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Is it possible for an atypical hemangioma or a mildly desicated disk to...
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Is it possible for an atypical hemangioma or a mildly desicated disk to be the cause of my chronic neck pain? Please take a look at my story, I really need some insight.

I was in a car accident 4 years ago and have been suffering from chronic severe neck and back pain ever since. I am only 22 years old. My X-Ray shows pre-degenerative signs at C2 - C3 and straightening of the cervical spine. My old MRI that was done 3 years ago shows a 5mm atypical hemangioma in the C4 body and that the C2-C3 disk is mildly dessicated. I just had another MRI done and all the report shows is a hemangioma in the C4 vertebral body and straightening of the usual cervical lordosis possibly related to muscle spasm. My muscles are in constant spasm everyday. I have done physical therapy 4 times and tried every pain management approach out there. No muscle relaxer will alleviate the spasms. What could be the cause of this. I need someone to help me, I am too young to continue down this path.
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I doubt that the hemangioma in the bone is the cause of your pain. This is becoming a common finding on many spine MRIs.
I would consult with a neuro/spine specialist and have a thorough spine and neurological exam done.
You could benefit from aquatherapy and relaxation techniques.

Dr Prem Pillay
Consultant Neurosurgeon
Neuro Spine and Pain Center
Hi,sorry to know it,my opinion as fellow:
The pre-degenerative signs at C2 - C3 and straightening of the cervical spine are due to soft tissue injury (Probable whiplash),this injury can lead to chronic neck , upper back pain and muscle spasm.
So atypical hemangioma or a mildly desicated disk are not the cause of your  chronic neck pain.
Carry on physio treatment,plus deep and intensive acupuncture to relive inflammation and keep moving...
Good luck!
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