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I have been having pain down my arm, lots of muscle cramps,back of my head is numb sometimes goes to the side of my face, pains that go around my chest,my legs go to sleep alot when I walk and sometimes when I stand up from sitting or sleeping anyways I was wondering if you could tell me what can be done for me. My bone and joint doc. told me that I have arthritis in my neck and that was about all. He sent me to pt but it is not helping. Could you give your opinion of my MRI.
posterior fossa brain parenchyma is unremarkable.
c3-4 minimal uncovertebral hypertrophy w/o central canal or neural foraminal
c4-5 is the same as c3-4
c5-6 moderate uncovertebral hypertrophy left greater than right. minimal canal
stenosis. minimal left side nueral foraminal narrowing. minimal mass effect
on the left paracentral cord.
c6-7 moderate left mild right uncovertebral hypertrophy. minimal mass effect
on the left paracentral cord. mild central stenosis. minimal left sided neural
foraminal narrowing. no prominent right side neural foraminal narrowing.

probably left side uncovertebral hypertrophy resulting in mild mass effect in
the left paracentral cord at c6-7 and c5-6 more prominently.minimal cord
rotation at these levels secondary to mass effect on the left paracentral cord

I also have 3 midline central disc protrusions at t7-8,t8-9, t9-10 with mild central canal diameter reduction but no morphologic evidence for cord impingment per se.What ever that means.
any help would be great.
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Sounds like a lot of wear and tear in your spine which is essentially what arthritis means.  You may ask your doctor if he or she thinks an epidural would help out.
So this is normal for a 39 year old woman who has not had any symptoms before 2 months ago?
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