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Do I need a Cone Biopsy and possibly a Radical Hysterectomy?? lurking a...
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Do I need a Cone Biopsy and possibly a Radical Hysterectomy?? lurking atypical glandular cells...

Last week a gynecological oncologist told me that b/c I had a pap smear 2 months ago (June '08) that showed atypical glandular cells that I will need a cone biopsy (this will be my 2nd) asap. If they don't find the origin of the atypical glandular cells then she will need to do a Radical Hysterectomy. The June '08 pap was negative for HPV and negative for dysplasia. Last week the gynecological oncologist did a pap smear and a coloposcopy. Visually she said "I don't think you have cancer" but "it's my job to find out where the atypical glandular cells are coming from. You could die from this."  I just found out that pap smear from last Monday(August '08) in her office came out completely normal/negative. She still thinks her plan of action "cone biopsy then radical hysterectomy" is the correct one.

This strikes me as a bit hasty since my pap smear was clear of dyplasia and clear of HPV as well as clear of atypical glandular cells. After the June pap, my OB/GYN followed due process and did 3 biopsies. The biopsies came out 100% normal. But my OB/GYN gave me the option to see a gynecological oncologist 'just to be on the safe side'. It should be known that prior to my '06 cone biopsy, I had CIN3 (severe dysplasia) and HPV.

I am perplexed by this gynecological oncologist’s diagnosis. I sent my reports to MD Anderson and they basically said "Go away... you're not a candidate for an oncologist... you were "cured" by that '06 cone biopsy".

Is there an MD out there that can advise me.

Thank you.
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