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L5-S1 disc buldge
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L5-S1 disc buldge

I had back pain and worst leg pain since many months.
Later on the pain got severe. It became difficult for me to walk or stand more than 5mins.
I am very thin .I lost lots of weight too.I am underweight now.
I had fallen sick many times.
23year old with 36 weight.
In the month of oct 2011 I got MRI scan and got the result as L5-S1 disc buldge.
The doctor said nothing to worry and he gave me some injection and tablets.
But,since few years I have started getting allergy of allopathy tablets.
I had severe migraine before then I got recovered but after taking this tablets again I got migraine. So, I stopped this treatment,
For 1 month I din't take any treatment.I was not able to go outside home also.
Then I went for my usual homeopathi doctor.
I was not able to sleep for many days also.
After hearing all my symptoms he said its better I take bed rest for a month and not to bend at all.
I did same .Took his treatment got bit energy but the pain din't go.
I can not sleep at left side due to its severe pain. I can not sleep on my back side feels like  hell pain.
I had been sleepin on right side only since an year.
I had been taking homeopathi treatment for 6months and stil continuing it.
But still I have got worst pain in buttocks specially left side buttock and thighs.
I massage my legs with oil to get  bit relief.
Every morning the pain is too worst.
Because of this my lifestyle is changed.
Sometimes I feel like I am handicapped.
Can not go outside.
Can not run.
Can not play games or adventurous sports. Can not trave or say can not go for long journey.
Very rarely I am going out of house for few hours.
All time at home.
Can not do much house work also.
I can not try for job also.
Can anybody suggest me What should I do?
Any exercises? Or any any solution?
I want to get back to my normal life.
Please tell me.
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Hi there!

Since the disc herniation is in early stages (bulge) a conservative management is advised at this time i.e. a period of initial bed rest followed by physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory medications. I would suggest consulting an orthopedician at this time, seeking a review and possible reference to a physiotherapist to help strengthen the back muscles. If conservative management does not seem to help, alternative therapies can be considered.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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I have the same problem the only thing that's even helps is physical therapy i went to a couple of years ago and i had to modify this one exercise they gave me but it helps. It hurts at first but if u do 5 the first time and then you work your way up to as much as you can in as much time as you need. But i lay on my right side and push my pelvis back and for. You can also do it on your hands and knees or standing up or laying on your back which ever feels the most comfortable at the stage your at. When it starts feeling better i'll do all except laying on my back because it seems like it gives you the less movement. If you are seeing a dr for this you might want to ask if this would make your situation worse but it sounds like the same as mine. Hope this helps if not ask about if Sciatica surgery is required
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