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Is this myasthenia gravis? help please?
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Is this myasthenia gravis? help please?

Hi All,

I have had sudden onset of sx in Jan 2007, it started with eye problems they would get so sore and tired by the end of the day and i'd have trouble following someones finger and my eyes would droop (more so now after 2 yrs). I also had fatiuge in my jaw, shoulder weakness, as i got tested for MS with MRI's on a 1.5 t but no contrasts it come back negartive.

By jan 2008 my legs were so weak the R mainly that i was registered disabled and had to use a wheelchair on occasion and sticks, they dx fibromyalgia by sx but this last year i have gotten consistely weaker and it never lets up i do get flares of weakness and flares of body spasms and more recent vertigo so i am under an ENT and going to another neuro hospital to be retested for MS but i know MG is a MS mimic and wonder if i should be tested for this. My muscles are fatiuged when i exercise and all the hydro they tried made me so bad, the heat makes it worse too, but also if i get too cold that makes it bad too.

My eyes droop by the end of the day and i am shattered,stress makes it worse,i have problems swallowing and choke on my own spit sometimes and my right side of my face feels frozen and is numb feeling in places and my jaw aches that side.

i know the vertigo and body spasms dont fit the MG but all my other SX do?

i just want to know why in 2 yrs i've ended up disabled i used to bea healthy working mum of 3 jogging up to 5 iles a day with my dogs on my days off now i am listless,didabled and a completly changed person i am also a singal mum as my marriage broke down due to my illness so i am desperate for help and advise i just want something to slow this down, if this is fibro why dont i ever get any let up from the weakness? i do have better days then others but that used to be better weeks then other's last yr onwards has been constant with maybe 4 or 5 days inbetween at its best.I am not fatuiged as in tired i dont sleep well but in my muscles my neck is the worst and my legs right worse.

I dont believe this is fibro, i think it's either MS or myasthenia gravis, what do you think, help please.

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Hi Sam,
I was just diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis in November 2008.  My intial symptoms appeared in August 2007.  I had to undergo many tests to rule out other things.  I know how frustrated you are because you know that there is something definitely wrong but you playing the waiting game with the doctors.

The EMG test and the single fiber EMG test were the tests that finally confirmed the diagnosis.  Please let me know if there are any questions that I can help you with.
Take care,

Thank you so much for answering my reply, can i ask if they did any antibody test on you or blood work?

what type of MG do you have ocular or general?

do you get pain or odd sensations like muscle spasms or is it just muscle weakness?

sorry noone else i now on this whole website seems to have MG that i can find so your my only knowledge and i know that each oerson it is differnet but it no good listening to the internet as the sx dont match.

Do you think my sx sound like MG or more MS?

do you get the dropping eyelids i get the dropping like brow the eye bit over it it droops down when i am so tired and nearly comes over my eye but not that much but over the 2 yrs i am getting worse with that.
I understand it is a hard disorder to dx as it takes a while to get worse i am scared that if it takes another yr to dx how bad will i be? will my sx go into remission when i get treatment or will the damage been done by then.

thanks for your time and answers

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