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Very sick
So lately I've been really sick. It started out as what my doctor thought was a bad sinus infection. She put me on amoxicillin. I took it for 10 days and finished the bottle but I was only sicker. I'm now on a new antibiotic. But I've also acquired quite a few debilitating symptoms:
Muscle weakness
Violent hand tremors
Muscle spasms and twitches (mostly at night when resting)
Pale skin
Numbness in hands and feet (on and off)
Cold hands and feet
Memory problems
Loss of balance and coordination
Trouble focusing
Trouble walking (unsteady gait)
Purple fingernails (with white through the middle)
Difficulty breathing (feeling of not getting enough air)
Tingling in fingers
Purple, cold knees
Occasional sagging of the right side of my face
Partial paralysis and numbness with face sagging
Troubling speaking
Shakiness in voice
Loss of appetite
Eye pain (behind eyes)
Graying and hazy vision
Eyes not tracking together
Dilated pupils (right pupil bigger than left)
Headache when moving head (feels like my brain is being pushed against skull)
Dizziness upon standing and stretching
Rapid heart rate (154 resting and 162 upon standing and stretching)

Any ideas what could be going on? I've been suspecting autoimmune.
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Hey Morgan,
Welcome to the forum.
I'm so sorry for your suffering.
It seems to me that you've through some serious things before.
My suspicions:
Systemic pathogenic infection like Lyme Disease, Pathogenic Mycoplasma
along with nutritional deficiencies and Candidiasis.
My suggestions:
ASAP: Discontinue simple carb and sugar intake-if possible start an anti-fungal diet-
Take high quality Prebiotics and Probiotics to re-balance your intestinal flora.
Supplement with extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO) 2T daily to start -in cooking or raw or put over steamed veggies-and increase to 3T in week 2.
Look up "Oil Pulling " with EVCO. Do every morning.
Take sublingual methylocobalamin (B12) or same in B-complex if available
Take emulsified D3 drops
Take every day an Epson salt bath. Also look up Transdermal Magnesium
oil. Start this ASAP!
Check for LLMDs in your area and make an appointment right away.
The only doctors that can help you with such infectious conditions.
The other option you have is to go to a Naturopathic doctor or Natural medicine practitioner knowledgeable in pathogenic infections.
There are herbal regimens to treat those.Cats claw is the fundamental remedy, however,I recommend that you do not do take this on your own as the herxing from this can be overwhelming! Best to get

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an experienced practitioner or ND to help you.
Make sure you stay well hydrated and go to the natural breathing website and learn how to breath-really!- according to your present capacity.
Very important!
Also consume high quality fresh foods, no additives and chemicals, no junk food, no sodas-anti-candida diet is highly recommended along with a good quality multi-vitamin with minerals and omega -3 oil capsules 2x1000mg daily If you go to an N.D or Nat. Practitioner they will give you a personalized supplement plan.
Your doctor is not knowledgeable in this area. Do not wait till your situation worsens. You need to go with experts and ASAP!
You are young and if you catch this early you can heal, as fast as your immune system becomes strong again!
Please check these recommendations well before acting on any of them.
, even if I take every measure to offer safe and natural suggestions.
Please contact me anytime if you need more details.
Take care,
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Hi Morgan,

Your post caught my attention.  I have many of the same symptoms you are experiencing.  How are you feeling?  Do your symptoms come and go or are they pretty consistent?
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