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HPV Oral cancer?
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HPV Oral cancer?

I dont know if I have ohl on the side of my tongue
it appears so. I got std tests done testing begative for all including hiv
I dont know what else it can be
does this my immune system is comprimised?
I also have lukoplakia whih I got biospied six months ago only showing inflamation (inflammation)
the ent doctor said nothing cancer like
I assune he looked at my tongue he did jot say anytjing out of ordinary.
I had a white raised bump on the inside of cheek.
I freaked out and scratched it off
is this a serious issue?
does it sound like tumor
it was red around the area but not a lot.
it didnnot hurt itch or burn. it was just like raised white bump that came off in peices
now there is only red and dry blood I belivw in the area
does it aound like a tumor or indication of hpv oral cancer?
as well as I have dry mouth and my tongue burns sometimes
I really could use some support.
I have not been sleeping because of this?
I have a great amount of fear regarding this
I am only 21 who has stopped livig my life and just live under constanr anxiety
please help me I would grearly appreciate this
i also found another white peice of skin today. It is alot smaller sings slightly but its only been a day i am not sure. it is alot smaller than the previous white bump. i also find that the lymph nodes behind my ears are swollen and on on my jawline. is this sstuff to be concerned about?
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First, you have to answer some questions:
1. You had oral sex?
2. Are you smoking?
3. Drinking alcohol?

You seems to have hpv, but usually if it cause something like tumor is not that type of hpv who can make you cancer!
Hpv who make cancer is silent, this do not make warts or other stuff.
You said: "as well as I have dry mouth and my tongue burns sometimes", this is sign of candida and also sign of Herpes type 1.

Just try to eat very healthy, rest a lot, DO NOT SMOKE/ DRINK AlCOHOL, wait 1-2 monthst and see how it is.
Also drink Aloe Vera gel and take garlic daily.

"Does this my immune system is comprimised?" - No it is not, only people with hiv have a immune syst compromised.

If doctor checked you and said is no cancer,than he knows better, you dont have to worry,you are not the only one who is scared from unknown.
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