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Are doctors telling you everything you need to know
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Are doctors telling you everything you need to know

My daughter became sexually active recently at 17. She went and discussed birth control with her doctor and was put her on the Nuva ring.  A week ago when my daughter was due to remove it. It was not there! Of course we all paniced. We waited another week and when her period did not come, she took a pregnancy test. She is pregnant. We went to her doctor yesterday and we explained that she put the ring in when she was supposed to and that when she went to remove it it was gone. The doctor said it is rare for that to happen. Her doctor also told us that her parther  "should have" used a condom for the first month. Which she did not tell her when she put her on the nuva ring.
Now my 17 year old daughter is going to have a baby when her life is just beginning. She just started a full time job and planned to enroll in Nursing school in September. Her baby is due on Sept. 22nd. I am devistated for her and I am angry that the doctor did not educate her about using a condom for the first month. However, the doctor did tell us that for future reference she should know to have her partner wear a condom. Her partner is enlisted to go into the Marines in June and will not even be here  through the last months of her pregnancy nor when the baby is born. I found this board and just felt the need to post this information so that in case anyone is planning on using the nuva ring, to be very aware all the time that it is inside of you at all times and that you should use a condom as well.  
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If the doctor really did not tell her this about the condom, she has a legitimate complaint that she should file with the Medical Board.
I contacted several laywers. Unfortunately in NY State I do not have a case against the Doctor. A laywer did tell me that he would send a letter to see what Nuva ring will do to compensate my daughter since the ring was defective and did not stay in.
As far as the Medical Board, I haven't notified them as of yet.
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