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Neck damage and sympathetic nervous system problems
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Neck damage and sympathetic nervous system problems

Hey first of all just want to say that I'm new to the site, so "Hi".  Anyway, I have a question (which I'm posting in the neck/spine are also just in case I've got the wrong forum) which relates to nerve damage causing symptoms related to the sympathetic nervous system.  

A few years ago I developed some very odd symptoms after giving birth to my first child, I have been a human pin cushion since, seen many specialists and they still not have found the answer to what is wrong with me.  However, since having my second child 2 years ago I got worse in that I began experiencing a lot of pain in my muscles and ligaments, I developed severe fatigue and now struggle to get up a flight of stairs without muscles being in pain and my heart racing (before I had children I used to be very fit and healthy, I did dance, running, all sorts).

What I noticed when my symptoms began was that I had headaches (cluster headaches), scalp sensitivity, vision problems, unequal pupils, pins and needles in my arms and legs, I would wake up with heavy pins and needles in my neck and arms if I had been laying on my back but didn't get it if I laid on my side, my legs would get horrible cold tingley rushing sensations, I now get pins and needles from the waist down often, it comes and goes from time to time, some days I'm laid up with muscle fatigue and tiredness and I have had to up my dose of beta blocker (atenolol) from 50mg a day to 75mg a day because I felt like they just haven't worked right over the past year or so.  

I have seen many Drs, one cardiologist told me he thought it was anxiety as I noticed that if I ever did get anxious it would be a heightened response than normal resulting in SVT and palpitations.  I have had a constant sinus tachy arrythmia with high blood pressure since the symptoms started too.

After years of pestering Dr's they realised it was not a mental thing as my mobility was getting worse and I am due to have a nerve conduction study and see a cardiologist again.  (I'm in the UK).  I've had this for 6 years now and am desperate for a cure.

When it did start I also noticed twitching of the muscle at the back of my neck, I have constant pain in my neck and shoulders and when my neck and shoulders are touched the muscles hurt, my neck has been like a tight rope since birth of my first child (I gave birth in squatting position and I did crack my coccyx having him also, he was a large baby and the labour was quick).  One Dr asked when examining me if I'd had an accident because my neck felt to him like I had whiplash - I never have had whiplash.

Is it at all possible that damage to my neck/spine through maybe giving birth might have caused nerve damage?  I believe there is some problem with my vagal nerve because I have a tonne of stomach problems as the same time as the over active sympathetic nervous system.  I also struggle to perspire now and over heat in hot weather, I really cannot tolerate heat.  

My Dr believes that I may have MS and that is why he has referred me to a neurologist, I think the next avenue will be an MRI.

Anyone else with problems affecting their nervous system due or neck/spine/nerve injury?
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Hi there!

Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult o determine the cause of your symptoms. Most of the symptoms could be a part of the cluster headache syndrome while other possibilities such as sympathetic overdrive, hormonal/ endocrine/ metabolic issues, neuro-muscular causes, micronutrient deficiencies etc. may need to be considered as well. This may require evaluation by an internist, neurologist and a rheumatologist. After a cause is identified, it can be managed accordingly.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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