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Crazy Migrating Symptoms - Looking for any input
Copied from my profile as I am new:

Just beginning my path of discovering what is going on with my body. I have a wonderful life, two children, a dog, a cat, and a very supportive group of people who are worried to death about my failing health.

I am hoping to find an outlet and community here of understanding people who I can learn from and support in return.

Symptom list:

Before the big ER visit:
-Positive Pap no HPV
-Constantly Sick: Caught every illness going around, appendectomy, UTIs, Kidney infection
- VERY fertile had to take Nuvoring bc of two pregnancies while on BC
- Heavy bleeding with decent sized clots
- Noticed some fatty stools
- Several Bowel Movements a day and frequent urination
- Ringing in ears for a couple of years now
-Acne all my life despite taking good care of my skin. Scarring on my face.
- I have always been very forgetful short term memory
- Heart flutter since I was about 23
-Always had discharge from private area, sometimes notice it is milky white
-Several UTIs and a Kidney infection that was really bad.
- Positive Pap but no HPV had a biopsy that turned up non-cancerous.

After big ER visit for UTI and being prescribed Bactrum, then taken off Bactrum and put on 10 days of Tetracycline

Major Symptoms:

- Migrating joint pain that can hang around most of the day or move around within seconds. Sometimes both sides, sometimes one side then the other, some times just one side.

- Bone pain that comes and goes. The worst was a hospital visit. Both when they used the BP cuff and the tourniquet. I wanted to scream and tear them both off. Otherwise as far as I know pain and aches in the bones.

- Muscle pain that works the same as the joint and muscle pain. Migrating and sporadic.

*The above moves around in my back, knees, legs, wrists, hands, elbows (seldom), ankles and feet.

- Nausea every couple of days

- Itchy skin. I have had two different rashes. First one was lacey/veiny around my stomach with raised and lowered tiny red spots everywhere else except for my genitals and feet. Second one was on neck, chest, arms, stomach, and legs. Bumps were raised and some looked like pimples with whiteheads. Now I notice red dots that seem to be around my hair follicles. My arms, back, scalp, and chest itch a bit. Usually a few times a day.

- Pins and needles in feet, legs, and sometimes arms and back. Mostly in my feet and legs.

- Anxiety

- Sometimes I just choke like I was trying to breathe in water and choked but have never been drinking when this happens

- Dry skin on feet and a little blue knot on my left big toes that is seeming to hang around.

Less frequent symptoms:

- My toes turned red like tommey toes, all ten of them for about an hour
- The next day I had trouble walking for a couple of hours on my left foot
- Headaches, just a couple. One of them only lasted for five min and then went away.
- A couple of times a day I may or may not get a couple of stabbing pains in my lower organs around my abdomen, sometimes these miagrate too. Usually brief but stabbing.
- Sometimes my ears hurt like I have an ear infection. Sometimes one, sometimes both, sometimes one more than the other. Doesn't happen very often.
- Sometimes have brain fog
- Sometimes have trouble concentrating
- Sometimes have bloating in my abdomen
- Sometimes my throat feels dry other times it feels like I have a rash in my throat

I have a couple of days where I am in relatively little pain and I think this is going away and then BOOM.

I have been to the ER three times and was told that I was checked to make sure I was not dying. I am seeing a MD who I began seeing after the NP said she had no idea and I needed to see the doctor. He says he is checking for Lupis, B12, and other Auto immune type test. Expect results back 10/26/12.

* I had a Lymes test, not sure what kind, and it came back negative. My glucose was a tiny bit low, and my thyroid came back fine. Not sure what else has been tested but plan on finding out next MD visit so I can log these.

Am on Prednizone and it helped for two days. Didn't help today. I am also about to start period and took out my NuvoRing, don't know if that matters or not?

I am keeping a symptom journal and a log of any disease that may fit. So far I have:
-Graves () except I have no decrease in mcycle)
-Ovarian Cancer
-Celiac(except for fertility problems)

I am demanding a inner ultrasound to check for ovarian cancer as I have had so many ovary problems and will insist on a better Lyme's test if my test come back fine this round.

So far it has been 6 weeks since the big Bactrum ER visit.
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There is a lot going on here and more than one condition by the looks of it.  
Always request a copy of your lab tests.  Pathology notes may be very helpful.

Autoimmune disease wise, Lupus and Celiac disease are on the suspect list. Lyme is more suspect if you had flu like symptoms to start with.

Another suspicion is vitamin B12 deficiency.  A deficiency of B12 can cause a false positive pap smear (B12 is needed for DNA replication) and neurological symptoms from pins and needles to increased or decreased pain sensitivity.  The the lowest acceptable B12 serum level in Europe and Japan is 550pg/mL. Check your own lab results to make sure you are above this serum level.

Testing vitamin D serum is highly recommended. Not only is this vitamin crucial to the activate T cells to kill off bacteria and viruses, most autoimmune diseases will also have concurrent vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency alone can cause of bone and muscle pain.

Intestinal causes of steatorrhea (fatty stools):

Bacterial, parasitic or viral infection of the gastrointestinal tract
Celiac disease
Food intolerances
Inflammatory bowel disease (including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis)
Short-bowel syndrome (shortening of the intestine)

Biliary tract causes of steatorrhea:

Biliary atresia
Biliary stricture

Causes of steatorrhea related to the pancreas:

Congenital pancreatic lipase deficiency
Cystic fibrosis
Pancreatic cancer
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Thank you soooooo much for your input! I really appreciate this. I will request a copy of my lab tests and pathology.

Thank you for the info. Every bit I can get helps!

You are awesome! :)
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Get tested for toxoplasma gondi.  Often, the medical establishment diagnoses people with auto-immune disorders erroneously.  Yes there are antibodies to self, but there's a reason that there are antibodies to self.  We have undetected intracellular parasites that the immune system is trying to get to.
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