What can i do if my chinchilla has a cold?
by JenniSvrcek, Dec 20, 2009
I am a proud new owner of a chinchilla named Ponyo, weve had her a few months now and shes settled in nicely she plays and crawls all over my boyfriend and myself so i know shes happy.

Recently she has been making a weird squeeking almost sneezing sound and now shes sleeping almost all the time & has a runny nose a bit, since i am a new chinchilla owner im not sure what to do and im scared that if i do the wrong thing or dont do anything at all she will die and i really REALLY dont want that to happen.

What should i do?!?

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basic grey colour
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July 20, 2009
HI Jenni...congratulations on a great new pet.  I have owned many "chins" in the past and I love their personalities!

Colds are a cause for concern in these little guys.   It could be due to drafts, irritation of the nasal passages, or even viruses.   It would be best to get her to a veterinarian who specializes in exotic or "pocket" pets.  Be sure to let your veterinarian know about the type of food you are feeding (not all small animal foods are right for chinchillas) and how you have her housed.

Is she still wanting to take her dust baths?
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by JenniSvrcek, Dec 21, 2009
She seems to be doing better, i got her a mineral block & she loved it the minute i put it into her cage!

i covered her cage to keep it warm and free of drafts. Im not sure if there are any special vets like that in lethbridge for future use if she gets sick again.

And to answer your question yes she still wanted to take dust baths that hasnt changed!!
I am glad to hear she is doing better...a dust bath is always a great way to determine just how sick your chinchilla is...if they refuse the bath, they are not well at all!!

Just so you know, I also messaged our exotic animal experts here at MedHelp to get their opinions.   You might still see some additional answers here over the next day or two.
by JenniSvrcek, Dec 27, 2009
ah thanks, yeah ponyo is a bit comfusing she was doing better but now shes back to sleeping all day. shes still eating her food and goes up for water as usual but i looked st her today and her nose is running again and she hasnt been going on her wheel for exercise like she normally does,