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is my 2years son normal or he have autism
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is my 2years son normal or he have autism

My boy is 2yrs old he is so nice boy but he didnt speak any word tell now he says mamy baby but he dont mean it he says so many words but its not undestandable like gaga aogi he love to watch tv alot sometimes i call him he dont pay attention he got so angry if i take something from him if i go out for acouple of hours and come back to him he dont care at all he smile and have eye contact with me but he dont show any act if i was sad or crying he love the car alot when he see us wearing the going out clothes he notice that and he go before us to the car he become so happy when he saw kids but when he be with them he show no interrest playing with them i hug and kiss him alot some times he dont like this plz plz help me im from iraq and here we dont have much doctors to dignose autism or not so plz plz help me
It is hard at so young age to conclude with anything, but his behavior does not seem deviant enough for an autism spectrum diagnosis.
Hi! My little boy was diagnosed with autism at two and a half. He is and has always been Very loving and affectionate. He has very good eye contact when it comes to things he enjoys or wants. He definitely noticed when we leave the room, in fact at times, he cries. He has no aggression and never tantrums. At 2, he had several 2 word phrases, he could count to 20 and cite his ABC's but there were a few things about him that were very unusual. Here is a list:

- he did not point with his index finger
- he did not shake his head no or nod yes
- he could label every number and letter, but he could not answer yes or no questions
- he memorized books word for word and could recite them when he saw them
- he had no pretend play
- he seldom responded to his name
- he communicated only to make his needs met, he never communicated to chat or share
- he lined up his toys and loved to examine objects up close
- if it came to choosing between a colourful teddy and a cellphone, he chose the cellphone.
- he flapped his arms when he was excited.
- he couldn't follow instruction, not even "bring to mommy"
- there were times, I would talk to him and it was like he was deaf and couldn't hear.

Autism can be diagnosed as early as 18 months and it is usually easily diagnosed at 2. If he does have similar symptoms as my guy, I would definitely get him checked if possible. And if you google "Floor Time" therapy, that's a really good technique you can use to help him while you are waiting for diagnosis. I had to wait several months for my sons assessment and by the time we went, just by using that technique for a few hours a day, he'd greatly improved.
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