Red pimple on breast
by cdmom150, Nov 14, 2010
I am about to turn 42 next week. I've had a very small, red pimple (slightly smaller than head of pencil eraser) on my right breast for about a week. It is not on the nipple or aerola but above the aerola on the skin of the breast. I've put salicylic acid acne treatment on it and it's gotten a bit less red but has not gone away. At one point it did look like it had the white center but doesn't anymore. I never tried to pop it. I had 2 other tiny red pimples that looked like they were about to break through the skin also on the same breast, but the acne treatment got rid of those quickly and they disappeared. This one did not respond and formed what looks to be a bigger pimple. It seems like it should be gone by now if it's just a pimple. Are pimples like this on the breast common? I've gotten them before on my chest and back but don't remember one on my breast like this.

I have no other symptoms, no pain or itching. But because it's on my breast and I've read about cancer symptoms online, I'm worried it could be an early sign of breast cancer. My mother just went through breast cancer, though she is 78 and it was very treatable and non-invasive.

Should I get it checked out or am I overreacting over a simple zit? Thanks.
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by zouzi, Nov 14, 2010
The skin of the breast is like the skin on any part of the body and subject to many abnormalities.This is most likely a skin problem, probably a boil.In the mean time you may apply warm compresses,use antibacterial soap and see how it goes.
If after a week or two, it doesn't get any better,please consult your doctor, because if it's a boil or an abscess,it needs to be treated.
I don't think that this pimple has anything to do with breast cancer,but as you well know,we can only guess about this lesion and it's much safer to have your doctor or a dermatologist take a look at it for a correct diagnosis.
I hope that it's really nothing to worry about.
Best wishes...
by cdmom150, Nov 15, 2010
Thank you foryour response! It was very helpful. This morning the pimple actually looks like it's starting to heal, it now has the little yellow head like they get and is less red so I am pretty sure now it's just a pimple - it's definitely on top of the skin, not under like a lump or anything. I've never had a boil but from what I've seen on the Internet it doesn't look like that and doesn't look infected. I got some stronger benzoyl peroxide spot treatment that I used last night that seems to be helping better than what I used before. I also have 2 other red bumps up on my chest that look like pimples trying to break through the skin, so it seems maybe I am getting breakouts -- I have had problems with breakouts before on my chest and back just don't recall one directly on my boob but I guess it can happen. As you said, I'll def. keep an eye on it to make sure it's going away or doesn't get worse and if it hasn't by another week I think I will def. make an apt. with my dermotologist just for peace of mind. I wonder if pimples on your breast just heal more slowly because they are always covered with a bra or clothing (I've been trying to go braless as much as possible but I do of course always have a shirt on!)? Just a thought... but I do appreciate your advice. Thank you.
by zouzi, Nov 15, 2010
Hi again,
Yes, this sounds like a pimple, now that you can see a yellow head.Keep applying warm compresses and use anti-bacterial products containing benzoyl peroxide over the affected area( Not more than twice daily though because you may dry your skin), or washing with a medicated wash.Wearing loose clothes instead of a bra might also help.Avoid fatty foods (dairy products),soft drinks,sweets, white bread because they can trigger acne/pimples.
It is very wise of you to seek medical help if things don't improve.
Wishing you all the best...