
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Food intolerance effecting sinus's

I was given a skin ***** test as a child and reacted to 100's of different things including things like milk, sugar, grasses, pollen, and much more. I was put on a bland diet and then slowly introduced the foods so I could figure out how they effect me.

I'm now 32 and still suffer a lot from intolerance most of which effect my sinus's and/or cause mirgraine's. I've recently been told by my phycologist that I will proberly never fully get over my anxiety unless I can learn to breath to my nose and out my mouth. Breathing threw my nose is not like trying to breath threw a straw if I can breath at all threw my nose. Untill recently when I tryed a nasal spray for allergy/hayfever. After I use the spray it feels so easy to breath threw my nose which feels good but I dont want have to use the spray for the rest of my life so I was wondering if anyone has other idea's.

I've asked my Dr to refur me to a ear's/nose/throat specialist and I'm a waiting list for a dietitian. Seeking help from Dr's has been a huge fear all my life so I've never looked for better answer other than to atempt to avoid the stuff I know causes me problems. Which has never help compleatly, I still get way more symptoms than I can deal with both physically and mentally.

I suffer from asthma, hayfever, exzema (eczema), dermatitis, sinus issues's, mirgrain's/headache's.

I cant use anything with frangrance's. I cant eat anything with artifical preservative ect in them. I recently had a week long battle with extream photophobia and on mirgraines on and off threw the week, after a person sprayed body spray in a room I was in. I had to talk the person about not spraying body sprays around me specially in small room's and since then I've been dealing with sarcastic remarks back and forth between several people as if I'm just being childish about the whole body spray issues. I'm really sick of being different and would just like to ffit in better with people speaiclly women as I cant do most of the girlly things they do due to my allergies. There are so many things I cant avoid unless I live in a bubble. I can control my home invironment but I cant control what I come in contact with in public and I strongly beleaive this is holding me back from recovering from my anxiety in plenty of way's other than just my breathing.

I feel like a steriotypical nerd except for one major aspect I hate computer games and role play game lol. That's my partner and my kids lol. But instead I get stuck with the allergies.

I've always struggled to loose weight and I recently read something that said something about posiable connection with allergies and weight lose trouble(I'd love that be true). I dont over eat and gain weight only while pregnant and recently due to zyprexa for my depression. I want so bad to loose the weight and get back my body. I've also recently been diagnoised with inapropriate sinus tachycardia, Certain food seem to impact my tachycardia positively and others negatively. The same go's with the fatiuge I suffer from if I eat too many carb's.

if anyone can has any idea or things that help them, I would love to know.
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  Were you ever given an MRI to check for a pituitary disorder? My son suffered from so many of the symptoms you have before his pituitary tumor was discovered, especially extreme photophobia, nasal allergies, anxiety, food sensitivities, and symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as dry skin and weight problems. His doctors didn't have a clue. Then  I took him to an Endocrinologist because I knew he had to have some kind of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis disorder. (I did internet research). Unfortunately, I was right.

An ENT can order an MRI for you if he feels it's warranted.
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No Have never had many test other than blood because Dr seem to thing I'm hyperchondreact(I suspect) or they say it cause by anxiety. I really get scared telling a Dr all of my issues specially when I say a fue things and start getting looks from the Dr. I had the same Dr for 10 years that was ok but specially when it came to mental illness but when it came to headache his advice was "dont do it", after I told a fue things that cause serious pain. He left the clinic and I tryed a fue other Dr at the same clinic and they all treated me like I just suffereing from health anxiety issues's. One Dr even came out and just asked me flat out do I see other Dr at other clinic for test's that was the last straw I change stopped going to the Dr for a while to could get past my anxiety finally about finding a new Dr and new clinic. Its been about year now and I've been slowly talking to my new Dr about ALL my different issues. I finally asked about my allergies a tiny part of me is worried that she going change her oppinion of me but I got over my more serious anxiety that she thought I was hyperchondract looking for attention(I wrote her letter about my fear).

I have wondered about MRI's ect as my mum has polyps in her heart and other place's in her body. Still not sure what polyps are and if they have effect on the body and how etc. But it has been one of the things that frustrate me when Dr's say I'm fine but dont any test to back up that answer. I dont want test that I dont need but how on earth can you seriouly know what casuing strange symtoms (symptoms) if you never look inside the person's body using any method how can you be sure its not treatable. I just want quality of life I dont think I have a illness that will kill me but quality of life is just as important and If I can get better quality of life I want it I'm sure any one would want better quality of life.
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Oh yer and thank you so much I'm not use being treated nice specially where my allgeries are concerned.
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   Yeah, unless your blood tests show your endocrine hormones are out of normal range, docs won't check for adrenal or pituitary disorders. But my son's blood tests were "normal", until the tumor was large enough to start causing serious damage. However, he did have a saliva test and hair mineral analysis done through a chiropractor a year earlier, which picked up his soy allergy and adrenal stress. Docs didn't pay attention to this though, and unfortunately, the chiro said "don't waste your money on MRI, he just needs to change his diet"!

You could ask about getting a urine organic acids test and blood amino acid test through a nutritionist or doctor who knows how to interpret these. Depending on the results, they would prescribe specific supplements you need. For instance, your amino acid test might show deficiencies of tyrosine and histidine, indicators of hypothyroidism and adrenal stress. Your organic acid test might show an elevation in vanilmandelate and other metabolic markers, indicating adrenal stress and blocked metabolic pathways. Correcting the deficiencies with specific amino acid supplements can really make a difference in the way you feel.
It would be great if you could find a doctor who would do this. My nutritionist did these tests for my son, and my daughter.
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I have wondered about adrenal stress(fatiuge) when I started feeling really bad over the last year and I even asked my Dr about it but she dismissed the idea saying my blood work was perfect and concidering I have so many different allergies and issues I find perfect blood result a litlle strange lol

The following is a list of symptoms of adrenal stress

    * Insomnia-----------------------YES
    * Tired in the morning even though we have had a full nights rest--------------YES
    * Lack of energy during the day for no apparent reason-----------------------YES
    * Anxiety or panic attacks-------------------------YES
    * Frequent heart pounding-----------------------YES and tachycardia
    * Mild depression-------------------------YES
    * Slight constipation---------------------------YES
    * Weight gain around the waist---------------------------YES and it the hardest to loose
    * Difficulty concentrating------------------------------YES BIG TIME
    * Cold hands and feet----------------------------------YES
    * Stiffness in the neck and upper back causing occasional headaches--------------YES gettting so much worse and I dont alway feel connect to my allergies
    * Hair loss, more then normal------------------------- My hair went really think and now has thinned out agian
    * Feet and hands are always cold--------------------------------YES
    * Lack of a sex drive-------------------------------YES

I don't by any mean think adrenal stress is what causing it but it sure fits my symptoms and that why I susgested it to my Dr when looking for answer's.

I've had a glucose test and my Blood work was still normal yet it made me feel so bad for week I felt shacky, intence fatiuge, headach's, and more.  I also read about addison's and while looking at them as posiable causes of my symptom I did read that in some case's there is no way to know with just blood test if this really is the cause as the kidney ect can compensate quiet well untill a it finally fail's compleatly and this dose worry me a little. I have read nothing that say's normal Blood test yeld definitive yes or no for adrenal problem's I have read about and seen real medical show's that has talked about small tumor causing havac with people yet no cause could be found till a scan of some type was done. The other reason why I have wonder about adrenal fatiuge is that when I do have panic attack I feel a lot better energy wise.

I get a little frustrated at times with my partner as he's the one that eat poorly and eat junk food and drinks the energy drinks and I'm the one that dealing with symptoms that Dr want to try to blame on thoes type of things.
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Are you completely off gluten?  It does sound like several different things are possible, such as adrenal problems, but gluten allergy could do a lot of that also.  

You are not crazy - a lot of docs are just lazy.  That's what I've run across.  Only the sufferer has the motivation, though often not the energy or finances, to pursue it to the end.  
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THere is a huge increase in alleries int he last several years and I think most western doctors just dont know how to handle it.  Get a new doc - I fired one for telling me my back pain was caused by problems in my marriage...?.....and not the car accident.  He was just lazy or stupid.  Look into a naturopathic allergist or at least one who can see past giving you drugs for symtoms (symptoms) and looking at you like you are crazy.

My cousins wife is "Gluten-Free-Girl"  look up her blog and see if her early stories mirror anything in your life.  She has ciliacs soo bad that if my cousin eats bread or drinks beer and kisses her that same night she will be sick for 3 days.  Your partner's eating habits could very well be making you sick.  For some people just having the food they are allergic to in the house will make them react.  

Might be time to clean out the kitchen completely.
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Hi -- all great info above!

Have you ruled out sulphur?

Intolerances (delayed reactions) tend to affect the mucous membranes and from I understand take longer to appear, etc.

Antihistamines oftens help or steroid nasal sprays.

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