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I need some help
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Our TTC and Pregnancy after a Loss Group is a Public Group for women to share their conception journeys after a miscarriage. From starting over after a loss; surviving the two week wait; dealing with a BFN; celebrating the coveted BFP and making it through nine months of worry. Baby dust is sprinkled joyfully and liberally all around.

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I need some help

Hi ladies. Someone sent me your way...I'm in bed recovering from my second d&c. I had a partial mole last year and 7 days before the anniversary of losing that baby, we found out we were preggers. I was super pumped. I had such a hard year and felt like God was giving us the most perfect gift at the most perfect time. At 8 weeks, we saw no baby, only a sac and i started bleeding 2 days later. 5 days after that (yesterday) I had the d&c

It's even harder that I have no friends who have gone through this. Or they have and they are having a healthy preg now. People try and comfort you, but you feel so alone. But also know other woman go through even more than what I have experienced. I'm ready to start trying but afraid at the same time. Thanks so much for listening. I know you all understand.

Any one have any experiences or advise? I'm trying to learn all the abbreviations lol....what is DH? The only thing I could come up with was 'designated husband' ha. I dont think that's right. Thanks Again everyone!
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Hi AuntAmy,

You are definitely not alone in going through this. I've had three losses now (8 wks, 10wks, and again last week at only 4 wks). I have one friend who also went through a few losses before having a healthy baby, but most of my friends haven't had any complications at all. My best friend is about to give birth next week; had my first pregnancy not failed I would be due at the same time...

This is a great community for helping you feel less lonely and I'm really appreciative of all the support I've gotten. I'm sorry you're going through this as well. Give yourself time to grieve and heal.

Welcome AuntAmy! I'm so sorry for your losses, you were pointed in the right direction for comfort and support. I've been through 4 losses, 3 early and one at 5 months, so I understand the devastation. I've been TTC since Dec. 08 with no luck so far, I did have an early loss in Dec. 09, I'm just not ready to give up. The women here are so helpful and truely amazing, it's a place where everyone understands. You can drop in on our cycle buddies thread anytime and get to know the girls, you can also take a look at the belly buddies thread and see how many women started where we are and are now moms or soon to be moms. Take care of yourself.

Hi AuntAmy-  I'm so glad that someone could recommend you come here.  I've frequently thought how fortunate I was to have found this board.  I asked my MD after my first m/c if there were support groups in the area and basically learned that it's largely moved onto the internet.  But there are some wonderful folks on here who are always willing to listen.

I've had 2 confirmed miscarriages in the last year (missed m/c at 10.5 weeks and blighted ovum at 9 weeks).  I potentially had another early miscarriage over 2 years ago (MD never confirmed and we weren't trying so I didn't think too much about it).  I'm 6.5 weeks pregnant again, and am on pins and needles waiting for my first u/s.  I wouldn't have much sanity if I couldn't talk and listen to others going through what I have.  

Take care
I am sorry for your losses.  I had a m/c last February and a d&c at around 8 weeks also.  I know how you are feeling, but you are not alone!!  The girls here are great and we all have spent time listening to each other and being there for eachother in the good and bad.  

I have discovered many resources for loss/grieving that I had to find myself, but if you are interested, let me know and I can send you some websites and books, music, that I have found to be helpful.  Healing is a long process and the babies will always stay close to your heart.  It's hard to see it now, but time will help ease the pain.  

Welcome to our group AuntAmy.  As you can see, this forum is full of warm, wonderful supporting women.  It's nice to be able to go to a place where you know you will be completely understood.

I had one loss at 8 weeks in Aug 2008.  DH and I have been TTC for a total of 3+ years.

Like Lori said, feel free to drop in on the cycle buddies thread as that is where the majority of our mundane chatter is.
AuntAmy...Welcome to the group.  I know it is the last place any of us wanted to end up, but I feel having a miscarriage has aloud me to meet such wonderful, strong women all over the world.  There is a reason things happen.  I had a very hard time dealing with my miscarriage and found this site accidentally but I am truly happy that I did.  It has been a little over 3 months since I had a miscarriage and this is the first month I have been "ok" about everything that has happened.  I designated April as my selfish month.  I am doing everything for me this month....getting healthy...eating better...exercising...etc.  It is truly making me feel great.  

I know what you mean about people trying to comfort you that cannot relate.  I felt the same way.  They try to say the right thing but what is the right thing to say...."It stinks!" thats what I other way to put it.  I pray that you find comfort from the women here on this site as well as the comfort from from the people that love you.  

Miscarriage taught me two things about myself....1. I am a stronger women than I thought I ever was....and 2. There are more people that love me than I ever thought possible.  Take the time you need to grieve and be angry.  The wounds will heal...we are here to help.
Welcome Amy.  I'm so glad you found this group.  I too am suffering my second miscarriage and just had a d&c done on March 15th.  I stumbled upon this group after my first and while I don't post often it is a great place to meet/talk to people that can relate to everything you are going thru.  I don't have many friends that understand what it's like and everyone just asks when we are going to start trying to have kids.  It's really frustrating and a roller coaster of emotions.  Again, welcome.
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