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Back Pain & Burning Feet
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Back Pain & Burning Feet

I had a back pain - severe - from herniated disc 2 years back. It improved slowly with all medication & physio. So after one year - that is a year back, I started going to fitness & started weight traing again with the help of physical trainer.
I used to do quite a lot of weight training & everything was going great.
In last June, around 5 months back, I started getting burning feet sensation which I never had before.
Since then, it is always there, some time a lot & some time mild. I do not have much of a back pain.
I went to doctor & he told me to take rest so I stopped all exercise as every month I start, it becomes more severe, the burning sensation.
By now, I can not walk much as my back & legs get tired & get muscle pain & burning becomes too much
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Greetings Jo8164,

I'm so sorry you are having these problems.    Yes, the best thing you can do from now on is to just take it very, very easy.  Although I'm not a Dr, as a fellow suffer as yourself, I strongly suggest that you follow your Dr's advise and in the future before you weight train or lift anything more than a gallon of milk... Ask yourself... is lifting "this" worth ruining your back and any more pain?    

Give yourself time to heal, don't  EVER  push it.  It may take a couple of years, and I'm not kidding here.....  but you can be back to normal if you haven't done too much damage.

Go back to the Dr and get MRI's and tests done to see what's up.

I've had those burning hands and feet too.  It literally feels like I've fallen into a pit of coals.    Oh.. when I told Dr's about the burning sensation in palms of my hands and the soles of my feet.. they looked at me like I was crazy.

Good luck, I hope you find a Dr that will help you.  Please update us and let us know how you are doing... and what is being done.  I'm watching this blog so I can keep up with you.  

Good luck again..


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Thanks a lot for the same.

This is what my doctor also told me that may be I went too far too fast.

When I first started weight training after the back pain - in fact I started this one year after my first back pain ( I used to do before my back pain also ), it went quite well for 6-7 months. Then somewhere along the way, I was doing too heavy & I think it just snapped. Now for last 4-5 months, i do not do any heavy exercise.

The funny part is that in my first episode of back pain, I had a lot of pain but no burning sensation.

I am watching my weight & taking it easy.

I am not taking any pain killers like medicine etc. for last 4 months. I  also went for physio for first few days & have not gone for last 4 months.

Let us see how it goes.

Thanks again.


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