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Prognosis: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast
I have:
er-, pr-, HER2new+
Stage 1 (MRI showed 1.7 cm irregular mass)
Grade 3 (Nottingham Histologic), Tubule Formation 3
Invasive, poorly differentiated (grade 3) ductal carcinoma
2 sentinel nodes removed, no evidence of of metastasis
6 sessions of taxotere + carboplatin + herceptin (which will continue for a year)
7 weeks of radiation
What is my prognosis (in %) for recurrance?
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I'm afraid that you are asking a question that has no definite answer. Your Oncologist would be the only person that could even come close to an estimation of chance of recurrance in your case or any other for that matter. I know there are statistics but they are usually so general that they aren't of much value in individual cases. I'm assuming with your amount of treatment stated that you had only a lumpectomy but even the type of surgery would be a factor in determining prognosis or chance of recurrance.  I suggest you have a detailed discussion with your Oncologist and possibly discuss a type of testing that might give some indication about chance of recurrance.     Regards .....
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