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Unsure you are Ausperger's? This is intended to be supportive
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This forum is an un-mediated, patient-to-patient forum for questions and support regarding Asperger Syndrome issues such as: Balance, Behavioral Issues, Causes, Characteristics, Classification, Clumsiness, Communication, Diagnosis, Gait – Walking, Genetics, Medications. Parenting, Prognosis, Restricted and repetitive interests and behavior, School Issues, Screening Sleep Disorders, Social interaction, Speech and language, Treatment

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Unsure you are Ausperger's? This is intended to be supportive

I was diagnosed as an "Aspergie" when I was very young--like 3 or 4.
Not many girls receive this diagnosis. My grandmother was a teacher,
so I was blessed to be able to be coached by her though
I know I was difficult to work with.  

I have read some of the posts on here and I so understand
the frustration of finding ways to connect with others
and become something.  I am working my way through
this too.  I had difficulties in college--mainly the college disabilities
department wasn't acting like a real dept. and they don't offer tutoring, and I
began to wonder what it is that they do there all day, exactly, to earn
the department title of "Disabilities Dept." I gave them
paperwork that was supposed to have helped me to waive
taking the TASP test (only algebra caused me problems).  This
paperwork (a battery of tests) cost me $400 at
a university about 60 miles away.  The college disabilities dept. never processed
my paperwork nor told me what else to do with it. Now
the paperwork is aged and they want me to repeat the
testing process to be exempt from the TASP test all over again. This is so unfair
to me, and very expensive, and I have not been able to do this again, so far.
And I am supposed to be the one with disabilities here, right? (I think the
college disabilities department is quite disabled).

Normal people fall through the cracks of systems, so do
disabled people. It rains on us all, I guess.

Looking nice, most people never think I am disabled. I
guess this helps when I am trying to learn things unless
the teachers are utterly in contempt of people who have
to learn things differently.  One teacher made fun of me
in a college classroom because my thinking was
different, and I have to repeat the way I think (in words) so that she
can try to help me figure out why I can't understand
certain things. If I could have typed words on a keyboard to
her, I might have done better, but I was trying to learn the Excel Software
and since I have trouble with math, the formulas don't
make that much sense to me.

I forgot to make my point, sorry.  My point is -- life
is difficult for everyone, not just the disabled. My
grandmother taught me to live above my "labels."
I am not asperger's syndrome.  I am me, first,
an asperger's person, second -- else I would feel
so sorry for myself that I would never have published
books or traveled (with ear plugs) or done much of
anything. I accept the diagnosis of Asperger's to a degree,
but I will not let this label keep me from experiencing life
as others do (within my own limits). I learned my limits
and I know that other Asperger's people can learn theirs
too and be very functional and have nice lives.

Work on your difficulties, but try not to let the
asperger's label soak into your brain.  Learn enough
about this label to help you get through life. And also,
be careful whom you reveal this diagnosis to. Not all
people are kind and understand what Asperger's is.
One lady said I have no soul.  (Like I said, I am supposed
to be the disabled one, right?)  I guess she was God's

I wish there was a support group for different levels
of us.  I am at a high function level, but as I get
older, things are changing. I wish there was someone
for me to talk to.  You all are elected, I suppose.

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470168 tn?1237474845
There are many people disabled, autistic, aspergers etc who are living and giving more than 'typical' people.  Be proud of your achievements.  Enjoy your life and your abilities.  Don't wallow in the things that you find difficult, but don't take any **** off anyone who tries to be-little you because of your diagnosis.  Remember no-one is perfect.
365714 tn?1292202708
Welcome to the forum. :)
611875 tn?1220728088
I was very happy to see your post. Other then my daughter's doctors no one belived they had Aspergers. I was told it only occurs in boys and definately not twice in one family in 2 girls. I felt alone and ashamed and almost like a bad parent just trying to label my children's bad behavior so that someone would medicate it away. It is getting now as we go along. I have great doctors and they both go to a wonderful school with terrific teachers. I actually have 3 girls but it is my oldest at 13 and my "baby" at 6 that are affected. When I finally got off my pitty pot and started taking actions I was so surprised at how much was out there and I was not alone. I guess the one big mistake I have been making but now reading your post will definately try and stop doing is when they do bad or act innapropriate I tend to blame the desease. You are very much right. They are so much more then that so I thank you for that as well. I look forward to seeing in the future how much good this is going to do for them. Well, anyways thanks a bunch again and I will try and keep everyone up to date on our progress.
347888 tn?1239903054
Have you thought about connecting with other young AS girls to support them through childhood?  It sounds like you have made it through amazingly well and probably have lots of advice for others muddling through!  Good luck to you!
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