11 year old boy and growling stomach fascination
by capella, Dec 05, 2007
A few months ago my mother discovered a series of drawings my 11 year old brother had drawn and hidden in his desk. It was some what of a flip book and started with a drawing of an unhappy looking person with rumbling lines around the stomach indicating it was growling. As the pages went on the drawings were bigger and closer to the stomach. There were maybe 5 or so drawings. Me and my mother found them to be kind of distburbing but did not ask him about it.

This morning my mom shows me what she found in the history of our internet browser. My brother had searched the word "growling stomach" and had looked at pictures and videos on google. Some of the videos were photo slide shows of girls stomachs. Others were videos of people's stomach's growling.

My mom intially thought that since he is heading towards puberty pretty soon, that maybe hes just curious about girl's stomachs.

I kept thinking about his drawings from a few months ago though, and I feel there might be something deeper here. Could this be some kind of eating disorder? Maybe a feeling of neglect? Any insight is welcome.
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by RockRose, Dec 05, 2007
Maybe his stomach has been growling a lot and he's embarrassed - or scared that he has some weird cancer or something?

by Lunaa, Mar 16, 2010
From the looks of it, i can easily conclude that this boy has a fetish for stomachs, particularly female's. This could be endosmatophilia, vorarephilia, or another stomach-related fetish that's developing in him.

It's nothing serious, really. It doesn't affect his brain or anything of the sort, nor is it a disease.

It is liable to develop more sexually when he does hit puberty, as alot of fetishes tend to do. i would just leave him alone with it- maybe he will grow out of it.

by Sandman2Blank, Mar 17, 2010
   There is a huge difference between growling stomach and growing stomach.
It may be that some of the foods he eats may put him in a bit of distress.  Boys don't typically talk over this stuff with their parents unless they are really in pain.  doesn't mean that he has to suffer though.  Of course, he could also have a friend whose stomach is making a lot of noises.
   Probably only way to find out is to ask or say something like, "did you know that it is real easy to take care of a stomach that is making noises".  You can always say that you noticed he had googled  that topic.