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Partial wrist or total wrist fusion with EDS type III
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Partial wrist or total wrist fusion with EDS type III

I just got the result of my right (dominant) wrist arthro-MRI, stating that I've got partial tears in 3 ligaments : luno-triquetral, scapho-lunar and TFCC.

Since I have EDS type III (well, still trying to get the official diagnosis, but have all diagnosis criteria and do have officially hypermobility diagnosis), reconstructive surgery isn't an option (well it's what the physiatrist says, and I agree... I'd be pretty mad if I injured my wrist again like 1 year after the surgery!)

But I don't want to just do nothing, as the injuries (the tears are result of 2 separate injuries) are not recent (3years+ & 1year+ respectively) and not really healing. I need to wear a cast (really mobility-restrictive one) almost constantly or I re-injure myself and/or am in pain, even doing minor tasks.

The doc finally told me about partial fusion (4 bones) but of course I'll need to see with the surgeon.

I did some research and wonder if partial will be enough, since it would leave many ligaments unprotected from injury in the future (which is the whole point of this surgery), and leaves, if I'm right, the TFCC non-attended... Unless it's repaired at the same time.
So in my situation, even if it means very limited mobility, would a total fusion be better? My mobility is even more limited with the cast right now, in my opinion... (can't flex, can't rotate the hand separatly, thumb very limited...)

I'd like to know, practically, what to expect with both surgeries :
is it total aenesthesia or just local, usually (I know, you can't be sure, but usually?)
how long is it before you can use your arm/fingers at all? How long in a "total" cast (not a removable one)?
What are, more precisely, the movements I wouldn't be able to do anymore with partial vs. total fusion?

Thank you very much!
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Dear Anniedan,

You need to ask an orthopaedic hand surgeon.  Get a few opinions. This answer is dependent on your exam as well and can’t do it from afar alone.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Charles Rosen
Of course I knew I couldn't get anything specific, I hoped I could get some hints as to how something like this is usually handled and how it usually goes...

But thanks anyways for taking the time!
oh typing is still left handed
right hand had huge cast...goes up past elbow  n ggets in my way
i was hopping they taKE CASt off but thtn when they did take off first blue cast...they decided i needed 3 more weeks and put on a big PINK one ...cast is made of fibercast so it is sapposed to be light...but i am a wimp n i think it is heavy
but fingers n thumb  work
they move....n i must exercise will be able to usee  mouse & keyboard...i expect to be able to write again after cast gone as fingers do move enough as much as ever as only wrisst bones were frozen... the two rows of em.  and yes the bar they put in attaches to back of hand abd tnen to arm bone,   i think i will ask for copy of med records on this one cause to understAand more.  i will have a wrist like it was,.....b4...unbendable... like it was in the used when one has carpeltunnel...cant bend wrist at all in them.      ther even removed one overly enlarged wrist bone near pinky.  ....most people can see on the back side of their arm/wrist.....the bumppy like bone  straight down from pinky on back side of hand n wrist.

yes they put me out for surgary....i asked if they wanted me to move or not during surgery?   cause if they dont knock me out i would bet i would not be able to be still.....also they said that the drugs they give that do not knock u out r given in veins in armpit n there is chance of the procedure causing nerve damage inside hand n wrist...i tld them that that settles it....knoxk me out...i want no chance of more damage,...seem like siillly question.

if u like i could add u 2 my email list of my updates on how this is going... if u think it would help   u?
my email is
maybe something in there will help?

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