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Re Evaluating


Our 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with speech delay 6 months ago. She was evaluated for autism by a psychologist and a doctor but they said the only issue was her speech delay.

We put her in speech therapy right away, she's been there for 5-6 months, once a week for one hour.
We put her in day care this month. After 4 weeks of day care, during January 2008, concerns were noted as follows:
1. Does not answer when teacher calls her name (ignores her)
2. Repeat questions or commands, such as “ be quiet”, or “calm down”
3. Does not make eye contact a lot
4. Does not focus on an assigned task

At home,

1. There are times where eye contact is fine but some other days, you notice that it’s absent.
2. She tends to ignore our commands but when we repeat them with a lot of emphasis, she would do what you ask her to.
3. Usually, she ignores the commands that she does not like. For example, if she sees that a certain food that she does not like is served for her, she would ignore your command to come to the table. If it is something she likes, she won’t hesitate to sit and eat it.
4. Does not engage in conversation.
5. She plays with her 5 1/2 year old brother fine.
6. She likes to focus on books, drawing.
7. She is very very active, likes to climb, jump.

Her progress since summer 07:

1. She went to speech therapy for 5-6 months, speech had some improvement.
2. Potty trained 12/07.
3. Takes off her clothes and put them back.
4. More interested in new toys, dolls, and she wants some whenever we go to stores.
5. She defends herself from her brother when he tries to take her toys.

We are thinking about re-evaluating her this month, any comments on these behavior?

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I think most of what you are describing sounds like normal behavior to me.  I have 6 children, 3 who are 4 or older.  My five year old is being evaluated for autism.  Although he shares some of her traits he has many others that are much more consistant with a pathology of some sort.  Most of her traits that you describe sounds like my 4 year old (except the speech delay which is already being adressed) who is definately autistic (ADHD...maybe).  He is awnry, stubborn and is learning to ignore and lie.  As far as my experience, 4 is the age when children seem to really develop a sense of "what can I get away with" when it comes to authority.  Although children are constantly manipulating and pressing the boundaries, I think 4 is when they start recognizing cause and effect and actually understanding the world and relationships a bit more.  I think she is just acting like a 4 year old.  But like I said, that is just my opinion.  I do believe however that parents are the BEST representatives for their children.  If YOU think there is something wrong then I would press the issue.  What is the harm in having an eval done anyway?  Good luck=)
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