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My daughter who was recognized right side mild hemiplegia at the age 4 months.
She could not walk properly and hold things with her right hand.
Now she is 5 years and with help of physiotherapy and specific exercise she has improved the ability to walk,play etc.However, she still can not hold things with her right hand. She just does not have the grip.

She goes to junior KG school since last two years.

She has behavior problems.She is very stubborn, has attitude problems and slow in learning. She is also little slow in communicating with people.

Initially she had speech problems but now she is unstoppable.

I see lots of kids of her age coming to the physio center with either CP or Hemiplegia and related problems.
And when I compare my daughter with their plight, I feel very satisfied with her progress.

However, as a educated mother I am highly concerned about her future development as to what kind of other physical problems she will face as she grows up and what that would lead to in her social life.

If anyone having gone through such long years having hemiplegia, throw some light on this, would be of great mental satisfaction to me and may be sharing would help me.


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Hi Hema,

I have Hemiplegia CP on my left side. I had a lot of the same problems when I was young. I was born premature, I have had it since birth. It was hard for the doctors to tell how things would progress for me, I held my arm very close to my chest, and had poor grip and dragging my left leg as well. Not being able to do a lot of things without a huge effort is really hard on a child. It all seems really unfair when you're young. I was very stubborn and would get mad and upset very easily.

I went to therapy as well and it helped, it wasn't until I really started strength training that I  really saw a difference. It's really hard, but worth it. My right side is at least 3 times stronger than my left side still, but now most people don't notice I have CP, I have a limp still, can't straighten my arm, but I do feel stronger with more control on my left side.

I'm 26 now, I am still somewhat emotional and prone to depression, but I have better control of my reactions now. I live a normal life, I have a career, my own business, a husband ( who is a personal trainer, works out well for me :) and two beautiful children, 2.5 and 11 months old :D

I would try to put her in something besides sports that she can excel in. So she has a talent that makes her feel special. (maybe singing?) When you're an adult and you can't swim, skate or play a lot of sports, it's nice to have a talent that other people don't take the time to learn .

Take care,

hi my daughter is 21 months old and has a twin brother, we have been told she has mild left hemipelegia cerebral palsy, and global development delay, it's wonderful to her your daughter has come so far with her life, you must be so proud of her, my daughter is doing all the things your daughter has done in her past, it's awsome to find someone that she can re-late too.

Kandise gets visits from her physio, and speech ladies....  I also have had problems with Kandise screaming and attacking her brothers and sisters, i dont know if its frustration or her trying to get away with thing this has been going on for a while now, before she could even sit up or walk.. she will attack out of the blue, and scream and scream for no reason i try and teach her to say "mum" instead of her screaming...


Now upon reading your comment I am so pleased that Kandise can look forward to a great life... I feel more excited for her, knowing that she's going to fine.
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