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What could be the cause of my skin turning GREEN above my ankles and in...
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What could be the cause of my skin turning GREEN above my ankles and in my fingers?

Female very athletic and played basketball, volleyball, and softball, and weighed about 115lbs. I knew i had sprained my ankles and torn a couple ligaments in my knees from all the sport years. I had a sudden weight gain and gained 80lbs in about 5 and half months about a year and a half ago. They did testing, including thyroid and have continued to test and everything is normal. When i was my normal weight of 115 pounds and 5' 6'' I did experience some heart problems or I thought anyways. But once again, nothing came up even when seeing a specialist they just thought that i had some anxiety. Currently, I've been going to physical therapy for awhile but just 3 nights ago(monday night Jan 4) I looked down and saw that above both my ankles there was a green area. The color is like a light green colored crayon. The next afternoon I noticed that my fingers starting to have that same green pigment. It looks like I have bruises but it doesn't hurt like a normal bruise would (when u touch it). My ankles have been swollen for at least 3 weeks. Now, my ankles and hands are very swollen. Sometimes my toes and fingers would lose sensation and become numb. I do live in a cold climate (Wisconsin) but the "green" episodes really don't seem to happen when im exposed to cold weather it just happens when im sitting down in class, at home, or doing nothing. The "greening" seems to come on gradually but stays about 30min-1hr for my hands and then gradually goes away. The "greeness" was alot worse above my ankles than it was on my fingers and hands and I believe the green stayed above my ankles probably overnight, i know it stayed at least an hour before I went to bed and feel asleep. I really thought this was all sports injury related but then when my fingers starting to turn green i knew it was much more serious. Our clinic had no vacancy the day we were there but the head nurse looked and saw the green in my fingers and thought it was necessary for me to go to the ER. The er doctor didn't know what to say at all. He said it wasn't his expertise and that  he didn't want to get into it but he said theres definitly something wrong. He checked the blood flow to my hands by pressing up and down on the 2 veins that flow into your hands, and said that the blood flow was good. The bottom number in my blood pressure was high at 101 so that struck me to be odd..bc usually i have very very good blood pressure. But they sent me away without any testing at all. The next day (today Jan 7th) I went into the clinic at 9:40. At about 8:30, during algebra 2, i noticed that i did see green on both sets of fingers and slowly went away at around 9:30. They took 5 tubes of blood from me, but were really not sure what it was. The doctor was possibly thinking it was reynauds.I don't think its reynauds because it really doesn't seem like i change color when i'm exposed to the cold. She said(the doctor) that she was probably going to call the rhumatologist and consult with him. I got my wisdom teeth out on Dec 30 and am still on antibiotics and prescription ibuprofen. This is something kind of scary for me. My physical therapist has had me out of high impact activities due to the cramping in my calves and the problems with my ankles so I haven't really been very active for the past 4 weeks, except for low-impact activities (biking,walking, lifting weights). Activity just seems to make the swelling and pain worse.. but I'm not sure if activity effects the turning of color or not. I would really appreciate input from anyone having any knowledge with internal medicine, autoimmune disorders, rhumatology, or anyone that has any idea.
Thank you,
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Hi and welcome to MedHelp.

I don't have any personal dealings with green skin, but did some research on the matter.  Some said it could be gang green, some said exposure to copper, some said ekzama (sp?).  

Keep us posted on what you find out.
Hi,  Have you learned anything new about the green fingers, etc.?  I am experiencing similar symptoms.  My doctor is doing a series of tests; like you she is thinking Raynauds.
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