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Hashimotos, or is it?
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Hashimotos, or is it?

Im a 19 year old male, and I have had chronic helath problems for the last 3 years


- Bulging eyes/eyelid retraction
- chronic Fatigue
- excessive hairloss
- trouble swallowing/hoarse voice

All sings point to a thyroid problem, my doctor did a TSH Blood test, came back normal, and my ANA (Antinuclear Antibody Test ) came back negative.

I'm tired of feeling ill, what more can I do to get this problem solved?
I'm having the HARDEST time getting a diagnosis.
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Hi .
You say your doctor tested the TSH for your thyroid, well that is a pituarity blood test, and it maybe normal but you could have a thyroid problem.

You need a FreeT3, and a FreeT4, along with thyroid antibody blood tests.
This sounds like  it could be Graves if it is a thyroid problem,

Make sure your doctor does the Frees in the blood test, a lot of doctors only test the TSH, for thyroid, and these doctors which just go off the TSH, just havent got a clue with thyroid disorders.
Also ask for some Thyroid Antibodies, blood tests also.
Have you also had a full blood count? if not , ask for a full blood count also at the same time.

May i ask have you lost any weight? become heat intolerant? had any palpatations?

Sorry ive asked a lot of questions , im just trying to get a better picture, so i can help you.
Best wishes.
Hope this as helped, please keep me posted
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