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My voice is gone !
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My voice is gone !

I am 25 female. have a soar throat for almost a week now, resultently my voive is gone. though this is not new for me as i lost my voice earlier with Phyrangitis, but this time i guess the doctor is taking time to help me out. its more than painful. I'm a teacher and can't continue my work with this. Need to know the causes first...plz.
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Fluids..   1Drink lots of water.
2Avoid soft drinks. Drinking cola or any soft drink with a cough drop will make it melt and that hurts.
3Drink hot drinks and soup. This will ease the pain, and give you fluids and some nourishment. Chicken soup is a good choice.
4Drink a cup of lemon tea (or green tea or herbal tea) with honey. This works great.
5Cut a lemon in half, skewer it, and roast over a stove fire, or until the skin is golden-brown. Squeeze out the juice and mix in 1 tablespoon of honey. Stir and drink.
6Mix ginger and lemon juice. Run down the throat without swallowing. The ginger will cling to the sides of the throat to provide temporary relief and a barrier to prevent damage from coughing. The acidic lemon juice will help with removal of mucus.
7Drink warm water. It will help by stretching the muscles in your throat and won't hurt as much when coughing.(even if it tastes horrible but it works)
8Gargle with lukewarm salty water, with a few drops of lemon, at least 3 to 4 times a day. The salt should be dissolved in the water. Don't go overboard on the salt so as to because it will add more irritation. That should just be enough to help clear any excess mucus in the back of your throat.
9Make a nice hot cup of tea (1.25 cups of water should do). Put a honey/lemon flavored cough drop into the tea and mix it up until it dissolves. You want it warm, but let it cool so it's not too hot but drinkable. Before you drink, cough up everything that's in the back up your throat. Drink the tea. It might taste strong, but it's worth it!
10Heat up apple juice or orange juice in the microwave (not too hot) and drink it like you would hot tea. Add honey for an even better effect.
11Mix some warm milk with honey. Not only does it tastes great, but it works instantly.
12Eat ice cream or popsicles. This helps soothe the throat; just don't eat anything too sweet, like cupcakes.

1Eat Cough Sweets
2Eat cold foods, but avoid anything too sweet like cupcakes. Excess sugar will irritate the throat. Ice cream or popsicles work!
3Swallow a few spoonfuls of honey.

1Take a hot shower. The steam vapors help clear your sinuses, which usually is a cause of a sore throat
2Once you don't feel as bad as before, try to stay upright unless you're sleeping, because you'll find that it'll stop a lot of the congestion.
3Sleep! Sleep can help your body get stronger, and fight the cold.
4Use a humidifier. It will help add moisture to your room.(optional)

1Get a bottle of throat spray, such as Chloraseptic, and spray liberally in the back of your throat. It will numb your throat and kill any bacteria.
2Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen reduce the swelling of inflamed tissue in your throat the same way is does for anywhere else in your body. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for proper dosage instructions.
Spicy Remedies

1Gargle a very small amount of cayenne pepper powder with water. 1/ teaspoon.
2Mix one spoon of Turmeric powder with 1/2 to 1 cup of warm water and drink as fast as possible. It will taste very bad but it helps you heal much faster. If it makes you gag, then mix it with orange juice or add 1-2 spoons of sugar.
3Try not to talk too much and rest your throat. Don't shout or sing. Don't chew gum.
4Try not to eat too many of cough sweets (as in more then one per hour) as they can make your throat feel heavy and tired.
Sour Remedies

1Put lemon juice in the microwave for about a minute. When you drink it, it will open up your throat. It may sting a bit, but it helps. If you need to, add 2-4 teacups of sugar.
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When you mix honey and warm water together, Make sure the honey in the bottom get up to the top. Mix if for about 1 or 2 min and drink it as it was water.

Never drink really hot drinks because this can make the pain worse and you can also get blisters on your tongue! It is okay to drink warm drinks, as long as they aren't too hot.
Most sore throats, while annoying, are generally common. However, prolonged or repetitive sore throats can be a sign of a serious problem. If you have a painful sore throat and it does not get better in a few days, go see a doctor. He will perform a throat culture, which involves briefly swabbing the back of your throat to check for signs of strep.
If you also have a stiff neck with the sore throat, do not wait. Get medical help.
If you have just gotten your tonsils out, lemon may cause severe pain.
Do not mix stuff with too much salt. Salt is just for taste in foods and removing the mucus from the throat. Too much salt can be fatal and can cause dehydration.
If you just got your tonsils out avoid greasy foods, and its of a lot of help to eat lime popsicles or lime ice cream.
Don't drink too much water. you can actually get ill from becoming too hydrated.
Singing with a sore throat can make you lose your voice or you may sound bad.
Stay away from coldness outside; keep warm.
Get plenty of sleep.
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well u got all your AnswerS!:)
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