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Sick with flu for ONE MONTH???
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Sick with flu for ONE MONTH???

I posted this question in HIV community they told me to go to STD community.Then they said I should come here. So here it is....
One month ago, I had a brief sex with a woman.  All we did is
1. french kissed for 30 seconds, I licked her breast ( somewhat)
2. I fingered her for about 10 seconds and foolishly licked the finger, it tasted a bit salty.
3. she gave me a ******* for 30 seconds without a condom.
Now, I did not have any cuts, sores or any kind of bleeding anywhere on my penis or mouth. I don't know about her. But when I rinsed my mouth after that the water was orange colored. I don't know what it was I hope it wasn't her blood.
I was told that I can't get HIV from this incident and chances of getting other STD are very low.

I am worried because right after that incident (within an hour) I developed flu like symptoms which were nausea, headache, weakness.
I met the doctor next day, I was told It could be stomach flu BUT REALLY without diarrhea or vomiting. I was feverish but temp was always normal.
I recovered from that sickness slowly and that took me a month and I am still feeling down with that (that can't be flu)
My question is can a person get sick with Stomach flu for that long (1 month) I took me weeks to fully recover.
Except for a few foodborne diseases, one hour is too short an incubation period. Even influenza and cold have incubation periods considerably longer than an hour. My guess is you must have picked up some common bug BEFORE that semi-sexual encounter.

Core symptoms of flu or stomach flu (which is not flu by the way) do not last that for one month, but resulting malaise, fatigue, and weakness can persist for a couple of weeks.
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