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what do i ask?
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what do i ask?

my arthritis pain has been in my larger joints for a few years now but within the last 8 months it has gotten to the point that i cant even braid my hair some days because my hands hurt so bad. i have been on meloxicam for about six months and i take vitamins regularly. since i have been on the meloxicam my bursitis(which i have delt with for fifteen years and no meds) flared up and has not subsided, my body still aches daily and i take vicodin at night so i can sleep which does help. i am seeing a rheumatologist next month (i am very nervous) and i dont know what type of questions i should ask. im only 27 and everyone doubts my pain. i would be very gratefull for any advice.
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Dear Friend,
As i was reading your post, i felt like you would be around 45 to 55 years age group.
But you have said that you are only 27.
There can be 2 major diagnosis in your case -
1) Rheumatoid Arthritis,
2) Rotator muscle tear causing the same.

However i would suggest you to go for investigations related to RA as that is the major cause of all the symptoms.
Serum ESR / ASO titre / CCP/ RA factor are the basic investigations to be done for diagnosing RA.
Once RA is confirmed, we need to plan a treatment strategy and control the flaring up pattern of the disease.
However if the blood reports are normal, then we would require shoulder MRI scan.
I hope , i was able to explain you the treatment plan.

Feel free to discuss more.
thank you very much for your advice since my posting i have also been put on tramadol which seems to help a bit and im going in for more xrays on my sholder. this next week im going to see an osteo-something (Dr.) to discuss my shoulder pain and i am still going to see the rheumatologist in a few weeks and i will ask about all the tests you listed for me. i currently have no health insurance so this has been very hard for me to acomplish! thank you very much for the help!
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