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18yr old with lump under armpit, white pimple-like things around nipple...
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18yr old with lump under armpit, white pimple-like things around nipple, white stuff coming out of nipple when squeezed?? What does it mean?

So, first of all, I'm 18 and have had a small lump under my arm, namely in my armpit, for almost a year now.  I know, why should I worry about it now.  I've also had things on my nipple, that are similar to pimples, with white stuff, (similar to the thick white stuff that comes out of pimples also), coming out of my nipple when squeezed.  My left breast, (same side as the lump under my arm), is also bigger and more lumpy than my right, although I've heard that alot of young women have lumpy breasts because they are still developing, benign cysts, etc.  It also hurts pretty bad when feeling the centre of both breasts, which is kind of a nuisance.  My breast have gotten quite big over the last three months, but that could be related to the weight I've put on in other places at the same time.  I've also got leathery-like skin in between my breasts and get quite a few pimples and the like around my breasts.
I've also been feeling quite exhausted throughout the day, although my sleeping patterns are not the best and that is probably the cause.  I'm not so much freaking out, but it would be good to just get this out of my mind now...
With university and all that stuff on, it's a bit hard to find the time to worry about yourself.  
I've had other problems, but don't know if they're related in any way, and they don't seem to me to be.
Here are some:
-bowel problems, in that, they are irregular, and they alternate from being hard, to diarrhoea like.  (Sounds maybe a bit worse than I feel it is, but it's the truth).  And I've also had rectal bleeding, which is normally bright-red.  I've also searched these on the internet, and found some likely explanations, but just wanting to know if they relate in anyway to above problems.
-lump in my upper-thigh.  I had quite a serious lump in my upper-thigh, which when i squeezed, (thinking it might be an ingrown hair etc.), resulting in pus coming out.  However, after this it closed up, and the lump remained under the skin, getting to be about the diameter of a coin, larger than a pea but a lot smaller than a golf-ball.  This has gone since then, but as it was recent and could have been related, I thought I'd better mention it.

So yeah, that's about it.  I'd REALLY appreciate help for this guys...  I can't afford to worry about it this much!!
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First I see NO connection between the rectal bleeding and the other symptoms you mentioned. If this continues then I suggest that you see a Dr.
The little bumps around the nipple I would guess are Montgomery's glands which are normal in everyone. You must realize of course that over the internet it's almost impossible to state anything for sure without benefit of examination. Some discharge when the breasts are squeezed is also a normal occurance .... when the breast or nipple area is squeezed, a signal is sent to the brain and some form of discharge is usually produced. I would suggest that you stop squeezing your breasts as since you say one or both are causing you some discomfort, this will only make it worse. Lymph nodes can become enlarged for a variety of reasons .... .an infection somewhere in the body is certainly one of them as this is their job. Hormonal changes in someone of your age can account for many things where the breasts are concerned and the lumpiness you allude to is one of them. As far as feeling tired; if you're 18 and new in college I'm sure you are not getting a proper amount of rest and probably not eating right also. I really don't see anything to be terribly worried about but it wouldn't hurt to make an appointment with your Dr. and have a good thorough examination.    Regards ......
hey.... omg! i have the same thing like you!.... i have lumps on my uppert thigh and wheni squeezed, resulting in pus coming out. i also have a small painful lumph under my armpit.... it hurts.... :(..... and im scared....alot of people think it is cancer.... :/...

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