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light period and pain with paragard copper iud?
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light period and pain with paragard copper iud?

OK so I'm 24, never pregnant, and I had the copper IUD inserted in august.
(Holy hell pain!)
Since I never had a baby I had to take a pill to open my cervix, she said she got it up 5 centimeters and I had to get an ultrasound. After the ultrasound I never got the call to come in so I assume its placed OK.
Now last month my first period on it was picture perfect, normal heavy bleeding.
HOWEVER, this month (month #2) when period time came around, it was a joke of light! It was so light, I would wipe and there would be a small streak of red and no flow. It did this for maybe 2 days (light brown mark on pad, really?!) And then done.... THEN 2 weeks later, AGAIN! A very light wipe of red for 2 days and nothing! That was about a week ago and today, HOLY HELL utetus pain!!!! (And I have a cold, coughing is hell) I feel crampy and there's thus sharp pain. I took my pamprin and my ultracet (back disability non narcotic pain med) and had a glass of wine and the pain has chilled out.
I decided to explore my inner most cave....
I have a tilted uterus, but the curve leading up to my cervix was insanely swollen and curved, more than usual. I some how managed to get a finger to the bottom of the cervix and just managed to brush the string of the IUD.
The cervix felt pronounced, maybe swollen, but the string size felt no different.
No, I have not had sex in a LONG time.
I'm worried about it slipping since I never had a child.
I know with the copper the period is suppose to be heavier..
So is it starting to slip and has been blocking the flow of something?
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How are you? Were you able to have your IUD checked by your gynecologist? IUD expulsion is indeed possible during the first few months of IUD and this is more likely if it is inserted right after childbirth or in a woman who has not carried a pregnancy. Unlike hormonal IUD, copper IUD may increase menstrual bleeding or cramps and experience spotting between periods.  This link may be helpful:
Take care and hope everything is well. Best regards.
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