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Feeling a lump in my throat
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Feeling a lump in my throat

I am 48 yrs old and have nodules in my thyroid that were found at a ultrasound back in 2005 and Hashimoto disease.
I do not take hormones though, neither check my hormone levels for more than a year already.
I also have a very large big uterine fibroid with no symptoms for about 12 yrs, but this is another story.
My weight is acceptable (5'6) 168 pounds and I'm a non-smoker.
I do drink everyday though, 175 ml of vodka.
I do not eat meat, (for 8 years now) and I do eat as heathy. as I can.

For the las year or so I'm getting food stocking on my throat, like if I'm eating something like a sandwich
stocks on my throat until I drink something, so I have do that or I choke.

I spoke with a friend that told me to eat slowly and smaller bites, but does not seem to be the problem,
any solid food will do this effect.

Then I realize that the nodules on my throat are maybe bigger (goiter) and I started to eat seaweed and changed
to table salt (I[ve been eating non-iodized salt for the last decade or more).

Anyway, nothing hepeld really, now I'm realing feeling this lump, my voice is hoarsening and I'm always
feeling like there is something on my throat.

I do not want to be a hypocondriac even though I lost my health insurance and I do not know where to go
for a specialist since I'm unemployed, I just want an opinion if this is serious enough for me to see a doctor
or if I just relax and live my life until this symptom dissapear.

Besides these symptoms I do not feel any pain.
Thank you
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Avatar dr m tn
It is high time you visit a clinician. Take the 1st appointment as soon as possible.

You cannot do self medication, iodized salt comsumption is very good but that is not the only reason why you have enlarged thyroid.
There are many causes of cancer, benign lesions, tonsils, tonsil stones which cause obstruction while taking food etc.
Hoarsening of the voice clearly shows that the obstruction in your throat is growing in size and it is compressing your nerve.
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