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hashi-toxicosis or just graves?
I am going to give some labs beginning from 09 to give a better picture.

March 09;
aNTI-tpo 12 iu/ML(REF RANGE, LESS THAN 35)
t3 1.17 (.9-1.69)
TSH .35 (0.465-4.68)
ft4 0.95(0.78-2.19)

t3 1.17 (0.970-1.69)
TSH 0.559 (0.465-4.68)
ft4 1.16(0.78-2.19)
TSI 99 (REF RANGE LESS THAN 124)-Yes, I know this indicates graves/hyper

During both times of testing I was asymptomatic. I used herbs and supplemens to bring my TSH in range.

I was in the ER  a month ago supposedly for a mild thyroid storm,pulse was 150 and my TSH was undetectable. This was Sept 18 of this yr.

10 days later labs were re-run and I had been taking 5 mg of methimazole 1x a day. Labs as follows;

TSH less than 0.004(0.400-4.000)L
Free T4 1.87(0.63-1.67)H
T3 193 (81.00-178.00)H
aNTI-TGA 26.2(0.0-40)
aNTI-TPO 732(O.O-34.0)H

9 days after test above and 3 weeks on methi

TSH LESS THAN 0.04(.35-4.94)
ft4 0.9(0.70-1.48)

I had hyper symptoms 3 days before going to the ER, and I had recently had major oral surgery that I was on meds for.

I've been told with a high TPO AND antibodies for thyroglubin that could mean I have noth hashi and graves. I've never had a weight problem, I weigh the same as I did 16 yrs ago when I married. I lost 10+ pounds in about a month before being put on ATD.


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